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Dream of Swimming Pool – Meaning and Interpretation

What does it mean to dream the pool? Is the meaning similar to that of the lake or does it lead in different directions?

Today’s article highlights a particular aspect of water symbolism, that of the waters enclosed within the defined boundaries of a human construction, symbol of the equally defined space that the dreamer reserves for the emotions of a couple.

Dreaming of the pool is connected to the emotions that emerge in a sentimental relationship or, more rarely, of friendship.

The pool, unlike other natural water basins, has borders created ad hoc and perhaps for this reason, in dreams it often alludes to the couple and to the emotions that derive from it and for which it was created, precisely, an adequate space in the own life.

Swimming Pool Symbolism in Cultures

The pool in dreams is the symbol of this private space in which to live and express their feelings of love and is linked like the pond, the lake, the well to the symbolism of still waters and to a “container”, here well defined, in which one can feel secure, able to face the waters (experience emotions without being overwhelmed) and have the situation under control.

Dreaming of the pool indicates the emotional world controlled, held in check or harnessed, the emotions that the dreamer, out of fear, of opportunity, out of habit keeps in a special psychic (and physical) place.

Dreaming of the pool does not relate to great passions, but to consolidated relationships that have found a precise shape and size, a form that can be reassuring, but also limiting.

Dreaming of diving into the pool can then indicate the need to renew the feeling and explore its future possibilities, the need to get in touch with this world and its complexity without “getting lost”, without being overwhelmed.

This immersion can reveal a contact with stagnant and domesticated feelings and emotions and a “move the waters” to awaken them.

The shape and the water of the pool recall the maternal womb and the amniotic fluid, an image of safety, well-being and stability and swimming, diving and resurfacing alludes to the moment of birth and to contact with the outside world (effort of adaptation to a new situation).

Thus, the moment when one dreams of the swimming pool (bathing, swimming, going out) can represent the moment in which one exits a comfortable situation and faces the unknown, the change, the difficulties, the pain, but also the personal transformation , evolution.

Dreams about Swimming Pool – Meaning

A symbol that frequently appears in the pool of dreams is linked, like the pond, the lake, the basin, the well to the symbolism of still waters and to a containing space that here is purely artificial and reassuring. Space in which one can feel safe, able to face the waters and have the situation under control.

The water of the dreamlike pool recalls the emotional world kept in check, controlled and harnessed, the emotions that the dreamer for fear or for opportunity keeps closed in a special psychic space.

Thus, seeing, diving, diving and swimming in the pool in dreams, is a symbol of one’s need to get in touch with this world and its complexity without “losing oneself”, without being overwhelmed.

This immersion can reveal a contact that becomes necessary, an exploration of feelings and emotions, a “moving the waters” to awaken such feelings and emotions hitherto stagnant and domesticated.

Being immersed in closed and defined places and then reappearing in the air and in light easily recalls in the dreams the amniotic fluid, the birth, and the subsequent contact with the outside world. A sort of “initiation”, of passage and rebirth.

The ability and the need to get out of a comfortable and tranquilizing situation to face also the chaos and the unknown, and therefore the change, the evolution, the maturation.

The water contained in the pool its clear and inviting or dirty and turbid appearance, the presence of mud, algae and foreign bodies, the feeling of pleasure and desire or fear and difficulty in which you swim, are all elements of which it is necessary to keep in mind when facing the analysis of these dreams. As decisive are the actions that the dreamer performs there.

Dreams about Swimming Pool – Symbolism

Dreaming of swimming in the pool – it means confronting the emotions that emerge in your relationship as a couple. If the dreamer does not have a partner and does not have a sentimental relationship, this image may indicate the relationship with another person for whom he is feeling (relative, friend).

Of course the sensations felt when swimming in the pool, well-being or discomfort, will be important indications to understand what the dreamer actually feels, as well as the appearance of the pool will be enlightening to describe the importance of this relationship and proximity emotional with the other person.

Dreaming of diving in clothes in the pool – shows the difficulty in letting oneself go to emotions, the fear of confrontation, fear of showing one’s fragility, of getting naked.

Dreaming of a pool party, dreaming of a pool full of people – it can reflect moments of harmony and sharing in one’s life as a couple or, on the contrary, a lack of intimacy and an active social life that diverts the couple from their relationship and from a sincere relationship to insincere.

A pool full of people in dreams means seeing each other with the eyes of others, giving importance to the image of a couple rather than to feelings.

