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Dream of Goldfish – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of fish is generally a positive and vital dream, a sign of profound inner changes in those who dream, due to their greater awareness and a deeper knowledge of themselves.

Deeply and inextricably linked to the symbolism of water and its representation of the deeper side of the unconscious, dreaming of fish refers to its attempt to emerge from our inner depths.

Dream about Goldfish – Meaning

The fish is a psychic symbol, whose darting in the water represents precisely the upward movement of the unconscious, which emerges from the hidden depths back to the light of consciousness.

The fish was not by chance revered as sacred already two thousand years before Christ. The cult of fish as an image of divinity is present in India, in the Far East, in Egypt, in Mexico.

This animal has been considered by these civilizations as a symbol of fertility, both human and animal, probably due to the large number of eggs that usually lay, but perhaps, above all, for the ancient belief of these populations that in the deep waters of the oceans there was the starting point of life. A life of prosperity and grandeur.

We have said that the sea in the dream represents the individual unconscious and the fish that swim in it emerge towards the conscious layers of the individual.

Often, however, they can represent emotions or refer to episodes that the mind has removed, and that, finding this expression, the dreamer will be forced to consider.

Even Christian iconography used the image of fish to represent both the Christ and the saving power of baptism through the abduction in water.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying fish, the dream speaks for itself: your projects will take flight, in the true sense of the word. You will have to be good, therefore, to concretize the opportunities that will appear before you. If the fish you dream of have unusual colors, it is likely that you will soon receive a declaration of love.

So get ready, the sentimental occasion is just around the corner. If in the dream you happen to eat sardines, this is a bad sign: sad events are announced for you.

Dreams about Goldfish – Symbolism

What does it mean to dream fish? The book of dreams leads us, therefore, to an interpretation of renewal and fertility. I find it a very strong and clear symbol to interpret depending on how it looks.

Think of how simple it is to represent the meaning of some ways of speaking of our linguistic tradition, such as: “being a fish out of water”; “mute as a fish”; “who sleeps does not catch fish”. It is impossible not to find them during our sleep, be it night or day.

Dreaming of a fish that escapes – this can suggest that it has not seized an opportunity for personal growth.

Dreaming of dead fish or floating on water is not in itself a good sign, as it is a symptom of a bad relationship with ourselves or with others, do not lose hope, and do not let it happen! If this assumes a sexual value, it could define the emergence of a sentimental disappointment or an erotic life not well lived in intimacy.

Always and immediately resolve the problems that afflict you, do not postpone them, or they will torment you, stressing you with their strong grip.

One more thing: if you have any insecurities to overcome, face them! You are strong! Haven’t you noticed?

Dreaming of flying fish – can be a good sign of health on a psychic and physical level. They can represent good ideas that have darted the flight.

Dreaming of fish in an aquarium – could manifest the feeling of being caged, as in a glass ball or that the ideas that represent us cannot be vented. Or it could show the need to feel protected, but this depends on your personality. You feel trapped. You absolutely need to solve the stifling situation that anguishes you and is trapping you.

According to a popular and certainly more positive interpretation, the dream indicates on-going gains, in fact the more fish there are in the aquarium, and the greater the gains will be.

Dreaming of cooked or fried fish – surely can arouse a good appetite on the part of the dreamer. Often it happens to me that I go to sleep that I am still hungry and this desire to eat pours into my dreams, seeing food in front of me.

But it could also have a meaning that brings us back to the idioms listed above. Is there anyone you would like to make you fried? Or have they fried you? If in the evening dinner is normally consumed and therefore the dreamer is not simply hungry, the dream may indicate in him the need to recover himself, from the depths. Stopping to reflect sometimes helps, and can give unexpected turns.

Dreaming of so many fish – is to be associated with the abundance and depth of our intellect.

Dreaming of goldfish – during sleep may be associated with the most common figure of the goldfish once owned by all of us; it is therefore connected to a memory of childhood, and therefore to more reassuring aspects, or perhaps, just lately you have seen one. But we must understand how to connect this figure to the rest of the dream.

Dreaming of live fish – what will it ever mean? If they are quiet, the interpretation is choral.

Dreaming of big and large fish – especially if you are afraid of them, these could represent little-known areas of our unconscious that has an urgent need to come out.

Dreaming of black fish – could have a negative value. Work on yourself that what has been said so far can help you. (Instincts that come out of the “darkness”).

Dream of catching fish – What a beautiful thing to find yourself sleeping with freshly caught fish. It’s a good time in your life. Make the most of it. Something is doing well materially or psychologically. Surely you have good contact with yourself.

Dreaming of frozen fish – makes me think of when I put my ideas in the freezer for a while waiting to push them out again at the right time. Just don’t wait too much because even if frozen the fish can go bad!

Dream of one big fish – in this case the dream can refer to changes that have become impossible to ignore. Dreaming of being chased and / or bitten by aggressive and terrifying fish: perhaps by sharks.

If you have not recently witnessed a few films on TV, the dream could warn us of the presence of self-destructive energies in the unconscious of the dreamer, of horrible emotions that during the vigil you are forced to repress.

This dream heralds a very happy period in one’s life. Something big will come out of the closet, emerging from our own depths. We will have to be good at catching the smallest clues, even if they will be rather obvious.

Dreaming of being eaten by a fish – is not always a negative dream. Like the young Giona, we are swallowed up and then returned to a new life, transformed into the belly of the fish.

From the psychological point of view, therefore, this type of dream has a positive value, it is a symptom of inner and spiritual rebirth. The basis for dissolving the chains of negativity and the starting point for experiencing everyday life without any constraints or fears of any kind.

Dream of fish that run away – this dream symbolizes an important opportunity lost due to bad will, little commitment or bad luck. The dreamer had a thousand and one nights before him, and now he will have to eat his hands for a long time for not having used it properly.

Dream of dead fish that float – the image it evokes rightly indicates that the dream is not one of the auspicious ones. Unresolved problems that may affect the sentimental or sexual sphere. It can also predict economic losses and more.

Dream of eating raw fish – especially if those who dream of it are disgusted, the dream could be the representation of some “bitter bite” that you have been forced to swallow in the recent past or something bad that has been accomplished and presented again and again.

Dream of pink fish – this dream refers directly to the childhood period of the dreamer. In fact, goldfish are usually given to children or often won for fishing at some fair. However, it is a reassuring dream that keeps the dreamer in calm waters.

Dream of a Dogfish – this dream is a dreamlike image accompanied by feelings of terror, which indicate the conviction of those who are dreaming of suffering a serious threat in everyday life, before which we are sure to succumb

Dream of a whale – this is undoubtedly a positively dreamlike image vat and bearer of good news, especially concerning work or new births. In the near future there will be important news of those able to cheer up the day.

Dreaming of fishing – Dreaming of fishing is indicative of a patient character. If the nets are full you announce a fruitful period in your life. If they are not, perhaps mistakes have been made. You can always recover no?


In dreams fish is normally considered a sign of profound psychic change due to a greater knowledge of themselves. But as usual there is also the erotic aspect that can be imagined the association. Inner depth for men, and desire for a family for women.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find answers to the questions you were looking for.