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Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning and Symbolism

The homeless often meet us at train stations or in larger cities. There they usually sit in shoplifts or in front of well-attended shops. They hope that as many passers-by as possible will send them a few coins.

Many people regard homeless people with pity or even contempt, because it is often apparent from the outward appearance that they have little more than what they wear.

The encounter with a homeless person is therefore quite real, but can also appear as a dream content during our sleep. What the dream symbol “helping the homeless” is all about, we explain in the following article.

As a dream image, the homeless can sometimes appear as a warning symbol, because it should be shown to us that there is a risk of getting into a problematic life situation for us.

However, the dream image “helping the homeless” looks a bit different:

If we are in the dream helpful to a homeless person or a tramp, this can indicate that a person of our real life needs our help. The dreaming should be in the near future very particularly attentive to his fellow humans. Because often the need of others is only apparent when one has actually opened his eyes to reality.

From the general point of view of dream interpretation embodies the dream experience “helping the homeless” but also the generous nature of the dreaming person.

If you have helped the homeless by giving them money, you may also be accustomed to guarding a lot of money in the awake life.

However, helping a homeless person with food, clothing or even taking him home suggests that one is used to tackling and acting.

It can also happen in a dream context that you yourself are a homeless person who is helped. Dream analysts interpret such dream content positively and evaluate it as an indication of intact and firmly established family structures. The dreaming must always feel safe and secure in the lap of the family.

Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning

With homelessness, most of us are regularly faced. While we know that we will come home at the end of a working day, into our own, personal, and nicely furnished home, it often happens that we are on the street or in train stations of homeless people – derogatory “bums” or “wanderers “- to be addressed.

They ask for a bit of money, food and drink. After such an encounter, we may be glad not to be in the living situation of the homeless and feel sorry for the tramp.

In addition to these encounters with homeless people in real life, they can also occur in our dreams. Occasionally we are suddenly without a home and have to go begging. But what do these dreams mean? How are they interpreted?

According to the general opinion, a homeless person can warn in the dream against personal difficulties and misfortune, but also against financial bottlenecks and bad investments. In the near future, the person concerned should pay attention to which businesses he finances or which businesses he really wants to participate in.

In any case, the dream is a reminder not to hope for too much, so rather to be more reserved and to wait for safer times.

At the same time, seeing a homeless person in a dream can also point to illnesses and health problems. It may be appropriate at present to strengthen one’s immune system well, so as not to become infected by another virus.

In certain cases, the dream symbol “homeless” also refers to personal interpersonal relationships: the dreaming interferes too fast in the affairs of his friends and makes their situations even worse. The dreamy homeless calls for restraint in these matters.

Occasionally, the person in the dream also finds himself in the position of a homeless person. This, in turn, also indicates possible poverty, but at the same time the support of one’s own family. From a financial point of view, there are difficulties for the dreaming, but he can rely on the support of his next of kin and will find security in them.

Who sees a homeless person in the dream, should understand this according to psychological opinion as warning notice. One’s own life threatens to get out of joint, that is, the dreaming loses his grip, his balance in life.

It may be appropriate to pay more attention to one’s own lifestyle, but also to the society with which one surrounds oneself. Maybe someone has a bad influence on the person concerned.

Dreams in which the person concerned sees himself as a homeless person can, according to the psychological interpretation, also point to feelings of bad social value.

Subconsciously, possibly even on a conscious level, the dreaming feels inadequate. In the worst case, this could eventually lead to social isolation.

It is therefore important to understand the dream as a warning, to deal with your own mental imbalance as quickly as possible, to investigate the causes and to solve the problem.

In the spiritual dream interpretation, a homeless person, especially when he asks the person concerned for money or food in the dream, symbolizes a spiritual supplicant or intercessor. In this sense, he should not be shunned or ignored by the dreaming.

Dream of Being Homeless – Symbolism

It often happens to meet some homeless people in the streets, a homeless person, or a beggar. Their view often echoes questions and fears dictated by the lifestyle and the type of society that human beings themselves have created.

Dreaming of a homeless person – represents an aspect of one’s personality that has experienced total failure; an area of one’s life that has been totally lost.

The bum in dreams means that one should find the ambition and determination to improve the current situation. It can also indicate the need to work more and be more enterprising.

According to other interpretations, dreaming of a homeless man indicates inner disorder and existential difficulties.

The dream makes you foresee discomfort and problems, anxiety about financial difficulties or lack of confidence in your future. Other authors still expect help from a friend.

Dreaming of being homeless- If you see yourself in the dream being tramps, it means that you will be disappointed by someone who will lose prestige and authority.

The dream denotes the lack of self-confidence and the fear of failures. Maybe you can’t manage your life anymore.

Some point to the tramp as an omen of the fact that he will soon become a witness to some unpleasant incident. In fact, dreaming of being a tramp represents the emotions related to loneliness.

Probably you are living in a period in which it is very difficult to manage the various issues and situations in life.

Dream of sleeping on the street – Sleeping and hiding behind a bum becomes the means to avoid being recognized, to escape from someone because you probably have feelings of guilt and look for a “shield”.

If the bum who plays the role of the unknown who wants to kill the dreamer, the dream denotes or symbolizes the fear-desire towards the other sex, or it can represent a person who is the cause of problems, unhappiness and trouble. In psychoanalysis the stranger represents the “areas of shadow” of the dreamer.

Dreaming of friend being homeless – If in dream a friend becomes a homeless person then the dream warns you to guard against this person’s betrayal or that you should avoid high-risk banking transactions.

Dream of a women being homeless – If the homeless person in a dream is a girl, you should beware of the double face of someone around the dreamer.

Dreaming of an old and ragged homeless man warns business people of the possibility of financial loss. To avoid them, they must carefully plan work and time.

To give alms to a tramp or to provide any other kind of assistance means that there will be shocks in one’s life and that one must pay attention to business and not leave things adrift.


Hopefully you were able to find the answers to the dream meaning you were looking for.

Dreams about being homeless can vary on many different aspects, so make sure you take a detailed look on your dream.

Only this way you can get an accurate definition of your dream and what it actually means.

This is also the path to finding out what things you could improve in life.