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Dream About Birds Landing On You – Interpretation and Meaning

Birds can often appear in our dreams, and their meaning depends on many details. We should always remember as many details about our dreams as possible.

Even the state of health of the bird itself can outline even more clearly what the meaning of the dream is.

Dreaming of a wounded bird is an example of a moment of sadness, of bitter awareness, of disappointment; if the bird is bristling with wings or legs, or if it has any malformations, it is possible that the dream is bringing to the stage the symbol of a story of sick love, which brings suffering and tears.

Another aspect to consider is the breed of bird that enters the dream. If the dream has as its protagonist an eagle or a raptor it is possible that the subject wants to highlight his own self, his soul, and his own identity.

Birds Symbolism in Cultures

The bird, as a symbol, is very ancient and all religions have used it to give it always many high meanings.

Among the Hindus, the First Cause initially had no name; later it was represented with a mysterious bird, always invisible, which dropped an Egg into the Chaos, which later became the universe.

This operation is entrusted to Brahma, the Kalahansa (Swan in Space and Time), who at the beginning of each Manvantara lays a Golden Egg (the Great Circle), from which the Universe is born.

The species of bird is not very important, but it must still be a water bird, which flies and moves on the water, like the Biblical Spirit. It comes out of the waters to give life to other beings.

For this reason Moses forbade eating pelican and swan. The Rosicrucians adopted the pelican as a symbol of the XVIII degree; in the Book of Numbers, Ain Soph is called “the Ardent Soul of the Pelican”.

In Zoroastrian literature, the bird symbolized Kar-shipta “who dwells in heaven”; his singing was interpreted as “the expression of a God”.

The ancient Magi represented the inner divinity of man as a bird, while the Greeks represented it with a butterfly. In the Tree of Knowledge “the birds dwell and make their nests”, that is, the Souls and the Angels have their seat there.

Dreams about Birds Landing On You – Meaning

The presence of the bird alone is not enough. To get a clearer and more complete view, it is first necessary to understand what the characteristics of the bird are.

If the dream is populated by colorful and cheerful birds, such as parrots or tropical birds, you can think of positive news, strength, joy and good news coming.

The vision associated with the intimate aspect sees instead in the colors of the feathers a possible courtship (executed or immediately).

On the other hand, if the bird that appears in the dream is featherless or plucked, it is possible that hard, difficult times are coming.

It is good to point out that this difficulty can be linked either to real and objective obstacles, or on the contrary to an incapacity of the subject in facing an obstacle even of medium size.

Dreams about Birds Landing On You – Symbolism

Adler bird landing on you – In the dream, this bird of prey symbolizes dominance and superiority. In addition, the eagle can stand for insight and awareness as well as for prudence and objectivity or objectivity.

When the dreamer identifies with the eagle, this makes his desire for dominance clear. If the dreamer feels threatened by an eagle, an outsider may be at risk for his current condition.

Kingfisher bird landing on you – this dream represents serenity and dignity.

Elster bird landing on you – Because popular belief is that magpies and jackdaws are thieves, these two birds can point out in the dream that a person close to the dreaming tries to take something away from him which is very valuable to him. The Magpie can also be the bearer of good news.

Duck bird landing on you – In the dream, it usually represents a kind of artificiality or childish posturing.

Owl bird landing on you – She is in the dream for wisdom and martial arts. Because the owl is closely related to the night, it can sometimes personify death.

Falcon bird landing on you – He is very similar to the eagle in its symbolism. As a bird of prey, it embodies freedom and hope for those who are in some way restricted. He can be a symbol of victory over lust.

Pheasant bird landing on you – When you have a pheasant’s dream, it predicts the dreaming in general prosperity and happiness.

Vulture bird landing on you – As a scavenger he is in contact with the destructive female part of character.

Chicken bird landing on you – It stands as a dream symbol for the practical self. There is potential for growth, although it may only be expressed if the dreamer belongs to a group.

A chicken can also be stupidity and cowardice.

The rooster is the symbol of the new day and for mental attention and alertness. He represents the masculine principle and therefore also the need to be courageous and always ahead.

The hen symbolizes prevention, maternal care and reproduction. If she cackles in the dream, this is regarded as a representation of female dominance.

Ibis bird landing on you – This bird is a symbol of perseverance and yearning.

Young bird landing on you – Personal circumstances and feelings can have a profound effect on the dreaming’s dealings with himself, and past happiness can be represented in the dream of young birds.

Crow bird landing on you – Traditionally, the crow in the dream warns of death. But it can also symbolize wisdom and cunning.

Cuckoo bird landing on you – He can represent cunning and unrequited love. As a spring messenger, he points to the transformation of old spent energy into new, fresh power.

Lark bird landing on you – It is traditionally considered a symbol of the transcendence of the secular.

Seagull bird landing on you – It stands for freedom and power.

Pelican bird landing on you – it symbolizes sacrifice and humility, but also caring, maternal love.

Peacock bird landing on you – If a dream is about a peacock, this is an indication that the realization of the dreaming develops like a peacock – from the simple, unadorned young bird to the most beautiful of all birds.

Like the phoenix, the peacock is also a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

Penguin bird landing on you – This black bird can be a symbol of sin and wisdom. If he speaks in a dream, then what he says is often considered a prophecy.

Schwalbe bird landing on you – In the dream, it means hope and approaching spring.

Swan bird landing on you – Like the wild goose, it symbolizes the human soul and is therefore considered a divine bird. Sometimes he can point to a peaceful death.

Sparrow bird landing on you – they represent the bustle and diligence.

Woodpecker bird landing on you – In mythology, the woodpecker is the guardian of both the kings and the trees. He also has a reputation for possessing magical powers.


If we have ever dreamed of birds, we need to know that this type of dream can have many interpretations based on the type of bird that appeared to us, what the bird does and how the dreamer relates to the animal.

According to various popular customs, dreaming of birds is a good omen, while according to the testimonies of various legends and myths it is a dream of bad luck.

Generally they symbolize fantasy, creativity, peace, freedom and indicate hope, aspirations, goals and ideals of the dreamer.

According to Jung, the bird represents conscious and ideal thought.