Death Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

The symbolism of animals is very old and it is usually related to past times, but many people still have interests to find out what animals can symbolize and what messages they can bring to us.

There is no doubt that the animal symbolism can teach us a lot of things about animals and their way of living.

Also, it can help us understand the history of animals and their behaviour. It is also important to say that animals can help us learn many things about ourselves.

If you would like to find out new things about the symbolism of animals, you should read this article.

Today you are going to see what the moth can symbolize and why this animal is so powerful.

In fact, we are going to tell you on which way the moth is related to death and what a dead moth can mean.

We hope that this article will bring you useful information and it will also help you understand much better the symbolism of this animal.

If you have recently seen a moth or a dead moth, it is a sign that the moth could be your spiritual guide and totem. Because of that we will tell you all important things about this spirit animal.

First we will tell you a couple of words about the moth spirit animal and totem and then you will see what this animal can symbolize in a general sense.

After that you are going to find out something about the moth as a symbol of death and its meaning in different cultures.

The Moth as a Spirit Animal and Totem

If you have the moth as a spirit animal and totem, it certainly means that you must be a very secretive person. You don’t like talking around what is happening in your life and you prefer keeping your privacy for yourself.

Also, people with the moth animal totem are usually very vulnerable and they are afraid of other people’s reactions. For the moth people it is very important what other people think about them.

If the moth is your totem, then your privacy is very important to you and nobody knows your secrets or there may be a small number of people who know them.

Another important trait of people who have the moth as their spirit animal and totem is their strong intuition. Very often they rely on their inner voice and knowledge, so they are able to see what is really happening in their surroundings.

This way they are able to see if people are honest with them or not. If the moth is your totem, then you will be able to see clearly who your real friend is and who may be your fake friend.

The moth spirit animal will give you the ability to sense all the things in your environment. If the moth is your totem, then your intuition is too strong that some people think that you have supernatural powers.

It is also important to say that the moth is a symbol of dreams. You have a lot of wishes and plans and you know how to make them really happen. You have clear goals and you know how to reach them on the easiest way.

The moth spirit animal is also a symbol of confusion, so you may be confused by the reaction and behaviour of other people. They may be behaving in a different way from yours, so you may not understand their behaviour.

It is also important to know that your moth spirit animal can make you look a little dark to other people. You may be too mysterious for them and nobody can know what you really think and what your plans are.

When it comes to the profession that will be best for you if the moth is your spirit animal and totem, we can suggest you to be a psychiatrist. It will help you search deeply in the mind and soul of other people.

What Does the Moth Symbolize?

The symbolism of the moth is popular in many cultures around the world. In some of them moths represent something positive that will happen to us, while in some other cultures moths are a symbol of negative energy and misfortune.

There were also many stories and myths about the moths in the past and people still believe in them. The most of the stories were about a dead moth that could be a very bad omen.

Seeing a dead moth was a sign that bad luck will follow the person who saw it.

However, moths can also be a symbol of shadow, confusion, vulnerability and secret knowledge. Sometimes the moth can be associated with intuition as well.

The symbolism of the moth is related to transformation and changes, which means that your life could dramatically change if this small animal appears on your path.

The Moth As a Symbol of Death

The first thing you should know is that the moth is a nocturnal creature and it appears only when there is no sun. People can see this animal only when there is dark outside. Because of that it is usually considered that the moth is a bad omen.

Mexicans believe that the moth is a very bad sign and it usually represents death. If you see it on your way, you should run away from it.

Having a moth on your way is a sign that someone of your family members will be very sick in the future period, but it can also refer to your own illness. The moth is warning you to take more care of your health.

There is a belief that the moth will always bring you bad news about someone or something. Because of that you should avoid this animal as much as you can.

When you see this insect somewhere, it is probably a sign that someone is going to die soon.

However, on Jamaica there is a belief that the souls of dead people live in the moths.

Actually, their souls stay in moths in order to torture people who are still alive. When it comes to Hawaii, we have to say that the moth is a symbol of death in their culture as well.

In Hawaii this insect is usually called a black witch, which is telling you that it will bring you bad luck and misfortune.

Moths have been perceived as a symbol of death in the past, but this belief exists also today in many parts of the world. You could see some of the most common beliefs related to moths.

To sum up, we can say that it is not good to see a moth because it is usually a symbol of death.

The moth will bring you bad news and it will bring negative energy into your life. Because of that you should avoid the moth whenever you see it.

As you can see, the symbolism of the moth is negative in most cultures and traditions.

Today those creatures are also perceived as something negative and even scary. Those animals will awake your fears and your dark sides as well.

We can also mention a movie that has been very popular and its name is Silence of the Lambs.

We have also to mention dreams about the moths that also represent death and negative things.

However, those dreams can have a positive meaning only in the case when you have killed the moth in your dream.

If you had a dream about a dead moth, it is a negative sign and it means that bad luck will be with you all along your way.

Also, it is possible that your romantic relationship will come to an end and you will be suffering very much in the future period.

Both alive and a dead moth in your dreams as well as in your waking life represents bad news, negativity and even death, so if you believe in animal symbolism, then you will certainly avoid this insect the next time when you see it.