Spirit Animals

Cricket – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

You have probably heard sometimes that certain animals can be your connection with the God.

Actually, there are animals that are known as spiritual guidas that can help us find the right way and follow the right direction in our lives. If you still don’t know what animal could be your totem, then it is time to find it out.

All people have their totems that protect them and help them in difficult situations.

This article will be about the cricket that is known as a very powerful animal totem.

In most cases this animal has positive symbolism and it means that a good period is waiting you in the future. If the cricket has crossed your path, it is always a good omen and you don’t have to worry.

Now you will see what the cricket can symbolize and then you will see what it means as a spirit animal and totem.

At the end of this article, we will tell you what the dreams about the cricket mean and how you can interpret them.

What Does the Cricket Symbolize?

The symbolism of the cricket can be both good and bad, depending on the culture and religion. Very often this insect is perceived as a symbol of protection.

If you have the cricket as your spirit animal, then you will be protected from any danger. The cricket spirit animal can be also a symbol of success, joy and happiness.

In Chinese culture the cricket has been perceived as a symbol of fertility and protection, while in some other cultures this insect is used as a symbol of music, intelligence and success.

If you want to discover something more about the meanings that the cricket as your spirit animal can have, then you should read the following chapter.

The Meanings Of the Cricket As a Spirit Animal

As you have already seen, the cricket has a lot of meanings. Below you will see some of the most important of them.

Success. We have already said that the cricket spirit animal can symbolize success. It means that success is expecting you in all parts of your life.

If you see the cricket somewhere, you should know that it is a good sign that will bring you joy and success.

Good luck. We have said that good luck will follow you along your way if you see the cricket. This spirit animal will bring you a lot of good opportunities and it will help you make your life better.

Music. We all know that the cricket has its beautiful songs, so if it is your spirit animal, then you certainly like music and it can be even a part of your profession.

Intelligence. Another trait that is related to the cricket spirit animal is intelligence.

Actually, it means that intelligence is also one of your traits if you have the cricket as your totem.

Protection. It is also important to say that the cricket is a symbol of protection, so if it crosses your path, you can feel safe and protected. Your cricket animal totem will certainly protect you in any situation and it will make you feel safe.

Intuition. Intuition is another trait related to the cricket spirit animal. Crickets are intuitive creatures and they use their senses in all situations.

If this is your spirit animal, it means that you should also follow your own intuition and you should believe only to something that you have seen and felt.

Teamwork. This is one more trait typical for the cricket. If this spirit animal comes to you, it means that you should try to work in groups because this way you will achieve much better results.

Independence. If you have seen the cricket in front of you, it means that this spirit animal will make you independent and free. It is important to say that it can be negative sometimes because people who are obsessed with being free can lose everything.

Positive energy. It is not a secret that the cricket is the symbol of positive energy and positive thinking. People with this spirit animal are always in a good mood and there is nothing that could bring them down.

Healing. It is also believed in many parts of the world that the song of the cricket can heal our souls. It is a beautiful song that will make us be in a good mood and think in a positive way.

Abundance. Another spiritual meaning related to the cricket is abundance. The people who are protected by the cricket usually enjoy in abundance and wealth. Those people are followed by good luck, not only when it comes to money, but also in all other areas of their lives.

Now when you have seen the most important meanings of the cricket that can appear as your spirit animal, it is time to see something more about this animal totem.

The Cricket As Your Animal Totem

It is believed that people with the cricket animal totem are very happy and satisfied with their lives. They are usually self-confident and they know how to use their abilities and talents. They can recognize good opportunities and use them.

If the cricket is your animal totem, it could mean that you should think of your goals more thoroughly. It is time to make plans for your future and to put efforts in order to achieve your goals.

It is known that the cricket attracts the attention with its song, so it is interesting to say that people with the cricket animal totem are trying to attract the attention with their voice. People with this totem have great communication skills and they have usually a lot of friends.

Also, the song of the cricket is actually the song for mating, which could mean that you should think more of your current relationship. There may be something that is not very good between you and your partner, so if the cricket appears on your way, it gives you a sign to think seriously about your relationship.

Also, this symbolism can be positive as well. The song of the cricket can mean that it is time to think about family and having children.

The song of the cricket can also mean that the predators are coming. In this context we can say that the cricket has positive symbolism and represents protection.

We have already said that people with the cricket totem usually choose professions that have something to do with music. Also, people with this totem love action and they avoid sitting in one place. They are very active and they also love sport.

It is also typical for crickets that they love to be free and independent. They don’t like to be under the control of somebody else.

As you could see, people who have the cricket as a totem are positive, full of joy and optimism.

But, how will you now that the cricket is your spirit animal? You will know it if the cricket is appearing very often by your side or if you feel special energy when you see this insect.

But, it is important to say that the cricket can also appear in your dreams. Through your dreams the cricket could also bring you an important message.

Dreams About the Cricket – Interpretation and Meaning

If it happens that the cricket appears in your dreams a couple of times, then it must be your spirit animal. In this case you should try to find the right interpretation for your dream and to analyze it in detail.

In most cases dreams about the cricket have good symbolism. They mean that good luck will follow you and you will enjoy in beautiful moments in the near future.

Also, the cricket in your dream can mean that you will have a lot of success in the future period.

Sometimes the cricket that appears in your dream can indicate that it is time to face your fears and to try to overcome them. But, if you want to find out the right meaning of your dream about the cricket, you need to take into consideration all details from your dream.

For example, if you had a dream about the cricket that was jumping, it is a sign that there is a person in your life who is annoying you very much. If you hear the cricket’s song in your dream, then it probably means that you are too sensitive in your waking life.

Also, this dream is a sign that you may be worried about the things that don’t have any importance for you. In this case a dream about the cricket is actually warning you to relax and to think only about the things that are really important for you. If you hear the cricket in your dream, it could be also a sign that someone will bring you good news.

If you have seen in your dream that you have caught the cricket, then it is a sign of your own intuition. Your intuition will help you make the right choices in life and make the right decisions.

Another spiritual meaning of the dreams about the cricket is related to introspection. It means that if you want to find the right answers, you should look deep inside your soul and use your inner intuition in all situations.

It is also important to say that the dreams about the cricket can be a sign that it is time to leave your past behind you and to look forward into the better future. It is necessary to change your old habits and also your attitude and way of thinking. You need to eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind and to think positively.

Also, the cricket in your dreams may be a sign that you should move forward in a spiritual sense and you should find the spiritual path that you will follow. The cricket could be your great spiritual guide, so if you let it become a part of your life, your life will be much better.

We hope that this article helped you find out the answers to all your questions about the cricket spirit animal. We also hope that you will pay more attention to this totem the next time when it crosses your path.