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Dreaming About a Girl – Meaning and Symbolism

Women are truly the ones who rule the world; and every day we see how its importance increases in all the works and media of the world, going from a point where they had no voice or vote in antiquity, until they were so much and more respected than even the men themselves.

Now women are not only a model of beauty, but also of authority, and now it is more common than ever to meet one of them in our dreams.

And it does not matter if you are male or female, we have all dreamed of them at some time, and depending on the dream and what happens in it, we could also give you hundreds of meanings.

In this post we will delve into those meanings and what it brings to our lives to dream of women.

Dreaming About a Girl – Meaning

Women are generally considered the symbol of gentleness, warmth and caring, but they also stand for fertility, femininity, sensuality and seduction. You are assigned the element of water. The female not only unites beauty and emotionality, but grace and sexual attraction also play a role.

A woman, namely her own mother or even grandma, is the first and also the most intimate person in life for almost all people. In addition, there are later friends and partners who can strongly shape life.

But as in real life, women also play a key role in the dreams of many people. But what do they symbolize here? Are dreams in which you encounter female persons more likely to be interpreted as positive or negative, and for what aspects does a woman stand here? Was she perhaps a wife, aunt, a single, or was someone else calling her an “old box”?

Some dreams are especially often experienced in connection with the dream symbol “woman”. Again, and again, dreamers report similar sleeping experiences. We would like to introduce these dreams to you first, before we discuss the dream image “woman” in more detail:

Anyone who gets to know a woman in his dream, who was previously completely foreign, may feel a sexual yearning in him. However, this form of sexuality is not interpreted in reality. The dreamy woman represents erotic inclinations symbolically – pay attention to what the woman in the dream experience has said to you, that provides clues to your own wishes! If you are in a relationship in the watch world, you can best discuss these wishes with your partner or partner.

Dreams in which one gives a kiss to a loved or swarmed woman usually have an erotic character. In fact, this dream image reveals sexual desires that are currently unfulfilled. The dreamer or the dreaming just keeps her relationship with women in mind. Kissing a woman shows a desire for union, both physical and mental.

When you wake up from your dream and think, “The woman just kisses me!”, In the sense that a strange woman gives a kiss, then the dreamer is given attention in real life. He is probably popular in his environment.

If one experiences in his dream a pregnant woman with ball belly, then this dream picture stands usually for unfulfilled wishes. These relate to a change, an incision in life. Finally, when you see how the woman gets the baby or you dream of a woman with a child in her arms, these life goals are most likely to be realized. A new beginning goes with it – the dreamer can be curious!

The woman who kisses another woman in a dream is a symbol of one’s own character that one tries to accept. These are the qualities that are more likely to be associated with the opposite sex: the crafting and screwing of cars, which are often practiced by men, creative decorating and handicrafts; Works that are most of the women. If you discover such talents, you are going through a phase of development.

If a woman marries a woman in a dream, this situation expresses a longing to get closer to a person in a friendly way. Likewise, sexual desires can be symbolized – in this case one should listen more closely to oneself.

The wedding can also be an indication that you have discovered and accepted as very feminine properties.

Did you dream as a woman to be a man? If you become a man in your dream, if you do not get the period, if your face is shaved, or if you walk through the dream with a mustache, you may have problems accepting your own femininity. In some ways, life as a man seems easier – especially in professional life.

If a man recognizes a beard with a woman in a dream, he should be careful in the near future. It can be diseases or annoyances from the past. If it is a dreamer who sees a woman’s beard with herself or another woman, she longs for security and tenderness. If the woman shaves her face in a dream, then the dreaming woman takes a risk in the watch world. This is often financial.

White is the color of purity and innocence. If one recognizes in the dream a woman in a white dress, perhaps even in the context of a marriage, then probably new tasks come to the dreaming. However, these duties are pleasant and easy to fulfill.

Also new friendships can be announced with a white dress according to general dream interpretation.

