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Dream of Getting Fired – Meaning and Symbolism

The economic situation of each country in which we live manages to influence people’s dreams. If one’s country is in recession and unemployment is high, dreaming of being fired can be something quite common; especially if on television there was some news concerning the night before the dream.

If you do not find an immediate cause-effect to the dream of losing your job, then you can give a deeper psychological interpretation.

Dream of Getting Fired – Meaning

The dream of being fired from work has various interpretations, also based on the feelings that it has aroused: it could symbolize feelings of rejection of others towards oneself, of being cut off or of not being liked in some circle of friends.

It can also symbolize the end of a situation or romantic relationship: indeed the loss of work due to a dismissal is interpreted as a desire to end a relationship (friendship, couple, and family). Maybe you’re repressing something you want a lot.

According to some, this dream represents the abandonment, the disagreement or the fear of a big life change or the end of a phase of one’s life: usually dreaming of being fired means that you are not happy with your current employment situation. Stress, a heavy atmosphere, disputes with superiors, or being late, not having completed tasks or performed poorly.

According to others, the dream of losing their job due to dismissal may also be not feeling fit enough to do anything more, not feeling more important in a situation or relationship. This dream may also reflect anger or revenge or that you have difficulty recognizing your mistakes or taking responsibility.

Dreaming of being fired for no reason means that you are worried about your financial situation. Perhaps we are going through a phase of economic efforts. You need to keep your feet on the ground and be realistic during this time. Dreaming of being fired to be replaced by a robot foreshadows a real dismissal, because the rules were not respected.

Dreaming of being fired following a dispute with your boss indicates that you have different points of view that you want to share with others and that you always want to fight for your ideals.

Dreaming of being threatened with dismissal by one’s superiors indicates that you are probably doing something wrong with your job or business.

Firing someone in a dream indicates that it is necessary to cut ties with people who were thought to be friends but who could actually “work” against.

Dreaming of being the head of a company and of wanting to dismiss someone indicates the presence of a person who does not like to have around and on whom there are serious doubts: the subconscious also warns about the commitment made by this person both in the workplace and sentimental.

Attending the dismissal of someone you know could indicate that, to avoid problems, we should be wary of a friendly person who proposes preferential treatment in the workplace, it is preferable to reject the offer from the beginning, in order not to run the risk of making mistakes irreparable.

I have already spoken in previous articles (dreaming of having debts) that depending on the economic situation of the country and therefore can give rise to certain dreams.

If your country is in serious financial crisis, where there are many people who are fired, others who cannot find work, it is possible that these kind of dreams will happen to you. But why??!

Somehow this situation is worrying you, and that’s why you dream of losing your job. Dreaming of losing your job does not mean that you will really lose it, do not worry.

On the other hand, if your dream originated from something else (other than your concern for your country) it can have different meanings.

Dream of Getting Fired – Symbolism

Generally dreaming of being fired means that you don’t feel good about your job. There are many discussions, do not agree with any colleagues etc.

Another reason why you dream of being fired is for remorse of conscience. It may be that you did something wrong in your work, or you didn’t do something like it should have been done etc.

If you are the boss of the company and you dream of firing someone it means that you don’t feel fully satisfied with that person. You have many doubts about your job.

Some experts also say that dreaming of losing a job is interpreted as the desire to end a relationship (friendship, etc.). Let’s look at other examples;

Dreaming of losing your job due to constant quarrels – If you are one of those who is stressed in the workplace and you are tired of always listening to your boss’s sermons every day, it is very probable that you have this kind of dream.

This is a dream that came from your subconscious because you quit your job. I advise you to think twice before making a decision. Look at the positives but also the negative ones … Listen to this audio to calm your stress and your anxiety.

Dreaming of being fired for no reason – Your economic situation is especially worrying. You are going through a phase of economic debts, worries etc.

You have your feet on the ground and you know the importance of taking a salary for you and your family. You are realistic and you know how difficult it is these days to find another job…

Dreaming of getting angry with your boss – You have different points of view from the others, that you would like to share them, even if they are not to their liking. You like to fight for your ideals, especially when you know you’re right.

However, these situations have sometimes brought you severe headaches.

Getting the job and thus losing a job – this is a nightmare for most people. A big upheaval is imminent, in which one usually cannot see anything positive at first. Being terminated means great difficulties, especially in financial terms, because without the regular income you can no longer afford the expensive apartment.

Losing the job usually also has severe psychological consequences, because if it did not happen just because the company was closed, you always ask yourself why you have been terminated.

Was not I good enough? Did I fail? Am I stupid? What should become of me and my family now? These are just some of the questions that people who have just been denounced face. The basic tenor of such questions always goes around with fear, doubt and worry.

Being fired in a dream – is often perceived as a nightmare for reasons mentioned above. Not infrequently lead to termination dreams to wake up sweaty, panicked and worried. However, termination dreams are not as negative as they initially seem.

The meaning of a termination dream depends on the dream context. If you have just actually received a notice or threatened, it is the dream is certainly a processing dream. The subconscious mind deals with the subject and is in a phase of processing or acceptance.

The same applies in the event that you have terminated yourself. Even if you have good reasons to quit and your future career is already secure, quitting is a significant step in your life, and it must be processed if it is felt to be positive.

It is of course less positive if you submit the notice, because, for example, has experienced bullying in the workplace.

If that is not the case, the dreaming should deal with the dreamed dismissal. He should do this openly and without fear, because only very rarely are such dreams of a precognitive kind.

Usually the termination in the dream is a very positive dream symbol, which stands for positive change as well as acceptance and security. Of course, of particular importance here is the question of whether you have received the termination in the dream or submitted yourself.

Dreams in which the dreaming receives the notice are usually perceived as negative, although the meaning can be completely reversed. Dreams of termination have certain parallels to death dreams, which are also very negatively connoted, although they are basically positive dreams that stand for a new beginning.

A termination is something that cannot be changed. Even if you challenge the dismissal in court and win the lawsuit with the boss, you will be confronted with a completely different situation.

Employment relationships that exist only as a result of a court order are usually not characterized by respectful and friendly cooperation. Leaving the job is usually unavoidable.


Termination is therefore a change. Change dreams are mostly positive, because something old is over and something new begins. The new can be created by your own efforts.

Another positive interpretation is aimed at financial and emotional security. After you no longer have to deal with the work, you have the dream of the possibility of free self-realization. The termination gives you the opportunity to do and leave what you want.

Possibly, the dream also shows acceptance. One has concluded with a situation or an experience. Maybe something happened that the dreaming could not change and which weighed heavily on him. The termination is here symbolic of the conclusion with it. The subconscious empties the dreaming from the employment relationship with what has happened.

But not every dream in which you receive the notice is a good sign. Depending on which feelings have accompanied the dream, it can also reveal fears and problems. Usually, such dreams arise out of fear of failure.

The dreaming wants to make everything perfect and fears that these claims cannot be fulfilled on their own. He is afraid of making a mistake, regardless of whether it has any consequences or not.