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Chair in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

The chair in dreams can be a symbol of a role we occupy or not; this depends on the negative or positive feelings you feel in spite of the fact that you are sitting alone or in the company of others.

The meanings of the symbolism may depend on the material with which it was made; whether you sat on it or not. There are different characteristics that differentiate the dream in its interpretation, so let’s look at the various possibilities specifically.

Chair in Dream – Meaning

The meaning of the chair in dreams highlights aspects of authority, power, welcome, comfort. Think of the chair / armchair considered a goal to be achieved and maintained in politics and society; to the chair offered or not offered to the subordinates, which underlines its superiority; to the chair-seat placed in an elevated place or to the throne of the King or Pope which represents and emphasizes their power.

Even more common images of the chair in dreams, can refer to the way of expressing personal power, to the use and abuse of authority or to an excessive obedience and deference towards others.

But dreaming of a chair can express the same symbolic meanings of the table in dreams and clarify, with its presence, position, form, the roles of the family members by bringing out dynamics and conflicts underground connections and the sense of comfort or discomfort of the dreamer towards that nucleus.

The meaning of the chair in dreams can refer to the feminine archetype when it presents itself with an enveloping and concave shape that invites us to pause, which induces heaviness and inability to react. In particular it may indicate the influence of a dominant, overprotective, manipulative, castrating mother (or family).

It is very common that more chairs are remembered in dreams or that a single chair in dreams is noticed in a larger group of chairs.

The chairs in dreams will always have a different meaning, one more connected to finding one’s own way of expressing oneself (and showing oneself) in the world, the other more linked to the comparison with others, to get involved in interpersonal relationships, in search of one’s own space feeling “comfortable” (at ease).

As well as the kitchen chair in dreams and the chair in the dreams of an elegant, padded living room or the chair in the dreams of the doctor’s or station’s waiting room, they will have very different meanings and different functions.

What does it mean to dream of a chair? it can represent the fact that we lead a comfortable lifestyle or in any case it can mean that we are not active or reactive enough in our lives, we are spectators and do not participate in what happens to us.

Dreaming of so many chairs, for example, can be a sign of the fact that you cannot yet understand what your “place” is. It is possible that you are undecided about what role to take and what decisions to make.

Dreaming of a high chair, can symbolize that we probably feel on a pedestal compared to the others or that we are used to judging others and that we often feel superior to other people.

Dreaming of an antique chair, it is likely that you are a very wise person and that presumably in your family you also play a significant role as a real point of reference, if you are not, you are someone who is for you.

Dreaming about a broken chair could mean that you have lost the important pillars in your life or that you are experiencing some temporary difficulties.

Dreaming of a white chair can symbolize a particularly peaceful and peaceful period, therefore it reflects your calm and relaxed state of mind; as long as there is no peremptory memory in your unconscious and linked to a particular experience.

Chair in Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of not having a seat – must make the dreamer reflect on his own feeling excluded from a situation, on the sense of inferiority or not feeling upright, on the need to carve out a space or to claim a specific role

Dream about empty chairs – it can indicate either the possibilities still to be explored or an emotional void depending on whether the chair in dreams presents itself in a work environment or in a family.

Dream about two empty chairs – it is often linked to a choice to be made, to two possibilities that can be accessed, but it can also bring attention to two psychic aspects that have yet to be clarified.

Dreaming of a chair that breaks – it is a sign of lack of security: what the dreamer relies on for his visibility (power, authority, success) has no solid foundation, his self-esteem has been undermined, and his power is not recognized.

Dreaming of rocking chair – it is linked to inner calm, physical and mental well-being, the rocking is a comforting and soothing movement, an echo of the oscillating movement felt in the mother’s womb.

Dreaming of sitting in a rocking chair – it can indicate the need to find peace and a space to be reserved for oneself and one’s own happiness.

If the movement becomes excessive and causes unpleasant sensations and nausea, it is possible that there are real physical problems: a problem with digestion or nausea, labyrinthitis or disturbance of the inner ear.

Dreaming of sitting on a throne – it can highlight the desire to emerge in a situation, the central role that the dreamer has had in a group, the leadership, the authority and the recognition of these qualities.

The throne in dreams – it can indicate an exasperated search for power, which translates into an inflation of the ego that makes us lose sight of reality.

It will therefore be important to evaluate the sensations experienced and the context in which this image appears.

Dreaming of an empty wheelchair – brings attention to aspects of one’s “blocked” reality, perhaps projects that do not advance or have failed.

Dreaming of sitting in a wheelchair – instead it shows the personal block, here is the dreamer who feels “stuck and crippled” incapable of advancing, of doing what he would like. It is an image that can be linked to depression, fatigue, physical problems.

Dreaming of pushing a wheelchair – indicates a burden being taken on, a responsibility (often in the context of a couple or family relationship) that becomes heavy.

Naturally the emotions the dreamer feels will guide the analysis.

Sometimes the chair in dreams hosts real people known to the dreamer. It is possible then that there is an identification with these that it is therefore easier for the dreamer to see in that situation (on the chair) the person who knows rather than himself.

This is what happens in the following dream of which I report only a fragment. The dreamer is a young man who is going through a profound existential crisis, which feels “blocked” and which needs to make a choice.

“In my dream I see Aldo in a wheelchair (my friend died last year of a degenerative disease, at the end he only moved one eyelid), he smiles at me, and shows me that he can move three fingers of his right hand.”(A.-Cesena)

Even the dreamer is called Aldo as the friend who occupies the wheelchair in dreams, it is easy to guess that this friend represents him in full and also represents all his blocks, however, moving the fingers of his right hand, is showing him his possibility to “move” and the small steps already taken with the work of counseling.


The symbol of the chair in dreams, as happens with other elements-accessories of the house in dreams, contributes to giving more information about the dreamer and the structure of his personality, bringing out aspects linked to sociality and self-esteem.