Dreaming About a Girl – Symbolism

If in our dreams we meet a beautiful and unknown woman – this announces to the dreamer new encounters and successes for his personal life. You may find a new job or receive a promotion due to the help or hand of a woman; Maybe you can find a new person who will be very special in your life.

Dreaming of a kind and kind woman – means that you will soon find that joy and happiness that you have sought. This dream does not speak of a woman in the literal sense of the word, but is a representation of life itself, which will behave generously with the dreamer.

If you dream of an intelligent woman – this is interpreted as that in the near future you will enjoy promotions and work successes.

He also talks about the intellectual satisfaction we needed, perhaps with a new conversation or from a new friend with interesting ideas.

Dreaming of fighting with a woman means – that heavy sorrows and worries will come into your life that will make you feel like an eternal fight.

If the woman is beaten during sleep, it means that there will be ruptures and family problems due to our impetuous way of being.

To dream that he sees a woman with a naked torso predicts infidelity, while if he dreams of her totally naked, he tells her that he will soon experience a great disappointment. If you dream of seeing several women, it means that you will soon reach a stage of multiple love relationships that could well end badly.

Dreaming of several women talking to each other – means that gossip and problems will arise in their work environment.

This dream also means that the most important women in your life have come together to plot something. This does not necessarily have to be bad, but you have to be aware.

Dreaming of several women laughing at the same time – implies that the dreamer is afraid of being unattractive to the opposite sex, and that he considers himself, or feels that others consider him, as a joke.

Dreaming of women fighting – means that discussions will soon erupt and maybe even separations with people they consider important.

It is necessary to remain receptive and little given to be impulsive, because we could accelerate the separations.

Dreaming of women on the beach – means that we will soon have an important success that will give us the opportunity to take some time to relax.

If we dream of women who help us – it means that we will soon find the solution to a problem or commission thanks to the invaluable help of a family member or close friend.

If you dream of naked women – Usually when dreaming this is thought to speak simply of sexuality. If you are a man, you will think that it is a sexual fantasy, and if you are a woman, you may have been startled when you woke up doubting what might happen in your head. But this dream does not speak of sexuality, and has several meanings.

It tells us the truth in the relationships we have. Of people who take off their clothes as if they take off a mask. This dream tells us that there is a person near us who is not quite sincere in his way of being.

This dream also tells us about the fear we have for those people that we think are not what they seem, in addition to the fear that we have for toxic people whom we have not been able to discover or unmask.

Another explanation lies in the emotions we have when we see the woman. If you dream of naked women but you feel ashamed to see her, it means the shame we feel for our body or for not having the courage to take off the mask and be ourselves.

If instead you feel very good to see him, it means that you are in total synchrony with your body and you feel good just the way you are, physically and emotionally.

If a woman dreams of an unknown woman – she is thinking of a specific feature of her personality. If she befriends her she is acknowledging that she feels good about herself, if the opposite happens, it means that there is something about her that she doesn’t like.

Dreaming of a pregnant woman – is a sign that changes will come for the dreamer’s good fortune and is an announcement of good news; but if the pregnant woman is tired or ill, she predicts the arrival of a disease.

An older woman in dreams – represents the dreamer’s own mother, so the meaning is given whether she gets along with her or not. This dream speaks of the dreamer’s relationship with his mother and also implies the sense of wisdom.

If a man dreams of a feminist woman – and difficult to deal with, it means that the above feels belittled by the opposite sex.

Dreaming of a woman who steps on us – means that there is someone of the female sex who will try to harm us.

Dreaming about a stranger and kissing her – means that you have desires for a serious relationship.


Women are truly the ones who rule the world; and every day we see how its importance increases in all the works and media of the world, going from a point where they had no voice or vote in antiquity, until they were so much and more respected than even the men themselves.

Now women are not only a model of beauty, but also of authority, and now it is more common than ever to meet one of them in our dreams.