Dream of a pool in the garden – indicates the importance that couple feelings have in their intimate world. Report an intimate space reserved for your relationship.

Dreaming of a public swimming pool – it can represent the desire for a sentimental relationship that has not yet found its recipient, a generic desire for love and for the couple when there are not yet the right conditions of maturity and practical possibilities, when there is still no space in life of the dreamer so that we can live as a couple.

It is an image that can also indicate the relationships of others, confrontation with other couples or feeling excluded.

Dream about the rooftop pool – it means being aware of the importance of one’s relationship and knowing how to evaluate the advantages on an objective level. It means reflecting on one’s feelings towards someone.

Dreaming of a dirty pool – indicates problems and difficulties in the couple.

Dreaming of swimming in the pool with dirty water – as above, it is equivalent to being immersed in these difficulties and, depending on the ease or difficulty with which one swims, being more or less determined to remedy, to do something concrete.

Dreaming of a pool with clear water – it is the opposite of the previous images: it shows a situation of harmony that reflects what is lived in one’s relationships. Naturally the people who appear in this pool and the actions that are performed there will be an additional signal to understand the image and bring out possible needs.

Dreaming of diving into the pool with clean blue water – it means enjoying a situation of peace and pleasure, being involved, but also determined to keep it.

Dreaming of diving into a deep pool – can highlight the relationship difficulties in a couple, the misunderstandings that are coming to the surface, the awareness of “not knowing the other”, but also the fascination that can derive from a complicated and challenging relationship, the desire to want to immerse oneself in the emotional world of others, of wanting to know (and live) something else.

Dreaming of drowning in the pool – being unable to re-emerge in the pool water can be linked to the inability to manage the emotions that arise in the couple’s relationship, not being able to master them, feeling overwhelmed.

Dreaming of feeling suffocated or drowning in the pool is a very strong image that can reflect an unrequited feeling or a feeling that is experienced as phagocytizing, as “suffocating”.

Dreaming of an empty pool – equivalent to a sense of “lack”. The unconscious presents a situation of couple in which the most important thing is missing, in which there is no more love and the union is loosening.

Dreaming of swimming in a pool without water – it means making unnecessary efforts, pretending or trying to live a situation of love when there are no more necessary conditions for its survival. To delude oneself that it is enough to complete the gestures of love to make it survive, to delude oneself that the will is enough for things not to end.

Dreaming of swimming in a pool of mud – it must make the dreamer reflect on the heaviness or unpleasantness that lives in his relationship. It is an image that can also indicate feelings that are not sincere, interest, manipulation, ambiguity.

Dream about a pool full of cement – often indicates the end of a relationship or a marriage, separation, divorce, misunderstandings in the copy that leave no more space for the flow of feelings, the lack of space for love.

Dreaming of a pool full of fish – is an image linked to things to discover or to guess in the relationship. The fish in the pool are the symbol of the respective psychic selves that must emerge and adapt to the life of the couple or that bring to the surface new elements not previously considered.

Dreaming of a pool full of blood – it represents the disagreement, the conflicts, the ill will developed in an affective context that is causing great suffering.

Dream of a pool full of snakes – this image also indicates problems and lack of love in the couple or in a relationship of friendship, is equivalent to a sense of threat, fear of betrayal and lies, feeling cheated, manipulated, damaged.

Dreaming of a race in the pool – if there are no sporting interests and the dreamer does not really have to compete this dream can highlight the fear of not being unique in expressing his feelings, the feeling that his role in the couple is threatened or that he should “conquer” it by showing the their own value, their abilities, trying to be better than others.

It is an image that reflects a great insecurity and sense of rivalry towards other exponents of their own sex that could affect their power in the couple.


The pool is an element that, referring to the dream, gives life to a very wide range of interpretations. They now concern our affective life, now our working life as well as a particular period of our life.

To fully and correctly analyze this type of dream, attention must be paid above all to the water contained in the pool. Indeed, it reveals much about its nature and its positive or negative value.

For its part, dreaming of the act of swimming always encloses a meaning that pertains to one’s mood.

Every time it occurs, it must be analyzed, as mentioned above, along with the aspect assumed by the water in the dream, trying to remember if it was clear, cloudy, calm or otherwise.

In other words, the act of swimming and water are the expression of a journey into our unconscious between fears, nostalgia and the desire to live one’s life to the full.