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Dream About Eyebrows – Meaning and Symbolism

The eyebrows are an important part of the face, giving it expression and contour. In addition, they protect the sensitive eyes, for example by preventing sweat from running down.

For a long time it has been customary to get your own eyebrows into shape by plucking a few hairs, and many women follow the current fashion with the shape they give to their own eyebrows. This should beautify the face even more and give it even more expression.

Dream about Eyebrows – Meaning

Many women and men pluck their eyebrows at home in front of the mirror, others look for a cosmetic studio or a hairdresser.

The eyebrows are also an important symbol in dream interpretation: It happens that people in the dream see particularly striking eyebrows, dreaming that they will fail or worry about their own eyebrows. The interpretation of these dreams always depends heavily on the concrete circumstances in the dream.

Often, eyebrows in the dream are a positive symbol. Anyone who has particularly dark or strong eyebrows here can look forward to very good health and happy experiences in real life. He will not have to worry about his welfare in the near future.

In addition, tall or wide eyebrows can also indicate business success. The dreaming can estimate potential business partners well and knows with whom the cooperation could be worthwhile.

This will put him financially in a good position. If you pluck your eyebrows with your tweezers during sleep, you should also focus on little things.

If the person concerned looks particularly beautiful and attractive eyebrows in the dream, this can also be a sign of a great honor and respect, which are given to him.

Even people whom he himself would not expect will appreciate and respect him.

Less positive is the symbol interpreted only if the eyebrows seen are thin and low, or even fail. This, in the general opinion, promises losses and worries, which may relate in particular to one’s own financial situation.

The dreaming should be prepared to work very hard in the near future, without necessarily getting the deserved success and reward.

His social position could also shake and his reputation sink. Similarly, the burning of eyebrows indicates difficulties: it could come in a case of inheritance to dispute.

Dream about Eyebrows – Symbolism

Anyone who thinks about their own eyebrows in the dream worries psychologically about their own reputation in society. He often considers things that are not really that important as particularly significant.

It is important that the dreaming learns not to give too much importance to certain matters and to be more self-confident in life. On a spiritual level, the eyebrows in the dream are considered part of the face, which in turn symbolizes the elemental forces.

Dream about eyebrows in general – Something as common as the eyebrows, which are present in the face of all people (some more notorious than others, obviously) is something that is indisputably present in all dreams as far as human people are involved.

This event is quite regular, the peculiarity of the meaning of the dream is not its presence as such, but the prominence it may have, so that the mental scene revolves around that peculiarity that was caused in the eyebrow, events such as: excess gray hair, disfigurement or absence in eyebrows.

These dreams are infrequent, we dream more in other unusual things than in something that arises thanks to the eyebrow, be it an event related to an eyebrow or a fixation towards the aesthetics (good or bad) of it.

The eyebrow is a very expressive part of the face, all the facial expressions that a person’s face develops are intimately linked to the eyebrows, and therefore, the meaning that this enclosure is dreamlike.

In most mental scenes where a particular fixation is made towards a person’s eyebrows, the message immersed there is linked to the sentimentality and emotions that we develop (generally, these feelings are involving the owner owning the eyebrows in question)

When we want to know if we like a specific person, what we do to quench our doubts is to start a conversation with that person and look at the facial expressions he executes, so that it is visualized if he feels repudiation or apathy, and eyebrows it is one of the most expressive areas of the face.

Dream about raised eyebrows – Dreaming that we see a perforation in an eyebrow of ours or a close friend, the subconscious wants to let you know that someone is trying to draw your attention to something disturbing that he is seeing or that he may have seen something he should not have seen.

Dreaming of relaxed eyebrows – this is a sign that we are experiencing a stage of tranquility, relaxation and stability in the sentimental area.

However, if we dream of a frown and tantrum face, it will be a prognosis of concerns, fights and disappointments, either with the couple or with the family.

Dream of arched eyebrows – If we observe them arched and raised, it is an omen of happy, stable and pleasant times at home.

n case of dreaming with admirable and beautiful eyebrows, they will represent strength and character to a large extent. It is a good sign for women, since their sentimental environment will triumph.

Dream of thin eyebrows – On the other hand, if the eyebrows are thin, it is an omen of instability, nonconformity and scarcity thanks to our weak will. If we dream that we burn our eyebrows, it augurs strong fights or estrangement with some beings who enjoy great attachment in our lives.

Dream of shaving eyebrows – If in the dream we visualize ourselves by shaving, shaving or shaving our eyebrows, it is because the dream suggests that certain situations prevent us from manifesting in the way we want.

There is a possibility that we are attached to social conformities or some impositions by the family.

If we dream that we shave or take off our eyebrows as a whole, it is because problems, obstacles in our plans and failures that will seriously influence our financial environment are approaching.

The concrete interpretation will vary according to the shape, direction, size, color and even the populated area of ​​the eyebrows in question. Each element is essential to develop a more accurate and unambiguous forecast.

It should be noted that the eyebrows that we interpret from our dreams do not necessarily have to be ours, they can also be from loved ones, family, couple, friends and even enmity.

We have already commented in other articles that although the dreams in which the parts of the body are the leading role are not very common, when they appear they have a high semantic load in the dream world.

Apart from being a rare dream, there is another drawback: Few people manage to remember this dream.

However, it is a dream that can reappear at other stages of your life. But what is the meaning of dreaming with eyebrows? Why is there a dream that is repeated that is dreaming that the hair falls from the eyebrows? What does the subconscious try to suggest?

Apart from its aesthetics, the eyebrows have the function of protecting the eye for example from drops of rain or sweat. That is why many analysts confirm that dreaming about eyebrows means that your global vision of life or your point of view can be compromised.

Maybe lately, certain people try to change your mind or sow certain doubts so you can see things differently. In periods of uncertainty and doubts about which decision is the most correct to make it is natural that you can have a dream with eyebrows.

As you know, the meanings of dreams are interpreted from a very subjective point of view.

It does not have the same meaning to dream of people without eyebrows (You are a person who influences the decisions of others) than to dream of shaving or shaving your eyebrows to zero (You are vulnerable to change your mind easily).

That is why you should continue reading other possible interpretations when dreaming about eyebrows according to other contexts.

On certain occasions, dreaming with eyebrows suggests a desire to create a special bond with those around you.


Dreaming with eyebrows can give you clues about the stage of life you are in.

For example, dreaming of very linear eyebrows suggests a stage of peace and tranquility, dreaming of arched eyebrows up of doubts or new surprises while dreaming of arched eyebrows down suggests that you are going through a time when you are not happy with yourself.

Dream of not having eyebrows. Dreaming of baldness or not having an eyebrow indicates a period of anguish.

Maybe things have not gone as expected and you are going through a period of restlessness. Low self-esteem, inner conflicts or giving excessive importance to your personal aesthetics can be other reasons to have this dream.

People who usually show themselves to others as they are, open and able to share their emotions and feelings with other people are more likely to dream of eyebrows.

As you know the eyebrows and their movements have a great expressiveness in the face of people.

Dreaming of heavily populated eyebrows. Although it is strange, many women can dream of having a single eyebrow that covers the entire face or dreaming of bushy eyebrows.

This dream indicates that you should not neglect that image that others have about you. Both aesthetically and inside.