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Cake – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A cake is generally created and eaten for special occasions; however, if it is consumed without a reason, it will only add more calories to the diet and you will probably feel guilty for eating it.

The dream of the cake is the symbol of an imminent party, but also of sorrow or a sense of guilt.

So, if you had a dream about cake, here is what it actually means.

Cake Symbolism in Cultures

In marriages of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, as a symbol of prosperity, wheat grains were thrown on the bride.

Around one hundred BC the Roman bakers enriched this custom, using bridal wheat to cook honey and fruit cakes.

According to Lucretius (Roman poet and philosopher), the custom of “confarreatio” (eating together) spread, a rite during which some sweets were first crumbled on the bride’s head and then eaten by the spouses as a wish for abundance.

This tradition of eating wedding cake crumbs spread with the Roman Empire throughout Western Europe.

In the early Middle Ages the ritual of the wedding cake varied, the bride threw raw wheat or rice, and the decorated sweets became simple barley or wheat flour cookies brought as gifts by the guests.

If this happened in “common” weddings, in the excellent ones the invention of new dishes (nougat – tagliatelle) represented the way to celebrate a couple with dignity.

Dreams about Cake – Meaning

Inviting and delicious, in real life the desserts are very dangerous for the diet!

Fortunately this is not the case when sleeping: dreaming of sweets does not make you gain weight, even if between dream and reality in this case there is more than one correlation.

In everyday life, desserts are something you want, but you can’t always have, not just to avoid putting on a few pounds, but also because they are not the best for the body’s health.

And when we talk about dream visions, what does it mean to dream of sweets?

What you want in real life can turn into dreams into a need that is not satisfied: that’s what happens with sweets.

So, if you have dreamed of cakes, chocolate, nougats, sweets and tempting sweets, it means that you are missing something: a desire that remains unfulfilled and therefore stimulates the unconscious during sleep.

It is essentially a void that is perceived even more in the less happy moments of life, which is why it happens more frequently to dream of sweets when you are sad.

Not infrequently this lack is linked to the absence of “warmth”, of a neighboring figure who takes care of us, not sparing himself in terms of attention and pampering.

Dreams about Cake – Symbolism

Dreaming of a birthday cake – this is a wonderful omen because all the desires will be realized to the best, or it indicates that you want to be friends with a person considered special. However, a candle (not necessarily a birthday cake) has, according to some scholars, a negative interpretation as it would prefigure a serious illness.

And the more candles there are on the cake, the harder it will be to heal.

But if you dream of being able to turn them all off it means that any problems that may occur soon will be easily overcome.

However, even if only one of the candles remains lit, it means that you could be in serious trouble, which should not be underestimated.

If in your dreams you see a birthday cake presumably you are waiting for something, a wish, an event that you hope will happen, alternatively it could also be that soon you will be years old and the cake with the candles reflects the your fears, your shortcomings and your desires.

Dreaming of buying a cake – this means you are trying hard to accommodate the good things in life. Especially if you are short of money, while you go to buy it, it means that the achievement of a goal will come with difficulty: it will be a tough battle, but the victory is confirmed.

It is different to dream of buying a cake on behalf of someone else: it presages a prosperous and wealthy life.

Dreaming of cutting the cake – means that you are going to have a pleasant time with loved ones. Seeing a piece of half-eaten cake symbolizes opportunities that you have failed to grasp. Dreaming of eating a piece means that the dreamer likes to socialize and fight hard to sustain the pleasures of his life.

If it is delicious and eaten with taste, this dream provides great profit or true mutual love.

For a girl, on the other hand, this dream has a different meaning, which makes it possible to foresee the rupture of a possible love relationship.

A cake with the cream – this dream has a very important symbolism. If the color is white it is a symbol of future successes. If it is chocolate (therefore dark brown) or the color is pink it indicates a pleasant meeting with new people, perhaps a new love story or improved family relationships.

The other colors have mostly a negative connotation.

A blue or light blue cream means a quarrel; yellow in color means separation; green in color: pain. The worst color is black; it is an omen of illness.

If the colors are mixed, it means nothing in particular. This dream could represent a desire for wealth and well-being or at least a rather lucky period.

In other cases the cream could also recall sexual pleasures, so ask yourself if you feel satisfied or not from that point of view.

Dreaming of preparing a cake – some presage precisely the invitation to a party. If you dream of seeing someone, repair or bake a cake then you should stop doing what you are doing because it could cause bad luck and problems.

The cake in dreams in general – often in reality the consumption of sweets is linked to a lack of affection and this is how the presence of a cake in dreams can be due to our lack of affection. What does it mean to dream of a cake?

This kind of dream can detect in us the lack of something, maybe we don’t feel satisfied or in any case we feel the need to fill our “emptiness” by eating a cake.

Try to understand the reason for your mood, in the most trivial cases it could even be that you simply want a cake.

Dreaming of so many cakes – if you happen to dream of more cakes it is likely that the things you lack and in which you do not feel satisfied and gratified are more than one, maybe at work, in the family and in general in your emotional relationships, also if the cakes you see you can’t eat them maybe you feel excluded from something.

Dreaming of chocolate cake – dreaming of one or more chocolate cakes could represent our fulfillment towards something we have done or in any case towards someone, you feel proud and gratified.

Dreaming of a wedding cake – this could be due to your desire for marriage, if you were already married you obviously expect more from your relationship and from your marriage.

Dream cakes and desserts together in dreams – could symbolize a deficiency not only in the emotional field, but also from the point of view of the sexual sphere so it is likely that we feel unfulfilled in both fields.


Cakes in dreams have many features to consider: different sizes, colors, shapes, ingredients and purposes.

In general, a cake in a dream is considered a good sign that brings positive changes in life, which portends pleasantness in social, work and family relationships or the end of a struggle after which success can be enjoyed.

In general, this dream is made on the eve of an important event: an interview, an exam, the discussion of the thesis, etc. … the cake presages success and the following and consequent party.

In some places it is also considered as a sign of the fulfillment of a wish.