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Dream of a Child You Don’t Have – Meaning and Symbolism

The dream interpretation child is a complex and must – like every dream symbol – be considered differentiated. In general, a good meaning is attributed to the child in the dream. For one thing, the child can represent the dreaming himself.

In the waking life, there is a concern that is personally important to him, however, he has doubts whether others could assess this concern as unimportant, silly or immature.

Dream of a Child You Don’t Have – Meaning

Children have mixed feelings in most adults. Many are touched by the sometimes naïve and “unsullied” world view of the Scion.

It brings joy, but also responsibility, into the lives of parents and relatives through its honest laughter and full affection, as well as its impartiality.

However, getting a child also often changes the entire daily routine, especially this can be exhausting when the baby is not in balance, whines or screams.

It begins for the parents a completely new phase of life in which the offspring and its well-being are unrestricted in the foreground.

Since not only the being of a child is often very engaging, but whose emotional and physical supply is also or can be a focal point of life, children also often play a role in our dreams.

The tots appear not only to people who are already father or mother, but also regularly in childless women and men. The behavior of the offspring can be different: A pupil can appear happy, but also sad or angry.

You can also experience yourself as a child in a dream, then you will be thrown back into your own childhood like in a time machine. You may experience your parents’ house in a dream, recognize the cozy home from back then, and meet family members and former friends.

Dream of a Child You Don’t Have – Symbolism

The childbirth in the dream – Anyone who dreams of having a child or being pregnant may even wish to have a baby. In addition, the dream symbol also stands for future plans and goals that the dreamer still wants to achieve in life.

The spherical women’s belly is the sure sign for the early birth of the offspring. The dream experience of having a baby indicates positive changes in the dreamer’s life. The birth of a baby is in the traditional dream research a signal for new opportunities in professional life, which may bring the dreaming many benefits.

Dream of newborn child – In women’s dreams, the dream symbol of the newborn child indicates that they are undergoing a process of development, which may, however, also be accompanied by difficulties and pain.

Dream of a baby boy – If a boy is born in a dream, he promises the dreaming much strength and strength for future challenges. The birth of a girl emphasizes the development of the female side of the dreamer.

Dream of having a child prematurely – If one dreams of having a child too early, the dreamer should take it as a piece of advice, not rushing and taking time for the tasks he has to cope with.

After pregnancy comes the birth, which stands as a dream symbol for a new beginning in the life of the dreaming: he separates from old habits and is ready for new challenges. If there are difficulties in giving birth in the dream experience, this can be a sign that the dreaming farewell to the old phase of life difficult.

A miscarriage or miscarriage announces a possible failure. The child, who dies before or immediately after birth, admonishes the dreaming to question and possibly change his life goals.

Dream of different children activities – A child crying or crying for his mother signals in the dream that someone in the environment of the dreaming needs help and support and can no longer save himself. A child who speaks a lot, however, is an indication of curiosity and a great need for communication. Dreaming of a laughing child, the dreamer can enjoy a carefree life.

Has just set and pursues this persistently. When the toddler is just learning to walk in the dream experience, it indicates that the dreamer can develop his personality and face new challenges. A dreaming child who dances expresses the joy and carefreeness the dreamer evidently feels.

When the child urinates in the dream or makes pee, it signals to the dreaming that he should separate himself from persons or feelings, which burden him emotionally, so that he can start something new with relief. In combination with the dream symbol “Kot”, the child stands for prosperity and the generosity of the dreaming. A child who soaks up his bed can point to unusual fears.

Dreaming that a child drives a car indicates a development in the dreamer’s personality that opens up new possibilities for him to make his own life.

If a child loses his teeth in a dream, this dream image symbolizes its natural development, because it is quite normal that the deciduous teeth are replaced by permanent biter. However, if the teeth fail until later, this dream symbol can also signal that the dreaming has missed opportunities in life.

The marriage of one’s own child is always a particularly joyous event, and thus this dream experience also points to positive developments in the awake life of the dreamer. These do not have to deal with their own children, but can also affect other areas.

A smoking child or one who uses drugs is in the dream analysis for unresolved conflicts and negative emotions that meet the dreamer now in his sleep again. He should be aware of these difficulties in the awake life in order to overcome them.

Where children are during the dream? – When dreaming of a child in or under water, this dream symbol indicates to the dreamer that he has now finally parted with feelings and experiences of the past. His soul is now cleansed of these moods and he can concentrate on a new phase of life.

If you dream of a child lying in your arms, on your lap, in your own bed or in a marriage bed, the dreamer obviously feels a great need for security and tenderness, but also for rest and relaxation. Maybe he is very exhausted and drained and needs a break from his job.

If the dreaming sees a stroller with a baby in front of him, a new phase of life will soon begin for him, which will also bring him a lot of responsibility. So, this dream symbol may or may not necessarily point to your own offspring.

A child in kindergarten points the dreaming to a transitional phase in which he is. Just as the offspring is being prepared for school in the kindergarten, the dreamer is preparing for a new job, a move or something similar. A children’s home, on the other hand, refers to a feeling of insignificance that the dreamer feels in the watch-world.

If the child is in the hospital during the dream, it obviously needs help. The dreamer also needs outside support because the beginning of his new life is fraught with unexpected difficulties.

Dream symbols “child” and “death” – A child can die in a dream in several ways: it can drown, suffocate, freeze, hang or die.

Generally, the death of the daughter or son is a dream event that refers to feelings of anxiety or that is a reminder to check that you are still on the right path in life.

In the interpretation of dreams, however, death is also the beginning of a new phase of life, so that this dream symbol can also be interpreted positively.

The drowning of one’s own child – for example in the bathtub or in the sea – is to be understood as a conflict between the parents and the growing up of their pupil: they are afraid that their daughter or son will move farther and farther away from them.

Smothering the child, this indicates suppressed feelings and needs that are not allowed by the dreamer’s environment.

A frozen child warns the dreaming of disappointments in the private sphere and to rely on false friends. A child who hangs himself or falls to his death symbolizes deep despair and sadness.

Dreaming about sick children – Dreaming of a child who is seriously ill, you have to struggle in the awake life with problems and worries that burden the dreamer also mentally. A child suffering from cancer indicates a great dependence of the dreaming and low self-confidence.

If the dream child has a fever, it will indicate the awakening of one’s own life forces and possibly also the exaggerated ambition of the dreamer. If the child falls ill with measles in the dream, then the dreaming receives a reference to his protection need.

Dreaming that the baby is bleeding may indicate strong energies and vitality. The dream symbol can also point to a real danger or illness that may threaten the person dreaming or close to him.

A similar dream interpretation is also appropriate if one dreams that a child is being operated on. Then a drastic change is imminent, which may cause the dreamer great anxiety.

Dream of kids in danger – A child who falls in the dream or falls down the stairs, announces a possible loss in the life of the dreaming, which can refer to certain persons, but also to things.


The dream of a child can also be symptomatic of feelings of guilt for neglect: the dreaming could, for example, feel guilty about his own child because he spends little time with him because of work. If the dreaming is childless in the waking life, then the feeling of guilt can be related to another area of responsibility of his life against which he has a guilty conscience.

Third, the child in the dream can represent a certain (suppressed) part of the dreaming’s personality.

For example, the child’s childhood is often interpreted as a yearning of the dreaming for innocence, joy and carelessness. And there you have it.

Hopefully you were able to find the answer to the questions that have been bothering you.