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Dream About White Car – Meaning and Interpretation

With the invention of the wheel, humanity took a major step towards independence and mobility. Larger loads could now be relatively effortlessly moved, greater distances than before covered. A vehicle is always used to move from one place to another.

In the interpretation of dreams, however, it is less the where to go that matters than the role. Do you drive in your dream bus or train? Do you even drive the vehicle yourself? And in which element do you move – do you drive on an asphalt road or on the water?

Depending on the nature of your dream vehicle, you can interpret your dream in very different ways. So look in our dream symbol dictionary for terms like “motorcycle”, “scooter”, “truck” or “car” if such a vehicle appeared in your dream.

Also, the “ferry” or generally the “ship” is a vehicle for the waterway.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is damaged or fears of loss of control and accidents emerge, this indicates subconscious fears of the future. The dreaming feels at the mercy of the events and without any possibility of action.

Especially when other people are involved, it is easy to draw conclusions about the background of these unpleasant feelings.

Psychologically, watercraft play a separate role. In dream interpretation, water always symbolizes the feelings of the dreaming. So, when you move on the water in a dream, you can learn about your relationship with your emotional worlds.

Car Symbolism in Dreams

The car in dreams, like a worn dress, can reflect our personality and the way we proceed in the path of life. The bodywork represents your outward appearance, the way you present yourself, you feel and probably what you think of yourself or what you think you show to others.

What does it mean to dream of a car? Often it represents the social status, the prestige or our work or if the dream concerns health, it can represent the body.

Dreaming of your car, dreaming of any car or dreaming of being in a car is not enough to interpret the dream, you need to remember some extra elements to give an interpretative meaning to the symbolism of the dream vision: What happens? Where are you? Where are we going? Are we are alone?

Car recalls the maternal womb and the female sex, but at the same time it is a virile symbol. The machine from this point of view can therefore also represent intimate aspects, but not always.

So as an alternative to the meanings we will follow, not being able to brake, move forward or go too fast, are situations that can also be related to difficulties or inhibitions that we can have in intimacy.

Dreams about Car – Meaning

In general, the vehicle in the dream stands for the progress in personal development and changes in one’s own life. Who in the dream controls the vehicle itself, for example a car or a motorboat, has the feeling to have his life under control. Any changes are self-chosen and give the dreaming a good feeling.

In public transport, however, he is dependent on someone else who steers the vehicle and determines the destination. A frequent dream motive in this context is the feeling of powerlessness, because the brake pedal is stuck, someone else controls the vehicle and the dreaming of its mostly inadequate driving skills is at the mercy of ruin, or a road suddenly leads nowhere.

In all these cases, it is about loss of control, your own life seems to fall off track, the dreaming is subject to a change for which he has not decided himself, or is going on faster than he desires.

An accident, especially when the dreamer is thrown out of the vehicle, points to fear of the future, unpleasant events cast their shadows, and you fear that you will not be up to the task.

Even an ambulance as a dream symbol can be interpreted in a similar way. The situation is similar with a broken vehicle, be it a boat that fails or a car that breaks down – plans could fail and unforeseen obstacles could arise.

Whoever sells a vehicle in a dream, gives his figurative possibility of moving away from his hand. The development is disturbed or occurs on the spot.

Trains and trains follow defined routes, they travel on rails and therefore offer a degree of safety, undisturbed, without having to worry about getting from A to B.

Like the bus, the train is a collective vehicle, with which several people travel together.

Therefore, both stand for the sense of community.

The frequent dream of many people to miss the train points to the fear of missed opportunities. Life seems to go by unused. In the dream to steer a truck represents a reference to a load, which the dreaming carries around with itself. Type and weight of the charge can provide further information for interpretation.

Nevertheless, the truck, a powerful and powerful vehicle, is autonomously controlled, so the load is under control. If a crawler tractor is used in a dream for the transport of cargo, it can point to a speedy progress in life.

The dream symbol “vehicle” stands, if it is in good condition, for the own control over the life-path. The dreaming has the feeling that he is in control of his life and is looking forward to the changes he himself has made, be it a move, a change of everyday habits or a new relationship.

Dreams about Car – Symbolism

Dreaming of a white car – A white car can indicate that you don’t want to be noticed, you want to go unnoticed; to dream of a red car, on the contrary, denotes the desire to appear, to be noticed.

A black car may indicate a need to focus on the new, or on the news.

Dreaming of a beautiful, big, powerful car- Dreaming of a beautiful, large, luxurious, powerful, fast, large-displacement, sporty, racing car …

All these characteristics denote confidence in your abilities, ambition, desire to succeed, enthusiasm, energy, clear and decisive ideas, love for speed, desire to be noticed and admired. A car like the Ferrari or a Lamborghini wants so many people, because it is a symbol of luxury, success, well-being.

Dreaming of an old, battered car – Dreaming of an old car is a bit run down can indicate little confidence in yourself, or be a symptom of some physical (or even psychological) ailment.

Dreaming of a damaged car, scratched, ruined – Dreaming of your damaged, ruined, scratched, crushed car can indicate that you feel upset, someone wants to hurt you, prevent you from achieving your goals; also to dream of the car with the cut tires, without wheels, with broken glass, broken open, it indicates that someone is hindering you, wants to leave you “on foot”.

Dreaming of a car that doesn’t brake, without brakes – A dream in which the car does not brake, is without brakes, or with broken brakes, according to Freud has a intimate interpretation and in particular refers to the fear of premature.

In dreams the car has both an objective and a subjective interpretation according to the meaning that the symbolism presents to us.


It is different with public transport and the car. The car comes first in a dream as a truck and as a car.

As a truck, it refers to the load we carry around with us, and it is important to know what this truck has loaded as it informs us about our burdens and concerns.

Dreaming of the car, it is addressed the individual life and the lifestyle, in which one is separated from other people, when traveling alone.

In the car, the car make or type of vehicle is particularly important, because with it the symbol value is related. The train, on the other hand, is a collective means of transportation.

To go by train means to go from one place to another in peace and / or to work and / or let your thoughts fly with the landscape passing by. Important for the train and the tram is the fixed route, of which there are no individual deviations.

Thus, all public transport have an indication of a collective direction of movement. The bus is considered a non-rail vehicle, more individual than tram and train.

The bus usually expresses our sense of community. Relatively common are dreams in which the dreamer does not reach the train. This often indicates a sense of life that one’s life has passed unused or missed a chance.

Hopefully you were able to find a meaning behind your dream about a car or white car, and that this article was helpful.