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Dream of Going Bald – Meaning and Symbolism

Since the times of the ancient Egyptians the capacity of seduction through the hair was exalted.

Although science defines hair as “phylogenetic vestige without importance”, the habit of taking care of our hair has never been out of fashion and today both men and women know very well that well-groomed hair is destined to increase our capacity to please others.

It is perhaps for this reason that the dream of losing hair is always attributed a meaning associated with the fear of a loss.

Let’s see, then, what it means to dream of losing your hair also in relation to the ways in which you dream of losing them.

Dreams of Going Bald – Meaning

According to the interpretation, dreaming of a bald man portends fraud against the dreamer: one must be wary after this dream. If a man sees a bald woman in his dreams, then the dream predicts a quarrel with his partner or wife. Dreaming of children without hair heralds the return home and the happiness of the family.

Hair has always had a strong symbolic meaning. In ancient times, in fact, they were described and depicted as a strong point of man. In particular, in France, the ancient kings were of the idea that magic hair was contained in their hair.

Over time, these long filaments become the fulcrum of many legends, among the most famous we remember that of Samson.

In today’s world, hair magic is purely aesthetic. They are the part of the body that perhaps most characterizes us, our trademark. We care for them, we comb them and we take care of them almost obsessively. In fact, hair is defined as the external representation of our inner image.

Before entering into a more complicated speech and understanding what it means to dream of losing your hair, you must know that these originate within the body which are then “pushed” outwards.

In fact, the hair does not grow through the skin, but in reality it is a modified part of the epidermis itself. They cover not only the head but also the whole body.

However, most hair dreams start from the strict meaning that these are the place of mental activity. Therefore, hair becomes the symbol of creativity and thoughts.

But since in general it is not always possible to take care of our hair alone, it is also important to understand what role the person to whom we entrust our hair has. Can we trust you? Does meeting her give us emotions and feelings of trust or does it create anxiety for us?

Remember, however, that dreams are not prophecies. They are simple indications of how you feel at that particular moment and how the unconscious mind is responding to what is happening at that particular time in your life.

Dream of Going Bald – Symbolism

In dreams, for men, hair represents manhood. Dreaming of losing those means being afraid of not being manly enough or not being adequately up to the expectations of others.

For women, in reality, hair is a powerful weapon of seduction, so dreaming of losing it can mean that you are no longer certain of your seductive abilities.

However, it can also symbolize the fear of not being able to please others, both in the workplace and in the emotional world.

For both genders hair is the representation of energy, of youth, of strength controlled by reason, since the hair is on the head. All this perhaps stems from ancient legacies of the past and mythological stories like that of Samson, who loses all his enormous physical strength, just when the Philistines, taking advantage of the fact that he placidly sleeps on Dalila’s lap, cut his hair.

Dreaming of losing hair happens very frequently and according to popular custom it would be a bad omen: in fact, it would predict a period of failure, illness or misfortune.

In the field of psychology, on the other hand, it is unconscious fear, expressed through dream symbolism, the loss of virility, one’s leadership or one’s love; fear of being deprived in short of very important qualities such as dignity, youth, beauty, ability to seduce.

To have a more explanatory idea of ​​this dream, we must also pay attention to the context and the ways in which hair loss occurs. For example, if you dream of losing your hair in strands, it means you are going through a very stressful and tiring time. Holidays are urgently needed.

Dream of seeing yourself as bald – If you dream of being in front of a mirror and you lose your hair while combing it, it can mean that to solve the problems you face you can’t rely on anyone and you have to rely only on yourself.

If you dream of being the subject of an incipient baldness, then you must remember if you were ashamed in the dream. In this case, it may mean that you are facing a situation where you do not feel at ease.

There are several causes for baldness ranging from heredity to health problems. Whatever the cause, baldness means losing hair. The dream of becoming bald, in part or completely, is usually more common in men than in women and especially in conjunction with mood swings. Being bald symbolizes the loss of vitality and feelings, the feeling of having no space and importance in the family. Dreaming of a bald person who is different from the dreamer also symbolizes wisdom, integrity, experience and interest in something.

Dream of being bald – The interpretation of the dream is different if the bald person is the dreamer himself or if you see someone bald, without hair. If you happen to see a bald person in your dream, it means, according to some interpretations, that you are about to lose something that is considered very important.

Generally dreaming of someone bald means losing trust in a person or adopting appropriate behavior towards a family member or a concerned friend. If you dream of facing a person who has been kidnapped to zero, bald is an omen, according to some, of difficulties in the life of the couple, which could degenerate into separation or even divorce.

Dream of someone bald attacking you – If in the dream you are attacked, physically or verbally, by a bald man he presages that you will be denigrated for your work, from your employer in front of your colleagues. You will need to be careful about what you are doing during this time.

Dream of someone else going bald – Dreaming of seeing one’s bald father means one feels forgotten by him. If instead we dream that a bald person has hair regrowth it means that there will be very positive developments in the field of relationships.

Seeing a bald person in a dream symbolizes the probably wrong belief that something is permanently lost or that something will never happen.

Dreaming of a friend or relative who becomes bald means that they will be in a tight spot and you will be the only one to help them.

Man dreaming about going bald – In general, if a man (or even a woman) dreams of becoming bald or losing his hair quickly it usually has negative meanings.

You are probably going through a bad time and you want by all means to put an end to it. This type of dream can also alert the dreamer of any deception, disappointment and discouragement caused by others.

According to some interpretations, dreaming of being totally bald in a dream represents the absolutely reckless mentality. Don’t mind consequences or results.

It may also reflect a total lack of feeling or remorse for what is being done to others. Being totally bald could also represent fearlessness in facing a problem.

Furthermore there are different interpretations depending on whether you are already bald or not. Dreaming of becoming bald when having hair usually occurs at times when the person you are going through a problematic and painful situation.

According to other scholars the meaning would be simply the fear of growing old.

Dream of baling locks – Seeing the locks of hair falling, feeling your hair fall and becoming bald, without even touching them, is a dream that usually occurs at certain moments in life when you feel insignificant for others, when you have low self-esteem or you he is afraid of feeling embarrassed, for example, if he has to speak in public.

If you are already bald and you dream of stopping hair loss or dreaming of redrawing your hair, the dream represents the desire for a return to the past or presages that you will accept a new challenge in life.


Dreams exist to inform you about how to effectively remedy the situations that are creating chaos around you and help you strengthen the conditions that promote your inner well-being instead.

Remember not to get caught up in the obsession and do not let yourself be imprisoned by these dream images: use them, rather, as a catalyst to improve yourself and develop a new life under the banner of your wellbeing.

So dreaming of losing your hair can help you understand that it’s time to find new inspiration.

A journey, a new reading, a new meeting, are all possible remedies that can help you find lost creativity. You will see that the next time you dream of your hair, they will be lush and strong.