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Dream of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

Missing a flight is a fairly common dream. Important for the interpretation of this dream, in addition to the actual dream symbol, the cause of the delay.

Was the dreaming guilty and was it too late or was it the fault of another person? Was there a specific reason for the delay, such as an accident or something similar? Why did you miss your flight?

People who rarely fly are often afraid to miss the flight – this concern can be reflected in their dreams. Does one have his plane ticket? Is it early enough at check-in at the airport?

Anyone who has ever missed a flight or an airplane in the past will surely have an uncomfortable feeling shortly before the next trip. Especially a return journey can be difficult and expensive.

Interesting is always the goal of the dreamed flight. This too can play a role in the interpretation of the dream symbol “Flight missed”.

In addition, the dreaming should pay attention to his feelings in connection with the missed flight in the dream. Was he angry or relieved that he did not want to travel by plane?

So, as much detail as possible should always be included in the interpretation of a dream symbol. For only by observing these details can an overall picture of the dream arise and the “correct” interpretation of the dream can be found.

Missing a Flight – Meaning

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “Flight missed” primarily refers to missed opportunities that were offered to the dreaming in the awake life. But it can also symbolize the feeling of the dreaming that in his life everything runs wrong, which can go wrong.

He cannot realize his intentions and plans in the watch world to the desired extent. As a result, he feels disappointed in his hopes.

The missing of a flight in the dream embodies according to the general dream interpretation also the real fear of the dreaming, not to be able to keep an appointment in the awake life.

He now lives out this fear in his dream. He should take a closer look at the reason for his late arrival in the dream. For this may be something he blames for certain difficulties in awake life. If the dreaming is to blame for missing his flight in the dream, this dream situation usually symbolizes the anger about negligence in the watch world.

If the dreaming deliberately misses the flight in his dream, this generally indicates that the dreaming does not want to change his way of looking at things in the awake life. He wants to stick to his old view.

At the same time, the fact that he has missed his flight may also reveal his insecurity about his own abilities.

Flight Missed – Symbolism

According to the psychological dream interpretation reflected in the dream symbol “flight missed” above all fears of the dreaming. It can be the fear of failure or the fear of not taking a career opportunity.

If the dreamer sweats his flight by his own distraction, he is psychologically called to more order in his life.

He who misses his flight in the dream is shown, according to the spiritual dream interpretation, that he will encounter obstacles in his spiritual progress, which will stop him.

These stumbling blocks can put themselves in the way of the dreaming or they are put in the way by another person.

Dreams of delays – can have many faces. One can dream that one comes too late to work or to an important date.

Other dreams are about not getting your bus, train or plane. And in yet other dreams, it’s about straying aimlessly, either in the car or on foot, and just not knowing the way to your destination, so you’re bound to be late, no matter where you want to go.

Dream of being late – If you’re dreaming of being late, you’re either really scared of not getting to school on time, the office, or an important appointment the next morning, or you’re seeing much deeper problems. What this can be and how best to deal with such dreams, we have summarized here.

In general, there are dreams in which, for whatever reason, you come too late for an important appointment or event, for a certain lack of decision of the dreaming. In actual fact, the person concerned probably has a tendency to shove things instead of tackling them. Uncertainty and weak will are the qualities that can be expressed through a delaying dream.

In reality, we usually come too late because we did not leave early enough. People who often come too late are said to be unreliable and unpunctual. Even in the world of dreams, the delay caused by your own fault means that you are not fast enough to set off and difficult to part with the familiar. In other words, the dreaming does not live in the here and now, but in the past.

Often, traumatic events from the past, such as a separation or the death of a loved one, are the cause of such dreams. Sometimes these dreams also include the early childhood memory of a serious or delayed birth.

If you have problems letting go of the old, you cannot develop and get involved in something new. He remains in eternal standstill, does not progress. This is symbolized by the dream of the delay. Guilt feelings or the fear of disappointing or hurting somebody in the future also play into the interpretation.

The dream of a delay may also indicate that you have lost control in the watch world. As a warning room, he warns us to be cautious, as you are unable to concentrate on the essentials of life. Also, the fear of missing something important, can hide in such a dream. Our unconscious reminds us in this way that we may be about to miss a great opportunity in life. The late arrival symbolizes obstacles on our way of life.

If the dream of lateness comes with a strong sense of stress and time pressure, it is most likely an indication that you are often stressed in real life too. This can have many causes: too much stress with the family or the partner, fear of an important exam for which you had no time to study or just the classic work stress.

If too much work has to be done in too short a time, extreme stress arises, which of course is also reflected in our dreams.

Dream of being late because of someone else – If the delay did not come about through fault of one’s own, but because of third-party fault, perhaps because the train or other means of transport to which one is dependent is not punctual, then this describes the annoyance inherent in the dreaming, because in fact he actually does has to wait for something he wants to achieve or wants to have. It can be a variety of things, such as a particular person, the one you want to partner, the coveted place to study or the long-awaited promotion.

In general, the departure or the flight is in the dream for something hopeful. Dreams in which you miss the train, for example, are far more positive in nature than those in which you just wander aimlessly and panicky. Just leaving the house and going to the train station or bus stop means breaking away from old, damaging behavioral patterns and taking a new, better direction in life.

If one waits in vain for public transport, this reflects the hopelessness of the dreamer from a certain situation. Falling short in this case describes the fear of taking responsibility for one’s own life and actions.

In dreams of delay often dream symbols such as the clock or times, i.e. numbers play an important role. Each number stands in the dream interpretation for certain characteristics.

Look In the dream of always on the clock, this is often a sign that we feel stressed in life. A fast-ticking second hand draws the dying man’s attention to the fact that time runs away in the truest sense of the word.


The “being late” dream, in which the watch has a special status, reminds the person concerned that there is only limited time available for a project. A stagnant clock is a symbol of death and may mean that the time has already passed for this project.

In the Arabic-Islamic dream interpretation, dreams of delay mean that you have not planned enough ahead or relied on things, people or aids that would not help you achieve your goals.

Even the ancient Egyptians believed that who comes too late in the dream, will miss in life a great opportunity. Dreams of delay can have many causes. They can just mean that you are afraid of getting to work too late the next morning. Especially as recurrent dreams, however, may indicate that something in the dreamer’s life is out of whack.

Now it is up to the dreaming to find out which interpretation is the right one and how to solve the underlying problem.