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Dream of Potatoes – Meaning and Symbolism

Potatoes are tubers that grow underground, dreaming of harvesting a potato, can be synonymous with revenge and personal growth, we are re-emerging from a dark and difficult situation, and now we are more mature and ready to face the opportunities that life offers us.

Since the potato is a traditionally poor food, in some dreams it may mean that you feel poor in or not benefited by the gifts of life. In the sexual interpretation this tuber symbolizes a poor virility.

The appearance of potatoes in dreams could compensate for an overly idealistic attitude of thought, morals or feelings.

Being that the potato grows underground it also symbolizes the unconscious. The term potato is commonly used to describe a person who is poorly skilled or with little vitality.

Dreams of Potatoes – Meaning

Dreaming potatoes can also reveal an aspect of our character we are very practical and active people, we like simple and genuine things, we don’t like situations and artificial people but we think it is better to be sincere and transparent.

We are people linked to the practicality of life, we don’t waste time with futile fantasies but we think day by day about our livelihood.

Dreaming of collecting potatoes indicates that we are people dedicated to work, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and work hard to then be able to taste its fruits.

We have many skills and we know how to make them bear fruit over time and let them come out at the right time, without being in a hurry, dreaming of growing and harvesting potatoes gives us the awareness of having sown well in our lives and being able to rely on our work and on the results it produces.

Dreaming of repetitive action like peeling potatoes, denoting that we are experiencing a stalemate, a life that has been flattened by the weight of everyday life, we do not feel able to overcome this moment of stalemate.

Peeling potatoes indicates that we are humble people, you have no prospects of success in your life, you do not want to risk or look for a better path, you are simply satisfied with what you have and you are committed to maintaining your position.

To dream of having to peel an infinite number of potatoes and see them accumulate more and more, means that you feel the weight of too many chores that you have to do daily, you cannot find time for yourself and to complete the job, which instead of decreasing is accumulates more and more, leaving no way out.

If you have recurring dreams that always indicate oppression, tiredness and boredom, make an analysis of your life and try to understand what traps you in this suffocating everyday life, look for a way out, because in life there is always another possibility.

Dreaming of fried potatoes, like the ones they sell in bars and restaurants, can indicate a joyful and carefree moment in our lives, we interface with fun and funny situations, we have no thoughts that we make ourselves feel the shadow of worry.

Dreaming of eating fries with friends, denoting that we are convivial people, we love being with loved ones, going out, living a life surrounded by comfort.

Dreaming of making French fries means we like to be protagonists of our lives, we want to create a climate that is always joyful and frivolous.

Dreaming of serving burnt potatoes, means that we are afraid of the judgment of others, we think we are not able to do even the simplest gestures, we suffer a lot from insecurity, and we fear that this may lead us to failure.

Dreaming of eating burnt potatoes, on the other hand, means that although there may be situations, people or attitudes that we do not like, we swallow everything without saying anything, we have a submissive personality, we are not able to express a negative judgment, we let things they run for fear of hurting people’s feelings, which is why we also take on bad things and things we don’t like.

Finally, dreaming of burnt potatoes may indicate that we are distracted by too many things that prevent us from actually focusing on what we are doing.

Dream of Potatoes – Symbolism

Potatoes are a vegetable that goes into many recipes and gives flavor and taste too many dishes. In the same way, potato dreams are a symbol of flexibility and one’s social nature.

Dreaming of planting potatoes – promises excellent prospects in personal and professional life. Your loved one could make a marriage proposal or a better paying job could be offered.

It also heralds the achievement of significant successes in the field of commercial activities. Planting a large potato promises great luck. According to others, planting a potato in the dream indicates that a certain amount of money should be reserved for difficult days.

Dreaming of collecting potatoes – portends future successes and rewards for the efforts made. The richer the harvest will be, the greater the success and material prosperity will be achieved in real life.

Dreaming of dirty potatoes from earth or mud – and trying to clean them predicts gossip and disagreements with others. Small potatoes refer to matters of luck and love. To dream of a full bag indicates that things will be favorable from a financial and sentimental point of view.

Seeing a big potato in the dream implies a change regarding sentimental or financial issues that will end with a favorable outcome.

Dreaming of peeling potatoes – predicts that you will be unjustly humiliated. You need to be very careful and be wary of envious and cheating people. Dreaming of peeling a potato means meeting with old friends.

It is also a sign that all the small inconveniences regarding romantic relationships will soon disappear. If you see another person peeling in a dream, it predicts that a bad relationship between a couple or friendship will return to being as peaceful as it used to be, perhaps thanks to the person who is peeling them. The potato peels in a dream warn of a false friend.

Dreaming of cooking, cooking potatoes predicts a nuisance – Dreaming of frying, French fries, in a dream, is the signal to avoid junk food or it is a dream that could be related to one’s temptations; it also symbolizes one’s own indulgent behavior.

Dreaming of frying them can indicate gambling winnings. Dreaming of cooking potatoes could promise good money.

Dreaming of eating potatoes – predicts that you will succeed in the business world. Your superior will notice the hard work and tenacity of the dreamer and will offer him a new and interesting position with a very decent salary.

Dreaming of eating potatoes is a good sign that predicts profit and success in the near future.

If a woman dreams of eating large boiled potatoes, this dream herald’s success in the workplace. Eating the puree indicates that financial worries will occur.

Eating a raw potato in the dream means financial losses due to one’s excessive audacity.

Dreaming of eating potatoes indicates malaise or causes fear of betrayal, but indicates that you have good physical endurance.

Rotten potatoes – predict the onset of an unfavorable period. Unfortunately, the current state of harmony and joy will not last long; they can also predict complete failure in some operation undertaken.

The dream also predicts the end of a relationship. This dream is not necessarily related to a relationship. It could also be a project that could be rejected.

Dreaming of buying potatoes means sharing tasks, responsibilities and profits effectively. Dreaming of selling them indicates that a path to work success will open up through a demanding role.

Dreaming of potatoes – could be a sign of goodness of soul, of a good-natured and reliable personality. It could indicate that you are going through a bad period and that there is the possibility of an explosion of hidden grudges.


Most of the time, dreaming of potatoes heralds happiness; in particular if a woman dreams of a potato, it means financial gains, while if she is a man dreaming of it presages happiness because of her character and way of being.

According to dream books, potatoes symbolize profit and the absence of problems: one can expect a favorable commercial offer or rapid career advancement. For a child, potatoes in dreams promise happiness and health. Seeing a potato in a dream can also be a metaphor for a problem seen as a “hot potato”.