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Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams often represent the dreamlike transposition of desires we have in real life, or even aspirations and feelings that we may have difficulty expressing.

Some images can in fact highlight unexpressed needs or conditions that we would like to see occur, but on the contrary they are slow to be satisfied as we would like.

If, for example, we happen to dream of a marriage proposal and the protagonist of the gesture is our partner, we probably want to take the story to the next level.

This dream can come even if we are already happily married and in this case it can mean that the aspiration of a couple is perhaps to have children or move into a bigger house.

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning

The marriage proposal represents the crowning of a desire on the part of the dreamer, who in many cases is linked to the personal and family sphere.

But it can also go beyond this context, especially if the person who asks us as a wife is not a familiar face

We are most likely waiting for news that will change our lives, like a new job or a transfer, and in this case the proposal is a non-romantic transposition.

In real life we ​​know that a much awaited change may soon arrive and our inner self transforms it into a particularly evocative dream.

But in reality the proposal of marriage by a stranger could also mean something else. In fact, it is often a dream that represents the desire to understand each other better, a path of inner knowledge and personal development undertaken by the dreamer.

Perhaps you are trying to find yourself again after a period of confusion, after a break or after a period of your life that is now facing the end.

In fact, those who dream and those who kneel with an engagement ring are the same person and the proposal is an invitation from our unconscious to know us better, but also to find the strength to go on.

If then in the dream our knight is someone we know, but not our boyfriend or partner, the interpretation changes further.

The meaning here is more complex and could identify the aspiration to be like who we have in front of us, someone we obviously value or appreciate some characteristics of.

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Symbolism

Marriage represents in dreams the symbol of a very significant change that will occur in the life of the dreamer. What kind of change will happen, depends on what kind of dream you have and the context.

It is necessary to consider the qualities and characteristics of the person who is getting married. These qualities represent those that you need to look for in yourself.

Dream of marriage proposal in general – Dream marriages, in general, reflect how one feels about commitment to other people. Independence is something important for the dreamer and this dream shows that this aspect is being subconsciously reflected.

Dreaming of marriage also means commitment or change. It is in an important phase of evolution in one’s life.

Dreaming of a marriage proposal presages that some situation will take a turn for the worse. They would not like to have doubts but certainties in this period. Not necessarily we are referring to a real marriage, but to a whole series of activities and thoughts that need emotional and psychological certainties.

Dreaming of having to marry or being married to an unknown person – means that you are about to incur unwanted responsibilities.

Dreaming of getting married with your husband or wife – being already married, means that you are not taking care of your partner. Your soul and conscience are remembering the vows and promises made to your partner.

Dreaming of getting married with your partner or boyfriend – is a very positive dream and it is a sign coming from your soul that indicates that that person is exactly the one you want to have at your side.

Dreaming of the ex-partner’s marriage – indicates that the end of the relationship has been accepted and lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the past.

Alternatively, it means that the current report has features in common with those of the previous relationship with the former and for this reason the same mistakes will not be made. Dreaming of a relative’s marriage means he will have a good day.

Need to keep faith with the commitments made: perhaps you have duties to be observed towards the person you dream of marrying.

Positive relationship with a person who makes you feel good. For example, if you dream of marrying your father, your brother, or your friend, that is the close connection you have with them.

If you dream of getting married to the same person you are currently married with, this shows the solidity and goodness of your union. So, if an already married man dreams of remarrying with his wife, for the second time, it is a very positive dream.

Dreaming of getting married with another man, or another woman – I dreamed of marrying a woman different from my wife / partner / girlfriend, with a man different from my husband / partner / boyfriend: this dream can also be repeated more than once; dreaming of getting married with someone other than the current one can indicate that something is wrong with your husband / wife: maybe you are missing something, you don’t feel satisfied.

Dreaming of getting married to a stranger – If you dream of getting married to a stranger, or a person you cannot see, to understand who he is, it means that probably, as already mentioned, you need to find harmony and union with aspects of your personality that you find difficult to accept and accept inside you, and maybe you have to try to explore and get to know better.

Dreaming of getting married with the ex-boyfriend – If you dream of marrying your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband / wife, this may mean that you understand what was wrong with that relationship and that you won’t make the same mistakes.

However, it can also indicate that some aspects of the character of your / your ex you still like and look for them in your current romantic relationships.

Dreaming of a marriage that is bad, ruined, disastrous – ruined marriage Not always marriage in dreams succeeds; indeed, it is perhaps more common to dream of an ugly, ruined, failed, horrible marriage; any kind of disaster can happen, from rain, to the church that is in focus, and then various quarrels and unexpected events; you will feel unhappy to see that everything is so bad, maybe you will start crying. Here are the typical situations of ‘nightmarish marriage’:

Dreaming of a marriage without a husband or wife – he / she does not show up, and your anguish grows; who thought about it again? no husband, no one shows up, being alone, groom does not show up,

Dreaming of an unorganized marriage – suddenly, getting married quickly, perhaps even without witnesses and guests, secretly; maybe even without a wedding dress but in jeans, in pajamas, or with a dress you don’t like.

Dreaming of being late to the marriage and various mishaps – the bride is without a wedding dress, the groom does not find the pants, you marry without shoes or with punctured shoes, then you happen to lose faiths, to be without a bouquet, to marry in cemetery instead of in church, etc. etc.

All these dreams are generally a symptom of a certain stress; if you are really organizing your wedding, don’t worry, it is normal to do these types of dreams; this is due to the tension of the preparations.

Otherwise, if you are not planning weddings, this could indicate that in your life there is some problem to solve, some conflict that does not make you feel good takes away serenity.


There are really so many dreams concerning marriage; dreaming of getting married, as is obvious, can indicate the desire to unite forever with your loved one or, if you are single, to find a stable and lasting bond. If you are about to get married, this dream can often arise, and betray a bit of normal stress due to preparations.

However, this dream may have more symbolic meanings, because it also happens to people who are already married, or who do not think of marriage at all.