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Dream of Pregnancy Test – Meaning and Symbolism

Pregnancy in dreams of pregnant women is very common and reflects the ongoing physical processes. Dreams in pregnancy are often anxiety-inducing dreams that present problems at different levels as in the image described above of dreaming of losing blood from intimate areas.

Image that is linked to the fear of an abortion, of an unexpected resolution of the current pregnancy and that can really anticipate real blood loss and should never be underestimated.

Dream of Pregnancy Test – Meaning

Pregnancy in dreams is a symbol of fertility and new possibilities that are maturing and can descend from the level of desire and need to that of objective reality.

We discover in this article how dreaming of being pregnant, putting future potential in motion, can lead to a new way of being or supporting us in completing something we care about.

Dreaming of pregnancy represents the incubation moment of this change and the consequent thoughts, desires, potentialities connected to a new level of experience which, through the dream, becomes accessible to the dreamer.

Pregnancy in dreams can indicate the waiting period necessary to “incubate” (mature, carry on) a change, a phase of life, a project.

How to say that dreaming about pregnancy is used to “get used” and “accept” what will be, just like in reality with a real pregnancy.

Pregnancy in the dreams of antiquity represented for both sexes the premonition of something that, depending on the situations and moments, could be positive or negative. For Artemidoro it was a symbol of compensation: if in the life of the dreamer there was a lack or a need this would have been filled, if instead there was plenty this would have been reduced.

We therefore understand that ancient interpretations were influenced by the idea of ​​a real pregnancy and the consequent arrival of a new individual in life. This caused happiness, but more often referred to financial, survival and responsibility problems.

In popular interpretations, pregnancy in dreams is linked to the desire for material abundance: money, success and concrete results in some areas. But it can allude to the desire for a real pregnancy.

The compensatory principle present in most dreams means that pregnancy in dreams can indicate the need to procreate, highlighting the maturation of the body, the instinctive drive to live this experience as an expression and completion of femininity.

I have repeatedly found this connection with a real desire for pregnancy in the dreams of women with an age ranging from 28 to 35 years. They are dreams where the body seems to show its availability towards this task assigned by nature.

Dreams that highlight a transition phase and a biological clock that reminds women of the functions of fertility and reproduction as essential aspects of the archetype of mature women.

Pregnancy in dreams involving the dreamer will therefore be connected both to the body’s need to perform the functions for which it was programmed, and to the tension towards a metaphorical “fullness” that alludes to satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

And to the awareness of a “fruitfulness” of the body and mind that results in being open and receptive to what life brings and in having the ability to process and transform experiences for one’s own well-being and maturity.

Freud considers pregnancy in dreams as a representation of memories and aspects linked to the dreamer’s past that he is forced to carry with him (as in the case of a pregnant belly). Aspects that weigh on him and that must be abandoned.

Jung, expands this vision of renewal by linking it to the fruit of pregnancy in dreams: the “Puer aeternus” symbol of the “new” that is taking root and growing in the dreamer’s psyche. He claims that:

Pregnancy in dreams is a very frequent image at all ages (starting from adolescence) and can also emerge in the dreams of men who are often embarrassed.

Dreams about Pregnancy Test – Symbolism

Starting from the assumption that pregnancy in dreams is always linked to a more or less conscious desire-need that is being expressed, we discover below some of the most common images, without forgetting that the emotions felt will be fundamental for the analysis of the dream.

Dreaming of being pregnant

It is an image of creativity, it indicates something that is in “gestation” in the dreamer, something that can arrive in reality or that can be realized.

Something that can refer to an imagined, planned, expected, sought-after project that is taking shape or is being transformed, moving from the “idea” to its realization.

For this reason, even male exponents can dream of pregnancy. Pregnancy in dreams can also refer to the maturation of a new part of oneself, to a change that is gradually approaching.

Dreaming of being in “sweet expectation” – indicates that the dreamer is READY for change and that, even if he does not have precise goals or desires, he has the ability and strength to welcome news, status changes, new possibilities.

Dreaming of being pregnant without a belly – if worry prevails, the meaning is linked to distrust and lack of means: projects and objectives pursued and not shared, kept hidden, or the lack of tools and strength necessary to complete what is desired.

When the sensation of the dream is of lightness and relief, the dream shows the ability to get out of the usual patterns, to free oneself from the habits and expectations of others, without abandoning one’s goals.

Dreaming of a difficult pregnancy – indicates difficulties and obstacles that come between the dreamer and what he wants to achieve; they can be external interferences that condition it, but it can also be a lack of motivation.

Insufficient strength and conviction that put the results at risk, or that make it difficult to enter a new phase of life.

Dream about positive pregnancy tests – this image can be an expression of a real desire for pregnancy (or fear of this) and the sensations felt in the dream are intended to compensate for the frustrations of a pregnancy that does not arrive. It can announce a change that is coming in the life of the dreamer, it can be a positive signal with respect to a choice to be made.

Dream about negative pregnancy tests – it can reflect reality: regret for an expected pregnancy that does not arrive and highlight the dreamer’s desire and her sadness.

Or, on the contrary, free it from the fear of an unwanted pregnancy and keep it quiet so that sleep can continue.

Dreaming of being pregnant and being afraid – or to feel astonishment, disbelief, despair indicates that the dreamer is not ready for the change towards which his life path is pushing him.

Perhaps there are things and experiences that he needs to grow and mature, but his system of primary selves is very cautious and he considers it dangerous to deal with a more demanding reality.

They are dreams that show a conflict between more adult and enterprising psychic parts and more fearful and routine parts.

A conflict that still marks the beginning of an internal process that will also lead to a transformation.

Dreaming of being pregnant and NOT wanting the baby – it can indicate a transformation that has not been “chosen”, objectives that have not been defined or that involve unexpected side effects.

The dreamer does not feel able to take responsibility for a change that she does not have the strength to oppose.

The dominant meaning is linked to the fear of facing something unknown, to the fear of unknowns, to not feeling up to the situation.

Dreaming of being pregnant and crying – shows the emergence of a vulnerability that is not cared for and perhaps also of a solitude and a sadness that is checked and removed by day.

It is possible that this dream is the reflection of a real pregnancy and of all the feelings that are linked to it and that they cannot “be” expressed (in pregnancy one must “be happy” to be “strength”, one must demonstrate to others that one is happy and realized).


During pregnancy the woman is subjected to very strong tensions.

The change in her body goes hand in hand with a sort of regression that leads her to relive the same conflicts and the same frustrations experienced at the time with her mother.

At the same time, the child that the woman carries in her womb becomes the repository of her positive or negative projections, the target of a libidinal investment that reflects her self-image.

The child represents his own “good” Self (linked to acceptance, love, expectation, desire) or his own “bad” self (linked to unknowns, fear, rejection) and this will take a form in his dreams.