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Brown Horse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The history of the world would not be the same without the horse. Without it, the Spaniards would not have conquered America as they did, nor would the West have colonized, nor Genghis Khan have dominated Asia, nor a thousand other things.

The collaboration of the noble brute has been crucial for the history of mankind.

But if in the material plane its importance is enormous it is not less in other planes. So the dictionary of symbols of Jean Chevalier are dedicated seven pages to talk about the symbolism of this animal, and that in all cultures the idea of ​​the horse appears as something special.

It is not a matter of commenting on what Chevalier says in his great book, but rather a different approach.

Meaning of a Brown Horse

In the first place the horse enlarges the man. In front of the infant on foot, the gentleman has an elevated position, this gives him more strength, more power, more gallantry.

But this superior position forces him to have to define himself in the use of his superiority, that is, the knight has to position himself in the direction in which he is going to direct his steps.

According to the Japanese, horse riding develops the “hara” point and makes the best and the worst come from the man. Thus in front of the principles of the orders of chivalry, that is to say only for those who go on horseback, include such noble concepts as courage, justice, charity, faith, courage, humility, generosity, nobility, frankness and many other virtues of good.

But in front of these forces of good there are also knights of evil and thus we see how the great dangers of humanity: death, plague, hunger and war ride horses being the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Those who ride horses know that they are superior, but that superiority must never be manifested or ostentatious, and that is why humility is demanded of the knight, so that being stronger he is benevolent with the defeated, being more powerful be charitable with the humble.

Who does not act like that does not deserve the name of knight. The horse praises the man but he must be up to the task.

Symbolism of the Brown Horse

A symbolic example of what we have said is in the conversion of Saint Paul, in which he falls from the horse. The fall of the horse is a message of: you are not a superior being to crush your neighbor, but you must touch earth and be with men, serve them and guide them, because greatness does not reside in force, it resides in the heart.

Another important fact of the horse is that it allows us to go further on the physical and spiritual planes. And in the same way that we travel the earth, the horse symbolically allows travel to other dimensions.

It is thus a psycho-pompo animal that is to say an animal that leads souls to Heaven or hell, to another dimension. This caused that in many cultures the horses were sacrificed to the death of their owner so that he is accompanied by his trusty mount

Something similar we see among the Muslims who say that Allah ascended to paradise on the back of a horse. The horse represents a transformation and leads to its rider. If the horse is an herbivorous animal and therefore fearful, next to the man it becomes a brave animal, disposed to everything. Thus we can read in the book of Job (39.21-22): There is a symbiosis, a fusion for spiritual and material growth, knight and horse are not two, and they are one, like the mythical creature of the centaur.

We refer to the book quoted “Dictionary of symbols” by Jean Chevalier to anyone who wants to delve more deeply into the subject because it explains its symbolic importance in many cultures. And there is much magic in the horse, something that more than knowledge is understood by feeling and living the strength, dedication, confidence and love that gives us the deal with such a noble animal.

The symbolism of the horse is wide and complex. For many people the idea of ​​the horse was associated with a dark being that emerged from the darkness, it was an archetype of death and at the same time of life. For Artemidoro of Ephesus, a patient who dreams of a horse acquires a harbinger of death. Nor can we forget that Ahriman, the devil of Zoroastrianism, usually takes the form of a horse that emerges to eliminate its victims.

Despite all the above, the white horse, for other cultures represents the opposite. For psychoanalysts, however, the horse is one of the many symbols of the unconscious psyche.

In some other towns, the horse is a being arisen from the darkness possessor of magical capacities.

This symbolism is especially evident in Central Asia, where the horse acquires clairvoyant powers that he puts at the service of man when he is unable to move forward.

Wild horses live in large herds in the steppes and grassy plains. The herd consists, in general, of mares and foals led by a dominant male that is called the stallion. As the colts become mature, the leader of the pack moves them away towards the boundaries of the group.

The fight between two stallions, develops violently using the front helmets, with the two adversaries standing on their hind legs. Sometimes wild bites also occur, particularly in the neck region. To defend themselves against their natural enemies, such as wolves, horses form a first line of defense, kicking with their hind legs to prevent passage into the herd protecting the foals.

His ingrained gregarious instinct leads him to accept discipline and submission to obtain security, allowing himself to be guided by a dominant male, who imposes discipline on his limbs and whose sagacity depends on the security of all.

In the domestic state, the need for leadership predominates in the same way that is why the horse accepts the authority of man in substitution of that of the pack leader, treating them properly, they place all their trust in their master, on whom their welfare depends.

Meaning of Horses in Cultures

The horse appears in almost all mythological writings, legends and realities. There is the Pegasus of powerful wings, the eight-legged horse of the Norse god Odin, the steeds of the Hindu sun god, those of Apollo, and many more.

Many legends mention that the horse is clairvoyant and capable of perceiving humans with magical powers. No other animal has given man as much physical freedom of movement as he.

The horse is the guardian of travelers and you have embarked on a very important journey. It is a spiritual journey that will take you from darkness to light. The horse accompanies you to remind you that you will arrive at your destination because you have much more strength than you have shown so far and on this trip you will have the opportunity to discover and use it.

The horse chooses to guide the sensitive and noble souls who dedicate themselves to very varied professions and occupations, but in all cases they have to learn to manage their powerful intuition and overcome all the internal and external obstacles that prevent them from standing out in order to show all its light The control of thoughts, emotions, sexual energy and all desires that harm the physical body, are the main lessons to be learned by a person guided by this noble animal.

The temporary message of the horse is that you need to free your mind from the negative thoughts that are stalking you. The horse will help you reduce your internal dialogue this season. All you need is to give up your mental soliloquies and pay more attention to what happens around you.

In this way, you will avoid unnecessary fears and you will increase your intuition since everything you observe with attention will be recorded at some level of your consciousness and may come to light instantly when you require it. Practice this season. You need it. If you feel attracted to the Horse, you feel a power in your spirit that is sometimes difficult to control.

It is a symbol of loyalty and devotion, of unquestionable love and faith towards his master.

Dreams about Brown Horses

Most dreams with animals are dreams that will charge you with energy when you wake up because they come directly from nature. It is the case of dreaming of a brown horse, an empowering dream that takes place so that you can take charge of your life immediately. Are you ready? Discover in our dream dictionary everything you need to know about its meaning and interpretation.

You can dream of horses of many colors, but most of these animals are brown or black. Since colors are also important in dreams, you can sense that the meaning has an extra charge of professionalism and elegance due to the color of the horse. And from here, you can start looking at the context of your dream.

Because dreaming about horses has a meaning that speaks of independence, power, and autonomy. Maybe because you already have it or maybe because it’s what you need. Imagine riding on your brown horse, you hold the reins, you have the power and you direct the horse to the exact place where you want to be. Or is not that taking the reins of your life?

This dream with a brown horse may also be talking about your sexuality, but that will tell you the emotions you experience during sleep. A powerful woman who overflows eroticism in her riding. Or maybe the dream is telling you about your instinct, that natural gift that we should listen to more carefully because it never makes a mistake.

In any case, dreaming of a brown horse has very good vibrations. It can give you the strength you need to recover your dreams, your projects and your goals.

Take the course again, regain the reins you lost by pleasing others and enjoy the independence and freedom that gives you be yourself, be authentic. Wake up and ride far away on that brown horse.