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Dream of Haunted House – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of ghosts often gives rise to a sense of fear and anguish. It usually takes the form of a loved one or represents the ghost of ourselves. And you? Have you ever dreamed of ghosts? Have you ever wondered what meaning it hides? Here are the answers on the interpretation of this dream vision.

The ghost can represent the darkest part of you, your thoughts, your instincts that you tend to suppress and that you want to re-emerge. Perhaps this figure appeared to you just to remind you not to pretend that it does not exist. It’s part of you as well as old memories of the past.

The phantom may, in fact, be the reincarnation of an old problem that returns to make itself felt and manifest itself, perhaps it has never left you in peace at all.

Could it be that the ghost in your dream was chasing you? Here is always a concern that continues to afflict you. Same thing if you dream of it going around the house. If you dream of child ghosts, try to understand if they represent you or some other person.

Do you see anything related to your childhood compared to your past memories? If you dream of a faceless ghost it means you are afraid of facing people or situations; while if it is chained it is a bad omen and represents an economic loss.

House Symbolism in Cultures

What does it mean to dream of a home? The home is the place where everyone feels safe, protected, where only what they really want to enter enter, where a family is created and lived.

Dreaming of a home therefore has a positive response and is an indication of one’s inner personality. Obviously, even in this case the dream must be contextualized to fully understand what it wants to show and what it wants to warn us about.

In general, dreaming of a home indicates three fundamental aspects: the psyche, the body and the lifestyle. In fact, the house reflects feelings and emotions, but also physical changes and what really matters to themselves.

Depending on which part of the house you dream you have a different meaning. The facade is what is shown to others while the interior is the one that represents one’s personal identity.

Thus, each room has its own specific meaning: the room or the kitchen are places where conviviality is managed and therefore social life within one’s own circle, the bedroom is the place where sexuality is managed, the bathroom purification, cellar, memories and attic, rational knowledge.

Dreams about House – Meaning

The house also represents the family and emotional relationship and all the various ties that are within this physical and psychological space. One of the worst nightmares that can be done on the house is to see it go up in flames.

In this case the dream warns you that you are strongly tied to what you have and you have a terrible fear of losing it. This is likely to happen when you experience a period of deep economic crisis.

When you dream of a large, spacious and new home, then it is an indication of a need for novelty in both emotional and physical renewal. On the contrary, dreaming of an old and small house indicates that we have reached a point where our potential needs to expand and show itself to the world and there is something that tears the wings and does not allow us to take flight.

Dreaming of a house with cracks, crumbling or about to collapse denotes a deep insecurity in oneself, and fear of the future. Dreaming of a flooded house means that you are living a full time and you need to lighten up from something that oppresses, empty yourself and get away from suffocating emotions. When you dream of building a house is the need to build yourself, improve yourself, but also evolve both spiritually and physically.

Another recurring dream is the house where you grew up as a child or the house of grandparents. This indicates that there is something missing in the present life, an unconscious desire to return to the past. Sometimes it also represents an escape from one’s responsibilities.

If the house you dream of is not a known place, it can indicate that you are looking for your own personality. Dreaming of a dark house has a strongly negative sense, it indicates that you are going through a difficult period in which you feel “off”, unable to shed light on important topics or even on yourself.

Dreaming of a haunted or haunted house is synonymous with fear of oneself. The dark part of the psyche is represented, attitudes, impulses or thoughts that are repressed.

Dreams about House – Symbolism

What does it mean to dream of a home? This symbol really shows you all the colors, so let’s go straight to our dictionary, dream by dream, meaning after meaning. this dream can be interpreted as a style that belongs to you or as your way of being. In short, the type of home you dream of often reflects the way you are or where you see yourself.

Dreams of a house mean that you are in a moment of distrust towards yourself and your future. You feel down and need to react. it means that living a situation of oppression or that you feel filled with or from something that has happened to you, as well as an emotion that you have experienced. Normally it’s something that bothers you and you want to get rid of.

It is likely that your personality has been destroyed or that there is a conflictual relationship with yourself on which you have to work. There is also the possibility that something inflames your way of being or that you are angry about something, that you are afraid of losing something; it could represent thoughts that plague you that oppress you.

In short, the dream symbols would have to be evaluated according to the situation, both the daily and the one lived in dreams.

in this case to understand its meaning and interpret this dream you will have to ask yourself if there is something missing from the past; if there is an aspect of yourself that continues to be the same as then and you would like to change instead; if you live in a time similar to the period in which you stay in that house. Very often this dream is also interpreted as a search for evasion of one’s responsibilities.

Dream of a large home – If in the dream the house is very large it is a wish for wealth, otherwise if the house collapses it is an omen of death. Dreaming of a semi-destroyed house indicates a betrayal while demolishing a house is an omen of poverty and loss.

Dream of an empty house – If in the dream the house is empty it is possible that hopes will be disappointed if instead you are cleaning your home then it means that the troubles are about to be solved.

In dreams the house is often interpreted as the projection of ourselves whose rooms correspond to the various parts of our psyche, personality and affections.

Dreaming of a furnished home – means that you most likely feel fulfilled at the moment and have everything you need on a personal level; if the house needs to be furnished in a way that you don’t like or bare it is clear that you still have to work well on yourself.

Obviously, as long as this symbol is not your wish that is about to come true or you do not see the gold that is realized. (Most likely Freud would have explained it this way).

Dreaming of a house with many rooms – can have different meanings; if the feeling during the dream is positive it may mean that at this moment you are exploring new parts of yourself and your personality, perhaps knowing different emotions. If the feeling is negative it is likely that at this moment you feel lost, no escape or without a guide.

Dreaming of a beach house – means that you are probably in a moment of relaxation or you want them. Clearly it depends on the symbols that are present in the dream. What struck you beyond the house? If you want a personal interpretation please contact me. It’s free!

Dreaming of a ruined house – can have different meanings; if you have to reach it, it means that you have a problem with yourself and therefore there may be a conflictual relationship or a goal that you cannot reach. If you are in the house it could represent the distance between you and others, as if you wanted to protect yourself from something.

Dreaming of a small house – could represent how you feel right now, maybe it can be interpreted with a sense of oppression that you feel in reality.

Dreaming of a homeless house – has a negative or positive meaning based on the emotions experienced in the dream dream. The first leads to a sense of fragility and impotence; the second represents your strong and open personality.

Dreaming of a wooden house – if this is the only symbol that struck you it could simply mean that maybe you feel or you have a nice “wooden head” or that maybe if you see wood as a weak material, you feel it so, your personality is your way of being. Without other references it is not easy to say. Where was the house? What did you do?

Dreaming of a dark house – has a negative meaning but not necessarily catastrophic. We must try to understand if you are feeling off or if it is really a dark time where you cannot react, maybe you don’t know which way to go or someone does not allow you to see and shed light on important issues.

Assuming that the symbol of the house very much reflects our self, it is also necessary to reflect on our personality; maybe you need to clarify yourself.


Many legends indicate that dreaming of a home is like dreaming of a family. Others, descending more specifically, indicating the cellar as the dreamer’s feet, the wall as the chest and the tiles as hair.

So when you dream of a house you have to pay attention to what is most striking to understand exactly what the dream refers to. The old popular sayings also tell that dreaming of an unknown house represents the tomb.