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Dreaming of Dead Grandmother – Interpretation and Meaning

Depending on whether you dream the maternal or paternal grandmother indicates the much stronger bond you have established with one or the other.

Dreaming of the dead grandmother is a very recurring dream and indicates that you are particularly worried about her, especially if the grandmother in question is seriously ill. In this case the unconscious associates the state of malaise with the concept of death.

If it is inside a coffin it may be that it has really been dead for a short time so it is normal that you relive that moment or simply indicate a moment of passage, not necessarily things beyond. If in the dream she is dressed in black she indicates a sad mood, if she has a white dress, you will surely feel a sensation of tranquility.

Did you dream that he embraced you, took your hand or spoke to you? This can be a sign of comfort, especially if you are going through a difficult time. If your presence is lacking it is normal that your unconscious goes in search of someone who has represented so much for you or indicates that you suffer from the removal of a person who you considered an important point of reference.

If the dead grandmother is angry it may be that you feel you have done or said something wrong. You may have a sense of guilt towards an elderly relative. If he smiles this indicates that he has come to a dream to reassure you of some concerns that afflict you. If you dream about it in bed, it caresses you and touches your hair, it indicates its protective aspect.

Dead Grandmother Symbolism in Cultures

The grandmother appears in dreams in normal everyday life actions. In fact, dreams often stage a grandmother who speaks, embraces, kisses, and consoles. The dream in this case is to be read as a need to find comfort in a difficult time.

A separation, a departure, the end of an important relationship are just some of the situations to which this dream is linked. In this case the figure of the grandmother represents the need to find a point of reference, a foothold, something able to give us the strength necessary to overcome this difficult moment. The dreamer then becomes a child in search of protection, understanding, and help.

If the dream has as its protagonist the grandmother who touches our head during sleep, the meaning just mentioned is to be considered even more emphasized. The grandmothers who populate dreams are not always happy and smiling. In fact it can happen that you dream of an angry grandmother or that she scolds us for something.

The dream is usually linked to the awareness of having done something wrong, and the grandmother can be understood as the conscience, able to bring back the right path, or as the self-consciousness that wants to blame itself for the mistake made.

In any case, let’s talk about a positive image, a guide that despite the reproach accompanies towards a safe road. If your grandmother’s anger stems from a discussion with you, you probably need to re-evaluate the important things in your life.

If your grandmother cries during the dream, you should re-evaluate relationships with relatives: you probably had a fight with some of them and it marked you. As a symbol of union and family, the grandmother manifests crying suffering for this painful situation.

Dreams about Dead Grandmother – Meaning

The grandmother passed away recently following an illness, it is possible that the dream is a review of what happened.

The dream in fact allows us to retrace and metabolize the painful moment, also catching nuances that may have escaped reality.

If instead the death has been sudden, the dream can be read as a symptom of a period of waiting and fear, which precedes an important change. It is good to point out that this change does not necessarily have to be understood as negative, fear and anxiety could only be linked to the fear of the future, and not anticipate a worsening of a situation.

The same identical considerations can be made in the event that the grandmother enters dreams at the time of her funeral. In this case it is also appropriate to remember the color of his clothes.

Dreams about Dead Grandmother – Symbolism

Dreaming of the dead grandmother – surely this is one of the most recurrent dreams. The dead grandmother can bring us much discomfort and indicates our strong concern for it. If we have a sick or very weak grandmother, our subconscious projects these images in a negative way, associating the state of the patient with death.

Dreaming of dead grandmother in the coffin – dreaming of the dead grandmother in a coffin (or a box) indicates a strong separation from the latter. This can be real, but also metaphorical – if he died recently, it is normal to relive such a moment in a dream, perhaps the moment of burial or even the mere image of the coffin. But often in the dream world the coffin represents the passage beyond, not necessarily beyond.

