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Chicken – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

According to Freud’s dream book, dream of a hen means good news or news both from a distance and from the surrounding area.

If you kill a bird, it means that you suffer losses or misfortune (financially).

A bird that you kill can talk about your hidden inferiority complex.

Freud took special care to sleep with chicken eggs.

When a woman dreams of eggs, it means that she will soon meet a man who may turn out to be her destiny in the future.

If you dreamed of a hen that had eggs, it means that great luck is not far off.

If you have dreamed of a beautiful big chicken, it means that you will have the same love in the near future.

Even such a bird can lead to prosperity in the dream – you can get property of relatives or win a big prize.

If you dreamed of a completely different dream, then keep on reading to find your interpretation.

Chicken Symbolism in Cultures

According to Vanga’s dream book, the dream of a chicken means that there are pleasant tasks and worries in your home.

A large, healthy chicken with a beautiful plumage suggests that you are waiting for a happy life.

If you dream of a chicken with chickens, expect pleasant surprises, joy in your family.

If not one, but several chickens dream, wait for the guests.

They come to you unexpectedly out of the blue. Many chickens say that you have to work hard before you can achieve a result (in work, family).

A dream feeding the chickens announces an unexpected but very pleasant surprise or gift.

This dream can also mean that you meet with the person you have been waiting for and want to see.

Eating chicken in a dream means an unexpected, but long-awaited surprise.

A dream to watch out for: The chicken bites you. You should think about your family problems and try to eliminate them soon.

Because such a dream can bring many problems and irreplaceability into the house.

Vanga believed that when a pregnant woman dreams of a chicken walking down the street alone, the expectant mother will have a daughter.

There is another version of the interpretation of this dream: A distant relative will come to you and you will have a wonderful time with this person.

Hens are called the female specimens of our domestic chicken. However, strictly speaking, all female chicken, ostrich and bustard birds are called hens.

The chicken is indispensable in our diet, it provides us with eggs and meat.

One to two eggs lay one hen a day. The bird cannot fly very far, but is a fast and persevering runner.

Chickens graze to look for food such as grains or worms, and they love the dust baths they use to nourish their plumage. They are considered restless and not very intelligent.

Proverbial is the caring of the mother who protects and mothers her chicks.

If you dream of a hen, you may be amazed that a farm animal is walking through the dream. There is probably a lot to observe.

Does the chicken run around, does it scratch or cackle? Does it have a bunch of chicks? Or is it sitting patiently on his nest? Maybe you also saw a turkey or an ostrich?

All these aspects have a certain meaning in the interpretation of dreams.

The hen symbolizes happiness in the interpretation of dreams. Above all, when the dream symbol is a brooding hen or one that lays many eggs, it also stands for family harmony and financial success.

A chicken that appears in a dream with many chicks, possibly with egg shells, was considered in ancient times as a sign of rich children’s happiness.

In the popular dream interpretation it plays a big role, what the hen does in the dream and what happens to her.

Dreams about Chicken – Meaning

If the dreamer sees a particularly large and beautiful hen, the animal points to love happiness and announces a family reunion.

If the chicken is slaughtered in the dream, the dreaming should be careful not to harm itself. If you eat the hen or sit on a nest, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation means prosperity.

If one observes a hen laying eggs in the dream, pleasant things are imminent.

This can be family growth, material gain or even success in business and professional terms.

The exact meaning of the dream symbol depends on what the dreaming feels as a stroke of luck.

If you see a hen in a dream breeding or with many chicks that means in the dream interpretation hope and wish fulfillment. If the hen is pursued by a rooster, the dream symbol advises mistrust of alleged friends.

A cackling hen warns the dreaming of the negative effects of his indecision.

On the one hand, the dream symbol “hen” embodies the practical side of the dreaming, because it is a watchful and attentive animal.

On the other hand, in dream interpretation it embodies maternal qualities such as domesticity and caring.

The hen is an indication of the security that emanates from the mother hen, and the unconscious perception of the dreaming in this regard: Perhaps he feels very safe and in good hands he or he longs for it, because he lacks nest warmth.

In the dream, however, the hen can also be a signal of the subconscious that the dreaming feels too much protected by someone.

This may be the partner at the moment, but also a parent who has narrowed it down in childhood through exaggerated protection.

Dreams about Chicken – Symbolism

Dreams with chickens belong to rare dreams.

There are various interpretations in the henchman’s chicken, and interesting chickens rarely dream than cocks.

Statistics say that people in rural and rural areas dream 18 times more often than a sample of people living in the city.

If we’ve almost seen a chicken, kept a chicken or killed for food, then dreams with chickens are not interpreted.

Dream of a hen without feathers – If you see a featherless chicken in a dream, it means a shame. It is possible that you will be a victim of lies and manipulations of people whose intent will be to harm you and bring about your reputation.

You will need to learn to endure injustice and not allow you to be affected much by lies and gossip that will always find ways to sail to the surface and spoil your mood.

A fat hen dream – To dream of a fat hen indicates that you will be greatly honored. You will probably work and pursue things of a humanitarian character that will help people who really need it.

Every day you try to contribute as much as you can for what you feel great pride, and even the positive reaction of people from the environment will not be missed.

Chicken with chicks – When in a dream you see a chicken with chicks, it symbolizes wedding. It may happen that you are expecting a reward, which will be another reason for the decision to engage with your partner / partner in marriage.

You will be very busy planning and organizing the celebration as well as figuring out the names you would like to give to your child.

Dream of a hen lying on eggs – To dream of a chicken on eggs implies that you will have success in love conquests. In the coming period you will live with full lungs and you will use every opportunity that is best for you.

You will become more relaxed in society and quite bold enough to find a positive reaction from members of the opposite sex who will not be able to give up.

Dream of preparing chicken – If in a dream you see yourself cooking a chicken, that means you should not believe others, and call them a friend. It is possible that you will hear gossip that will present the person you trust in the worst light.

This situation will be difficult for you, but you will decide to bring a conclusion only after hearing the other side.

Dream of feeding the hen – Dreaming of feeding chickens symbolizes a harmonious marriage / relationship. Your partner and you are one of the few couples who are willing to agree on everything and share the responsibilities so that they do not represent a burden, but satisfaction.

Mostly you are together, but you also find time for a social life that you consider very important.

Kill the chicken for food – The days come not only to you, but also to your friends. Still, you will all be best managed through the crisis.

Eating a baked hen – Abundance. The following is the period of your life in which you will have more money, and less care than usual. The reason for this is effort and work, but if you are going to work and earnings during this period, it will return to you even more in the future.

Eating chicken soup – Business success, perhaps some honor or reward for work effort. Someone will notice that you have worked well. The prize can still be and only verbally enough to let you know that they have noticed you.

Dreaming of a chicken – Business success will require the help of others, which you persistently refuse. With the continuation of the refusal followed by a crash, by overcoming the fear or by the lack of co-operation, you will bring success and financial gain.


In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is often a sign of female dominance.

As the hen also symbolizes fertility and reproduction, the dream may reflect both the desire for motherhood and the fear of it.

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “hen” stands above all for fertility and a new beginning, because it lays the egg, a symbol of the origin of life.

Maybe the dreaming has to free himself from mental confinement and initiate a spiritual rebirth.

The typical symbol of the birds in the interpretation of the dream is a sign of hidden powers or properties of the dreaming, which are to be perceived.

In addition, the chicken is a sacrificial animal in many cultures.

As a dream symbol, it wants to call on the dreaming to give up the passive victim role and to actively shape his transcendent life.