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Dream of Eating Mango – Interpretation and Meaning

In dreams eating can take on different meanings and symbolic interpretations depending on what you put into your mouth.

If in real life this dream symbol takes on a psychological meaning that characterizes those who continue to live a child phase and who uses food to fill gaps resulting from lack of affection and values, the same interpretation is reflected in the explanation of such dreams.

Dreaming of eating sweets, sugared almonds, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, puddings, cream and many other particularly tasty foods, means that probably at the moment you suffer from an affective deficiency, or that having been unable to eat any of this, because on a diet, the desire is so strong as to relive it in dreams.

And the same is also true for those who tend to dream of eating pizza, bread, rice, pasta, cooked or raw meat, fish, rabbit, etc.

To deepen the meaning of these dreams I refer to the consultation of every single symbol placed in the mouth of the dream book.

What does it mean to dream of eating? The meaning can vary depending on whether you eat alone (which can mean feeling aloof) or in company (which can be interpreted as a positive symbol); if the food we eat is sweet or salty; if they taste good or taste bad.

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Mango Symbolism in Cultures

The mango belongs to the Anacardiáceas family, hailing from northern Burma and northwestern India. and we can find a large number of varieties: Alfonso (one of the tastiest), Carabao, Manila….

The wild mangoes have nothing to do with the current ones, they were smaller, more fibrous, and through the selection of species we have obtained the ones we consume today.

The Mango can reach 20m in height if it is in the right climate, that is to say warm, in temperate climates it does not usually reach this height.

The trunk is erect, thick bark and fast growing. The adult leaves are dark green, perennial, hard, lanceolate.

The flowers are small, yellowish in many panicles. Fruit: they are oval drupes of variable size with unique seed …

Their skin is yellow or light green at first, turning reddish as it matures, it depends on the variety. Its meat is juicy, sweet, more or less fibrous depending also on the variety.

Dreams about Eating Mango – Meaning

What does it mean to dream of fruit? Due to its round shape analogous to the breast or womb, the main meaning of fruit is that of fecundity, the image is instead linked to the sense of sweetness and pleasure.

Dream fruit also represents creativity and a natural process of growth towards spirituality.

If you have worked intensely dreaming about fruit could indicate that you have succeeded in your business. Then there are the various meanings, for example the grape indicates prosperity, the watermelon fertility, the plum immortality, and so on. Fruit is the most rewarding gift of the earth.

Dreaming of fruit is a symbol of success, it can also be the hope for starting a new project. In the event that the dreamer sees fruit that he does not particularly like in real life, he must interpret this dream as a care and wellness advice for his body and his health. When we dream of fruit seeds, we are faced with a symbol of rebirth, as advocates of the birth and growth of the plant.

Let’s see in detail what fruit represents in oneiric interpretations: Symbol of maturity: fruit can represent the emblem of “natural maturation”. It symbolizes growth on a physical and therefore mental level, or rather the transition from a more youthful age to a more mature one.

Self-awareness: fruit is seen as something symbolic on an individual level, based on the shape and type of fruit, a clear and definite awareness of oneself and one’s position within society is shown.

Fruit is also considered a bearer of fortune and wealth not only on a material level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level. Just think of many historical iconographies that represent wealth and abundance precisely through images of fruit in large quantities.

Fruit is considered a symbol of the continuity of the species, rich in fruitfulness and pleasantness of true Eros.

In fact, in fruit it is also seen an aspect linked to the intimate sphere of both sexes, where the forms and characteristics that are compared to the anatomy of man and woman are distinguished. In dreams, the dented or marched fruit takes on a negative meaning, made of choices not picked at the right time and now lost, or ideas and hopes that are blurred in everyday reality.

Dreams about Eating Mango – Symbolism

Fruit in dreams – it reflects your well-being or your illness depending on how it presents itself, it can symbolize joy, abundance, sadness, maturity. Indicate your needs! What does it mean to dream of fruit?

The dream fruit suggests the current state of yourself, if it is March something is wrong, if it is ripe it could symbolize the dawn of new prospects matured, if it is unripe, you do not feel ready and so on.

Dreaming of fruit and vegetables –  they are the fruits of the earth, perhaps you are going through a rich and energetic period, but if instead you are eating too much and badly your unconscious tells you that it is time to change nutrition.

Dreaming of fresh fruit – fruit in dreams symbolizes well-being and balanced periods. Perhaps this is a peaceful time for you.

Dream of ripe fruit – you are ready, the fruits are ripe and you can finally catch them, your efforts will finally be rewarded.

Dreaming of rotten fruit – here the fruit especially if it is rotten indicates that you have missed something that is now unrecoverable.

Dreaming of picking fruit – you have gathered the fruits of your efforts, keep it up.

Dreaming of so much fruit – perhaps you are exceeding with conquests, it is important to keep your feet on the ground.

Dreaming of dried fruit – dried fruit in dreams can indicate something tasty and nutritious to eat, and therefore the need to recover strength.

You can learn more by searching in sole ads dream about nuts, hazelnuts etc. (which, strictly speaking, are not fruits but seeds).

Dream of exotic fruit – be well, feel good and feel desirable, let yourself go and enjoy yourself.

Dreaming Pineapple – Pineapple in dreams is said to bring much luck, a good sign, related to exotic fruits and being also generally a “dietetic” fruit, accentuates its positive nature, so for you this is probably a quiet and lucky time.

Dreaming of Mango –  the mango as a kind of exotic fruit is considered a bit like banana, the fruit of passion, it is possible that you are living a very rich period of stimuli and sexual fantasies.

Dreaming of Kiwi –  this particular exotic fruit is very hopeful, due to its color, it is likely that you are going through a favorable period, and that you look to the future with optimistic eyes, in short, as if nothing could go wrong.


The image of fruit in dreams is linked to the sense of sweetness and pleasure that is associated with this food.

Even when its natural taste is not particularly pleasing to the palate or is not consumed regularly, the fruit suggests the idea of goodness, health and the abundance of Mother Nature.

The symbol of the fruit is in particular linked to this last quality, think of the cornucopias of many pictorial representations from which fruit of all kinds emerges, whose function, besides being decorative, is essentially propitiatory and auspicious.

This idea of abundance and vitality is justified by the presence of the seeds that guarantee continuity, in addition to suggesting a sense of rebirth and vital energy.