Dreaming of the dead grandmother dressed in black – the black dress, worn by the deceased, indicates a sad state of mind and a situation of despair. We associate it with the grandmother especially if she finds herself in a very difficult situation (a state of difficulty, physical, and / or even mental, perhaps a disease or a serious problem).

Dreaming of the dead grandmother dressed in white – white is a color that is associated with purity or the divine. If we dream of our dead grandmother, dressed in white, this indicates a certain tranquility on her part. Dream it dead, perhaps it indicates an omen because of an illness, but we perceive from the grandmother a tranquility and a sense of peace.

Dreaming of a dead grandmother crying or being sad – dreaming of her dead grandmother who is crying indicates a strong sadness on the part of the latter. It may happen that you dream of your grandmother crying because she is going through a very difficult period and has a strong sense of despair. It may also seem sad to us in a dream because we feel we have hurt it, unconsciously, in some way. In other cases it can also be a way to make us understand that we need to be closer to you in order to help you.

Dreaming of an angry dead grandmother – many times we are afraid of having said or done wrong things, this often happens with respect to our older relatives – we often feel guilty for not being present enough or participating in their lives. Dreaming of an angry, dead grandmother is how our subconscious makes us understand.

Dreaming of a dead grandmother who laughs or smiles – if we dream of her dead grandmother smiling, this indicates a positive state of mind on the part of the deceased; almost as if it were a sign to reassure us of our concerns.

Dreaming of a dead grandmother who embraces you – dreaming of the embrace of a deceased grandmother can be a sign of comfort from someone we miss a lot. This indicates the strong bond that existed between the two, but above all, the presence that is missing for us and that counts most.

If we are going through a particularly difficult period, it is normal to want the presence of someone who represents strength and a point of reference for us.

If in our dream the deceased grandmother speaks – this indicates our need for comfort and feeling secure, if we are going through a difficult period and we feel that we have no one to trust in, it can often happen to desire comfort from someone who is not there is more and we feel a strong lack of it All these latter gestures always indicate the lack of a person that we considered an important point of reference.

Dreaming of a dead grandmother who gives you money – often in the world of dreams the exchange of money indicates emotional situations.

In this case, we are dreaming that a relative dear to us is giving a sum of money very often we do not realize it, but the sum given will correspond to the affection that we feel of receive from a report.

A small sum could indicate being highly neglected, which is perfectly understandable.

Often unconsciously, when someone leaves us, a sense of strong abandonment starts in us, making us become so selfish. In the opposite case, where the sum is very large, this will indicate a strong affection between us and our deceased grandmother.

Dreaming of dead pregnant grandmother – pregnancy, in the dream world, often indicates a premonition. Waiting for a child can also indicate fertility in some fields. It can also be the image of positive things and therefore indicate a very happy period for us.

Combining it with the figure of the grandmother, we see that this dream is full of good intentions and takes on a series of very positive meanings for those who dream of them.

Dream of dead grandmother being alive – dreaming of a dead grandmother who resurrects brings in us many memories and nostalgia. This indicates a lacking strength caused by the loss itself, but it is also a symbol that makes us think a lot about death and the past and that very probably we have not yet accepted this person’s separation.


Grandma in dreams, is a symbol of wisdom and security. When he appears to us in a dream he protects us and makes sure that everything goes well.

Like our grandfather, our grandmother too is for us an authoritative and important figure, who represents the family. What does it mean to dream your grandmother? The relationship we have with our grandparents determines the figure they have in our dream for example, if they were very strict, we will never associate them with a fully positive meaning.

The grandmother is also a symbol of a strong femininity, a figure full of experience that can guide us in the most difficult moments. Surely we see in her a strong person who always knows how to make sure and give us good advice. Dreaming of the grandmother can also be a symbol of change and change if we find ourselves in a particular period of our life.

The subject of our dream will change depending on the type of relationship we have, or have had, with it for example, if the paternal grandmother appears to us in the dream, this could be due to the fact that with it we had a much stronger bond, or vice versa if the maternal grandmother appears in the dream.