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Dreaming of Dead Grandfather – Interpretation and Meaning

What does it mean to dream grandparents? Grandparents are central figures in everyone’s life: the founders of the family. We are educated to see in them the authority of the just and the wisdom of the learned, summarized in an unconditional affection.

In the language of dreams, therefore, if as a child we had a good relationship with them, when we dream of them it is because they want to come to our rescue, making up for our need for wise advice or comfort.

If, on the other hand, family relationships have not been very calm, in the dream they evoke that missed family union, expressing our desire for a stronger bond.

Often, however, it happens to dream of grandfather or grandmother when unfortunately they have already passed away. Dreaming of one’s own grandfather / deceased speaking to us means that he is trying to tell us something about some situation that we are experiencing and that is disturbing us in some way, or simply trying to comfort us by reassuring us with his presence.

Dead Grandfather Symbolism in Cultures

Dreaming of the grandfather can represent one’s conscience, the ability to make a decision, to choose between good and evil.

According to Miller, dreaming of meeting him and talking to him is a sign that announces problems to be faced with the help of good advice from someone. For Freud it is a symbol of virility. For a woman to dream her grandfather symbolizes the desire to find a reliable and regular sexual partner. For a man it symbolizes the fear of being powerless or the fear that the partner will remain unsatisfied.

In general, dead relatives, so even a dead grandfather, seen in a dream, heralded dramatic and unexpected changes. However it may simply be a time of nostalgia and one often thinks of it or is thinking that one has not visited or cleaned his grave for a long time.

Such a dream sometimes warns of a danger that threatens a relative. Dreaming of it dead also indicates that you will overcome the difficulties in your personal relationships.

Dreaming of grandfather being dead that smiles indicates a desire to give affection and protection. Dreaming of him being dead who speaks foretells wise decisions. Dreaming of it, being dead, angry indicates to the dreamer that he is a bit uncaring and neglecting loved ones.

Dreams about Dead Grandfather – Meaning

If we dream of our grandfather in the coffin, then, even if it is a distressing image, the meaning is not totally negative. The coffin, in fact, in our dreams, represents our ego, more precisely, it becomes the metaphor of a block that we have with ourselves or with a person.

Not only that, the coffin can be indicative of the relationship that was with his grandfather, cold and detached or even non-existent. The coffin, again, means the fear of death but also our concern about the idea of ​​not being able to give the maximum in the relationship with those we care about.

When in the dream, the grandfather speaks to us, most likely, he is trying to tell us something that concerns a situation that is troubling us and to which we cannot find a solution.

Dreaming of embracing the grandfather, on the other hand, is an action that expresses security and protection so a similar dream can be considered as a sign of comfort on his part in a difficult situation, giving us protection and support. When the grandfather smiles at us, the dream is characterized by the tranquility and serenity that this figure is able to arouse.

In particular, this dream indicates the affirmation of a very peaceful phase for the dreamer, characterized by stability in relationships.

If we dream the grandfather sleeps, this image represents the need that the dreamer feels to come out of the unconscious to recover and not lose the clear conscience in order not to lose control of his life.

Dreams about Dead Grandfather – Symbolism

Dreaming of a sick grandfather (grandfather who is sick and / or in hospital) – dreaming of your grandfather in the hospital indicates our concern for the latter regarding his health.

Hospitals represent a state that can be positive or negative depending on the context of the dream – it can also be a metaphor that indicates a lack of attention towards the patient we went to visit or who was hospitalized.

Dreaming of grandfather in the coffin – at first glance the coffin may seem something terribly distressing, but unlike common thinking, it hides symbols that can be connected to our inner self. The coffin represents a block that we can have with ourselves or with someone; in this case, dreaming of a grandfather in the coffin can indicate the type of relationship we have with the latter, cold and detached.

Dreaming of a grandfather who speaks – as has already been said, the grandfather represents a strong figure present in the childhood of many children. We often see him as a wise and strong person who always knows what to say. If it appears to us in a dream that speaks, perhaps it is trying to tell us something about a situation that is troubling us or that is very dear to us.

Dreaming of a grandfather who embraces you – the embrace is a gesture that often makes us feel very safe and protected. Dreaming of the embrace from the grandfather can be considered another sign of comfort: if we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it is normal to want to be reassured by someone we feel can protect us in the worst case.

Dreaming of a smiling grandfather – dreaming of someone we are very close to who smiles at us, indicates tranquility and serenity on the part of the dreamer and the person who appears to us in a dream. In this case, dreaming of a grandfather who smiles can indicate a peaceful time for us and for him. The gesture, he is sincere, indicates a stable period for both people and for the relationship they have between them.

Dreaming of a grandfather who vomits –  often immediately after having dreamed of vomiting or seeing someone vomiting, the dreamer will feel a great feeling of relief –  vomiting is, in fact, a way for our unconscious to make us understand that we have got rid of a burden.

Dreaming of someone close by and dear to us throwing up means that he finally succeeded in overcoming something he could not “swallow”. In some cases it is understandable to take the dream literally and refer to a malaise of the subject who vomits. This happens when the dream becomes much more intense.

Dreaming of an angry grandfather – if in our dreams we see an angry grandfather, it is very likely that it is the result of our unconscious – if we have done something that we know is not right or that we feel is not correct, we often appeal to other important figures in our lives to make us understand the mistake.

Dreaming of a crying grandfather – if we dream of a grandfather crying this can have two meanings, in the first case, a negative one – perhaps it is a very difficult period and therefore crying indicates the sadness and suffering of the subject. It often also indicates severe pain.

We see that in the second case, crying can have a positive meaning – crying can indicate a release.

Dreaming sad grandfather – dreaming of a sad grandfather can indicate a strong discouragement on the part of the dreamer. The sadness of someone we love or who is very close to us often indicates a strong disappointment or bad news.

Behind the sadness there is no metaphorical meaning, because it is often a projection that creates our unconscious based on lived situations – for example if we are going through a difficult period, especially in the family environment.

Dreaming of a never known grandfather – as we have already said, that of the grandfather is a very important figure that we reconnect to the family and that in some cases also acts as a father figure.

For those who have never had the chance to know their grandfather, the dream may indicate a strong lack of which, however, we do not realize consciously, given that we do not pose the problem.

It can happen to dream of it in a time of need or a particularly difficult period.

Dream of dead grandfather being alive – death in dreams does not always have a negative meaning. Many times it is a symbol of spiritual rebirth and for the dreamer this is very significant.


The figure of the grandfather in dreams often appears in difficult and despondent moments. Our ancestors, grandparents or grandmothers who are, represent a wise and pure figure from our childhood, in them we seek advice and comfort.

What does it mean to dream the grandfather? The grandfather in particular represents a very important and central figure in the life of each of us.

From an early age we are used to seeing him and identifying him as the forefather of the family and we project in him the figure of an authoritarian man but at the same time right.

A grandfather often appears in a dream to give us advice and listen to us in times of need and to ensure that everything is under control, thus transmitting a lot of confidence.