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Dream of Helicopter – Meaning and Symbolism

The helicopter in dreams has a meaning that is very close to that of the plane; these means of transport are in fact very similar; like the plane, the helicopter also allows you to fly to the sky, to look at things from above, to explore new and distant places.

The raising can be of a spiritual nature, or connected to successes and satisfactions that will be given to you.

In today’s text we are going to talk about dreams about helicopter, and how these dreams can apply to our lives.

So, if you had dreams about helicopter, here is what they mean.

Dream of Helicopter – Meaning

The helicopter differs from the plane because of the large propeller, the element that gives the propulsion, the ‘push’: therefore we can say that the meanings of movement and progress are even more accentuated. A person who often dreams of traveling by helicopter is probably very ambitious, he wants to get high in life.

Another difference is that the helicopter is a more ‘individual’ vehicle than the airplane; while the latter is large and is usually used for traveling with many other people, the helicopter has space for the pilot and a few other passengers (two or three).

The helicopter also makes it possible to perform more articulated flight maneuvers with respect to the aircraft, because it can move forward and backward, up and down; can turn left and right; it can also remain stationary in a fixed point in the air. For this reason it is a means very used in delicate missions, such as the rescue and rescue of injured, crashed persons, etc. .; also to search a particular area from above, looking for someone or something (for example, the police use it to search for missing persons).

One of the means of transport perhaps less recognized, but very useful to the police or rescuers, as well as being used by celebrities or heads of state for rapid movements, or in military actions, is precisely the helicopter. Dreaming of a helicopter is unusual because it is an object limited to current culture and has no recordings in the past.

Therefore, in the first instance, the helicopter symbolizes the total displacement, the safe and almost permanent movement in the sky. Generally it is children and young people who are most likely to have a dream of this kind, but it is their exclusive.

In general, dreaming of a helicopter is a positive sign because it means an increase in wealth and influence; means success and results. Being on a helicopter means being sure of reaching your goals.

However, there are many other interpretations: on the one hand it can herald improvements in one’s life; on the other hand it can indicate that it must be taken over.

According to others, dreaming of a helicopter means strength, energy to achieve one’s goals.

Empirically, the rotating propellers represent their inner strength, on the contrary if the propellers stop or are still, the dream indicates that you are going through a period of block from which you do not know how to leave… Obviously the dream context must be taken into consideration for a correct interpretation.

Dream about Helicopter – Symbolism

Many dream analysts agree that these vehicles indicate freedom to make decisions or represent the degree of stability in one’s life. If, for example, you dream of a helicopter that is not able to control and that flies in an unstable way, this can only suggest insecurities or emotional instability.

Dreaming of piloting a helicopter therefore means controlling one’s own destiny. For some scholars of the dream world, helicopters would instead testify that their marriage relationship is solid.

According to others, the dream of a helicopter is instead closely linked to conflicts and complex problems that require lawyers and courts.

Dreaming of a helicopter taking off – indicates a phase of rebirth, of arrival of new opportunities. Flying in a helicopter means that you are in good hands and that you enjoy the full confidence of your friends. Dreaming of being aboard a helicopter in flight announces favorable changes; the road you are traveling will lead to success.

If it flies in the middle of a storm – the dream could herald the need to face setbacks, problems or conflicts. Being a good helicopter pilot means that you are on the right track in something that is being undertaken in private life.

On the other hand, being a helicopter pilot but failing to fly well indicates that you should not be too anxious about the outcome of some event you are eagerly awaiting. These concerns are likely to take up too much time and energy. The landing of a helicopter symbolizes the end of a cycle, be it positive or negative.

Dreaming of a helicopter that flies above you – means that your ambitions are on track to become a reality. This dream, therefore, could be an omen of a career advancement in the coming months. If you dream of it flying very high in the clouds, it indicates that your wishes regarding the private or family sphere will soon come true.

Dreaming of a helicopter flying in the middle of the sky- this is not a good omen. It means wanting to achieve a goal, but not knowing how to get it. Dreaming of a helicopter waiting for the dreamer is a sign that one is very near the ladder of success.

We must continue to move forward without looking back. Running to take the helicopter means that you are working well to pursue your goals- the greater your efforts and dedication, the sooner you will reach them.

Dreaming of being on a plane and being attacked by a military helicopter – heralds the failure of travel plans for the current year. If the plane is shot down then it is better to avoid traveling by this means.

If you are on a desert island or in the jungle and you see a helicopter and signs of help are being made, but the pilot does not notice it, it means that in real life no one will disturb the dreamer with his problems.

Dreaming of starting in a helicopter, taking a helicopter trip- you can usually interpret it as an auspicious dream; you may need to look into a matter well, or feel free to follow your ambitions. In dreams the helicopter often appears suddenly as a means to climb and save itself from uncomfortable, embarrassing and dangerous situations.

Dreaming of red, yellow, white, black, blue, green, etc. – the color can give your dream a particular nuance of meaning; read more by reading what individual colors in dreams mean.

Dreaming of piloting, driving a helicopter- if you are the pilot and you drive the helicopter yourself, this shows that you are very sure of yourself and that you love to keep the situation under control, you have a leading personality.

Dreaming of an accident in a helicopter- if an accident happens in the dream (the helicopter falls, crashes, crashes, gets out of control, etc.), then this means that you have set your goals too high; your skills can’t keep up with your ambitions. You have to ‘fly lower’, at least for now, otherwise you could be in danger.

This dream can also be a sign of low self-esteem, little confidence in yourself. Dreaming of falling from the helicopter denotes, also in this case, insecurity, a sense of inferiority.

Dreaming of jumping from the helicopter– if instead you jump from the helicopter to save yourself from an accident or a fall, and everything ends well, then it is a positive dream, which puts you in front of your strength and your value.

Dreaming of a helicopter that shoots you, chasing you- expressing anguish and a sense of oppression; you probably feel too controlled, as if you were targeted by a person looming over you and leaving you no respite.

For example, a war helicopter, which launches bombs, which fires, represents a threat that comes from above and makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. It may be that you have also been the subject of fierce criticism lately.

Dreaming of a helicopter that crushes you, that falls on your home – even this dream expresses vulnerability and fragility.

Dreaming of a police helicopter- law enforcement agencies represent your sense of justice; the meaning of the dream depends on the emotions you felt- did you feel protected, safe, saved? Or did you feel anxiety, oppression, and fear of being discovered?


Some people who are going through a period of anxiety or distress are more likely to dream of a helicopter accident. Probably you are going through a period of pessimism due to the arrival of events that you did not expect.

Seeing an accident in a helicopter or a malfunction of it predicts failures and indicates a lack of self-confidence. To achieve something great in life, focus on the goals.

Seeing a helicopter crashing into a dream means that you will witness the ethical and moral ruin of a good friend. He may try to help him, but without success. To dream of being inside a crashed helicopter means that you will live a long and prosperous life.

In general, dreaming of a helicopter is a positive sign because it means an increase in wealth and influence; means success and results. Being on a helicopter means being sure of reaching your goals.

However, there are many other interpretations: on the one hand it can herald improvements in one’s life; on the other hand it can indicate that it must be taken over.