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Dolphin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

There are many animals that have symbolic meanings. Some of them are known as very powerful animals that can change your life dramatically. The moment when you realize that a certain animal is your totem could be a very important moment for you.

However, we will present you in this article a dolphin animal totem.

We are going to tell you the most relevant facts about this spirit animal and its most important traits.

Also, you will see the meaning and symbolism of a dolphin that can appear in your dreams as a spirit animal.

All this will help you understand the symbolism of dolphins and their spiritual meaning. We are sure that this article will help you discover if a dolphin is your totem or it might be some other animal.

At the beginning of this article you will see what a dolphin can symbolize in general and later you will see something more about its symbolism and spiritual meaning.

What Does the Dolphin Symbolize?

The symbolism of dolphins has been known since long time ago. In the past people have believed that dolphins can bring them messages from the universe. They are usually perceived as the symbols of inner strength, intuition, protection and harmony. Seeing a dolphin in your life or in your dream is a sign that there is a peaceful period in front of you.

The symbolism of dolphins is also related to cooperation and teamwork. Those animals are very cooperative and they always work together. The dolphin can also symbolize resurrection and playfulness. They are adorable creatures and people simply love them.

Dolphins can also be a symbol of friendship and joy.

In the next chapter you are going to find out what the dolphin spirit animal means and what it can tell you with its appearance in your life.

The Meanings of a Dolphin as a Spirit Animal

Protection. The first meaning that we can relate to dolphin spirit animal is protection. If you see a dolphin, it could be a sign that you will be protected in the future period. We all know that very often dolphins have saved people who were drowning in the sea, so we can say that those animals are our protectors. Those beautiful animals are teaching us how to save ourselves and also how to help other people who may be in trouble.

If a dolphin is your spirit animal, it is a sign that you will be protected and safe. Divine forces are watching over you and they are protecting you from evil. Your dolphin spirit animal will be there to defend you and to make you feel safe in the most difficult moments in your life.

Playfulness. Another meaning of a dolphin spirit animal is playfulness. It is known that dolphins have playful nature and they love playing with people. Those animals are actually reminding us that life is beautiful and we can enjoy it to the fullest.

If you have a dolphin as a spirit animal, it usually means that it is time to stop working the whole day and to relax a little bit. It may be the time for playing with children and having good time with your family. Dolphin spirit animal wants to bring joy and happiness in your life and help you feel like a child.

Courage. It is interesting to know that a dolphin spirit animal can represent our inner strength and courage. It is believed that dolphins don’t have any fears when they are in water. They are ready to fight against sharks and other animals in order to survive. Undoubtedly dolphins are big fighters.

If a dolphin is your spirit animal, it probably means that you have courage to face the problems that you have and to overcome them. You must be a self-confident person who is ready to face all problems and obstacles on your way.

Balance. It is important to say that a dolphin spirit animal is a symbol of balance as well. Those animals live in balance with nature and there is always harmony in their lives. If a dolphin is your totem, then your life will be full of harmony and you will keep balance in all areas of your life.

Intelligence. Another trait that is typical for dolphins is their intelligence. It is believed that dolphins are very intelligent animals, so if a dolphin is your spirit animal as well, then intelligence is also one of the traits that you possess.

Communication. We have also to mention that communication is very often related to dolphins. They always find a way to communicate with people and they also communicate with each others. If a dolphin is your spiritual guide, it will bring you good communication with the people in your surroundings. Your social relations will be very good in the future and you will not have problems in communication with other people.

Cooperation. We have already told you that dolphins are a symbol of cooperation as well. It is known that they are catching their prey when they are in groups. If a dolphin is your spirit animal, it means that you should try to be more cooperative and to accept the opinions of other people. Teamwork can bring you great results, so you should not be stubborn and wait to do everything on your own.

Sacrifice. Adults are ready to protect the young dolphins at any moment. They are ready to sacrifice for them and to take care of dolphins that have injuries. It means that if you have a dolphin as your spirit animal, you will be ready to sacrifice for your loved ones. If you have children, your dolphin spirit animal will give you strength and courage to sacrifice and to be ready to do anything to save them and to make them feel protected.

Resurrection. This spiritual meaning belongs to some past times. In ancient Greece people believed that dolphins are the symbols of resurrection, which means that they represent the souls of deceased people. If you see a dolphin somewhere, it could be actually someone of your loved ones who died. Because of that you should not ignore the appearance of a dolphin in your life, but you should accept its message and try to understand it. Also, if a dolphin is your spirit animal, it could mean that it is time for your spiritual rebirth and renewal.

