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Dream of Dead Person Talking to You – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of talking to a dead person usually comes from the desire to re-establish communication with her, to be able to talk to her again. These dreams serve to better overcome detachment, to make it more gradual and more bearable.

They say that they are well and that they don’t have to worry about them; they are dreams of great consolation for relatives; sometimes they see the deceased smiling, hugging them and kissing them.

Talking to a Dead Person Symbolism in Cultures

According to Christian understanding, this represents the transition from this life to the afterlife, into life after death. Dead person is pictorially often depicted as a bone man or a grim reaper (reaper death). His attributes can be a sword, a sickle, a scythe or even an hourglass.

Other symbols for him are a skull, a veil, the snake, the dying light, the lion, the scorpion, the axis or the drummer. In Hinduism, death is depicted as a dancer, sometimes as a beautiful girl. Shiva is i.e. a god of dance and death.

In prehistoric scratches there are concentric circles that indicate a sinking in the waves of death. The Christian-Western symbolism of death did not develop until the late middle Ages. The cross was now considered a symbol of overcoming death. Before, the Risen One was portrayed.

In medieval representations of our culture, the personified death often leads to the dance of death, or plays the music to. In this dance people of all ranks and estates shake hands, because before death all are equal. The simple girl dances with the emperor, the child with the old man and the crook with the bishop. In Baroque art, death often holds an apple in its hand, the concept of original sin, which is punishable by death.

In the Freemasons circle and angle as well as the cypress count as death symbols. Black is the color of death in Europe, in East Asia it is white. Since romanticism, weeping willows have often been portrayed in connection with death. St. Christopher is considered to be a protector against a sudden death and nowadays patron of motorists.

The yew is in many places as a symbol of death because of its poisonous fruits and needles; because it is evergreen and very durable, also as a resurrection symbol.

In the middle Ages, the magpie, the raven and the little owl were the messengers of death, in India and Egypt the owl. Even white lilies or white roses may indicate death. In antiquity, the lowered torch stood in the hand of a youth for death. The Greek Moiren, the Roman Parzen and the Germanic Norns determined in their cultures over the duration of life.

Ash is considered a symbol of transience and death in many cultures. On Ash Wednesday, an ashen cross is drawn across the brow of Catholic Christians with the words “Remember, man, you are dust, and you return to the dust.” For Greeks, Egyptians, Jews and Arabs, it was a sign of mourning, ashes on the forehead Main to scatter. In the Islamic world, death comes as the angel of death Israfil to the people.

Dreams about Talking to a Dead Person – Meaning

Dead people can convey instructions, give warnings and advice that the dreamer if he listens to them carefully, but often when we wake up we cannot remember. In the dream the dead person can give you advice on how to solve your problems, even practical ones.

Listen carefully to what it says: in reality it is your psyche that is speaking to you; in the dream it has superior abilities with respect to waking (more memory, more sensitivity, etc.); dialogue with the dead person makes you acquire what you already knew as new.

In the dream the dead person can tell you things that you already knew but that you had forgotten, or of which you do not have full consciousness; that’s why when you wake up they look new to you.

If you are afraid of forgetting what the dead person has told you, keep a pen and paper near the bedside table, so you can immediately record the dream you have made.

Dreams about Talking to a Dead Person – Symbolism

Dead person telling you that he/she is cold – Feelings of cold or heat are frequent in the dreams of the dead. The sensation of cold occurs more often in the first mourning periods: the dead man says he is cold, he says he has cold feet, appears in the snow, etc. The feeling of warmth instead is more characteristic after a certain period of death: the dead man says he is hot, he sweats, he is hot as if he had a fever, etc.

Dead person being hungry – Hunger and thirst, as well as cold or heat, are physical sensations and needs that serve as a “pretext” for bringing the deceased to you, to let him enter the house. It is a bit like the Halloween party, when the “dead” (in the form of masked children) come to ask for “trick or treat”; the night of Halloween falls in the period of the year when it starts to get cold, and it is not a case.

Dreaming of a dead man who calls you, tells you to go with him, takes you by the hand – It may happen that you dream of a dead man calling you, asking you to go with him; he can pray to you, beg you in tears to follow him, or even take you by the hand and drag you away. It is a dream that occurs most frequently in depressed people, and as such represents an alarm signal; the person who often dreams like this may be at risk of suicide.

Dreaming of the dead coming towards you and telling you “we are waiting for you” – Some people, especially the elderly, have dreams that seem like a vision of their own death and reunion with their dead relatives in the afterlife. They dream of walking in a street or meadow, or along a river; at a certain point they see their dead coming to meet them happily, they say goodbye, and they say “we’re waiting for you”. The person in the dream feels happy.

These dreams are used to prepare for death and live it serenely; reunion with loved ones is the positive aspect of death that is presented in the dream. Death scares everyone, some more than others, because we don’t know what will become of us after it; the dream tries to answer this question by giving shape to our hope of not being alone, of finding family members, figures that accompany us and support us.

Dreaming of a dead person who says “I’ll see you soon” – Dreaming of a dead person who says “See you soon” is a dream that comes from the fact of representing death by associating it with the idea of ​​departure towards a very distant, unreachable place.

If you were to leave for a very distant place and see your relatives feeling sorry for this reason, you would probably say the same sentence. The dream therefore represents a consolation for the sense of emptiness, absence and distance that entails death.

Dreaming of a dead man who greets you, and then leaves – It is a dream that often occurs in those who have the regret of not having had time to say goodbye to their loved one before he died, or regret not having told him how much he loved him, etc.

The dream helps establish this communication; after a brief conversation, the dead man at some point says he must leave and say goodbye. After greeting the deceased and seeing that he is well, the person feels better and is more serene than the death of his loved one.

Dreaming of receiving a phone call from a dead person, talking on the phone with a dead person – These dreams are rarer, but they can happen.

Usually the dead person of there is something related to one’s condition; if she was sick, she could say that she was healed and well, not to worry about her.

Dead person talking to you – a person you care about has gone out before you could tell him some very important things. This is a recurring dream, which denotes a profound discomfort in not being able to utter a word in time.

Dead person talking about his life – we can’t get away from the idea of ​​a recent departure or failure, still fresh. The idea of ​​having failed in a relationship or in a specific job does not give us peace. The only solution is to find ways to remedy your misstep.

Dead person smiling at you – this means you will soon understand the best way to get out of an unpleasant situation, finding a solution that will fully satisfy your needs.

In a short time you could look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as completely different people today.

Dream about eating with a dead person – you are nostalgic of some moments related to everyday life with a person, family or friend, with whom you shared many moments of everyday life. You would like to go back, to be able to relive and savor certain situations that always left you with a smile on your lips.

Dream about talking to a dead husband – in general you feel lost without the person of your life. In a particular circumstance in the present, however, you feel even more the need for concrete external support. Feel you can’t do it alone.


A dead man walking down the street, dying or looking sick or ill can symbolize the dreamer’s understanding that the bond that existed some time ago is clearly withering, in other words, that our subconscious does not has yet fully accepted the disappearance of that dear one.

If, finally, the deceased sings or dances, it means that he has left in peace with himself and with you.

Dreams about dead people talking to you are common, so hopefully you have been able to find the answer you have been looking for.