You have seen a couple of the most important meanings that we can relate to a dolphin spirit animal. Now you will see something more about this animal totem and its powers.

Dolphin Animal Totem

We have already said that dolphins symbolize peace and balance. If you have a dolphin totem by your side, it means that you will live peacefully and there will be nothing that could destroy balance in your life. If a dolphin is your animal totem, it also means that you have playful nature and you like spending time with your friends. Relaxation and joy play a very important role in your life. You are trying to think positively and to bring joy in your life. Your dolphin animal totem will certainly bring you good fun, humour and joy, so you can relax and enjoy in your life.

If a dolphin is your animal totem, then you have a strong intuition and you are full of inner strength. If your dolphin totem visits you somehow, it will be a sign that you should rely on your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Only this way you will have the chance to make the right choices and decisions in your life. You need to trust your intuition because it will help you choose the right way that you should follow in the future.

We have told you that dolphins are very intelligent animals, so if you have a dolphin as your totem, it certainly represents your own intelligence as well. Also, it could be a sign that you should use your intelligence more often because it can help you solve problems and overcome them more easily.

Another important trait that your dolphin animal totem will bring to you is being cooperative. You need to try working in groups because it can bring you great success and help you reach your goals.

If you have a dolphin as a totem, it is also a sign that you are very protective towards your children and your loved ones in general. You are ready to do anything to protect your loved ones. You are ready to fight and to sacrifice for them.

Also, you don’t run away from problems but your inner strength motivates you to face them without fears. If you recognize a couple of those traits by yourself, it could be a sign that dolphin is your animal totem.

In the following chapter you will see the most common meanings and interpretations of dolphin dreams. Those dreams are not very common, but they have strong and powerful symbolism.

Dreams About Dolphin – Symbolism and Meaning

If you see a dolphin in your dream, it is a sign that it is your animal totem that will protect you all along your way. A dolphin animal totem is very powerful and it can come to you through your dreams.

There are many situations that you can see in your dolphin dream and now you will see some of them.

Dream about riding a dolphin. If you had a dream about riding a dolphin, it is a good sign. This dream means that you have a positive attitude and you are trying to be optimistic in all situations.

Dream about saving a dolphin. If you had a dream about saving a dolphin, it indicates that you would like to have more passion in your relationship. You may be too bored in your current relationship, so you would like to change something.

Dream about talking to a dolphin. If you were talking to a dolphin in your dream, then it is very important to listen to what a dolphin is telling you. It could be a very important message for your future.

Dream about touching a dolphin. If you had this type of a dream, it means that you should use your inner intuition, knowledge and creative energy in the future period. There is a successful period in your life, but you should use your abilities.

Dream about a dolphin attacking you. If your dolphin spirit animal appeared in your dream and it attacked you, it means that you should face your problems because they will hold you back on your way and you will not be able to reach your goals. Because of that you should face the problems and find the adequate solution for them.

Dream about a dolphin flying. If you had this dream, it indicates that you should not hide your real feelings and your childish nature. It is time to express all that you feel and think, because you will be feeling much better after it.

Dream about a dolphin swimming with whales. If it happens that you are dreaming about a dolphin swimming with whales, it is a sign that you are protected in your real life. You certainly have an authoritative and a protective figure by your side, so you should not worry for your safety.

Dream about a dead dolphin. If you have dreamed about a dead dolphin, it is a sign that your communication with other people is very bad. You are feeling that other people don’t understand you and you cannot explain them what you really feel.

Dream about a baby dolphin. If you have seen a baby dolphin in your dream, it means that you should be dedicated to your personal growth and you should not give up from your dreams. You need to think in a positive way and to forgive yourself if you make a mistake sometimes.

Dream about a pink dolphin. This dream usually represents love, passion and joy that expect you in the following period.

As you can see, dolphins can appear in your waking life, as well as in your dreams and bring you important spiritual messages. After reading this article you can be sure that a dolphin is a very powerful spirit animal that could be your guide. If you notice this animal somewhere on television or in any other situation, then it could be your spirit animal.

If you recognize the traits of a dolphin as your own traits, it could be a sign that a dolphin is your animal totem. In this case, you are a lucky person, because a dolphin spirit animal and totem will bring you joy, safety, love, protection and peace. Your life will be better if you recognize your dolphin animal totem and if you accept its presence in your life.