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Dreaming of Fainting – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of fainting in psychology often symbolizes a refusal, an impediment, and a moment that we don’t want to face out of fear, out of anger, out of pride, so the subconscious protects itself by applying a fainting spell.

What does it mean to dream of fainting? Dreaming of a faint could symbolize a difficult period where you are about to face situations you do not want, situations that scare you or you are afraid of.

Dreamlike fainting is a real form of protection.

Alternatively it could be a person you care about if you see her faint in the dream could reflect yours worry or your anger.

Dreaming of Fainting – Meaning

Fainting, losing consciousness can have many causes. An illness can affect us so much that our circulation runs dry and our legs no longer carry us.

But also grief and worry can make us so psychologically so much that our consciousness feels overwhelmed and we pass out.

Although it is a rather unpleasant idea for most people to sink unconscious to the ground, a powerlessness is still a kind of protective function of the body.

However, we can also experience powerlessness as a kind of incapacitation. The powerlessness expresses then not in a fit of weakness, in which one falls over, but in us as a feeling of complete powerlessness.

Terrible situations can put us in such a state of powerlessness and render us completely incapable of reaction, as in a physical faint.

In the general interpretation of dreams, the powerlessness symbolizes our helplessness and inability to act. Maybe you feel as if you are powerless to face a life situation, can only stand idly by, although you would like to be active.

Other interpretations see in the dream image powerlessness may receive an unexpected inheritance or a gift, yes, you can even hope for a surprising declaration of love.

If it is not us, but other people who fall into unconsciousness, the dream image can be interpreted in such a way that these people want to oppress us in a rather unpleasant way and want to get close to us.

Maybe you can see here a connection with some of the clumsy contemporaries you have encountered lately?

A published young woman, who suddenly faints in a dream, symbolizes disappointment and bad health of the dreaming. An impotent drunkard can often warn against bad handling during sleep.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams one sees the dream image “powerlessness” in close connection with lack of own responsibility and the inability to become active. Here you should take a close look at your own life circumstances.

If you often faint in a dream, you may be suffering from a mental overload and in this way flee into an illness even in real life, in order to finally be able to withdraw and recover.

Especially in our dreams, unconscious processes such as fears and fears show up. Through her – as here in the dream image of powerlessness – makes our soul noticeable and wants to bring us into the consciousness of things that we may just too often repress in everyday life. – Who already admits to being overwhelmed with his work? Or that the boss accuses an incompetence? And the constant annoyance with the partner – that makes everyone but once and that will be back, somehow…

But our body cannot be deceived. What he hears through our thoughts he takes well. But also the feelings, which are felt by these same thoughts. The head says “not so bad”, but the body feels “I cannot do it anymore”.

Whoever flares up here at night because he has lost consciousness in the dream and fainted, should first breathe deeply and maybe pay less attention to his thoughts in the future than his feelings.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the person who dreams of powerlessness is not about “power” or “power without power.” Man has this consciousness, which whispers to him that he has power or not.

But power and powerlessness are both born of fear and desire and the apparent separation from the rest of the world. Our ego-consciousness believes that we always have the control, the protection and the defense.

When we speak of power and powerlessness on the spiritual path, we must first recognize that this is something we all deal with.

Dreaming of Fainting – Symbolism

Dreaming of passing out- dreaming of unconsciousness could symbolize a particularly stressful moment, perhaps you are working or studying hard and your energies are failing, take a break to recover.

Dreaming of someone who faints- Alternatively if you are not fainting in the dream, but someone you know could symbolize your concern for this person.

Dreaming of fainting in the water- symbolizes letting go.

Dreaming of passing out continuously- it does nothing but bring more attention to this symbolism and it is the case to find a solution as soon as possible.

Dreaming of fainting and waking up – it is a clear sign of worry and stress, it is like when you happen to dream of falling and find yourself jumping from the bed; also the motor functions wake up with a start and often you find yourself in a tachycardia situation.

Anyone can suddenly pass out due to a temporary circulatory disorder in the brain. This can be due to low blood pressure, but also serious heart disease. For a more detailed clarification you should always consult a doctor or the emergency room in the hospital after regular fainting fits.

The unconsciousness generally lasts only a few seconds. However, there is always the danger that you will crash and injure yourself.

Dizziness, nausea and sweating are symptoms that appear in the run-up to a fainting spell. If you notice these, you should sit down immediately. It is best to put your legs up while lying down so that the blood flows back to your head faster. If there is no possibility for that, tightening the muscles can also help.

Fainting in a dream is a terrifying experience. The dreaming may feel insecure and may even be seriously ill.

For the dream interpretation, the personal life situation of the dreaming is very enlightening. His mental health is also important in this context.

The dream symbol “fainting” points in the dream interpretation to a condition or an event, to which the dreaming has no influence.

Maybe he feels overwhelmed by a situation. In the dream, the feeling of being overwhelmed by something turns into a fainting fit.

In reality, for example, this image can meet the demands of the workplace, which threaten to overflow the head of the dreaming.

Even a person who demands more affection and attention than one is prepared to give, can be meant with the dream symbol “fainting”.

In dream interpretation, this dream is an invitation to care more about one’s own needs, but also to be more willing to take personal responsibility.

In the folk dream interpretation, the dream symbol “to pass out” is often a very positive signal. Over the dreaming breaks without his intervention an unexpected experience.

Maybe someone has fallen in love with him, without realizing it, and these feelings overwhelm him unexpectedly.

However, in dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fainting” can also announce an inheritance or gift. Depending on your personal life situation, the dream can also warn against negative developments.

Maybe the dreaming actually has health problems at the moment or he has to expect a disappointment or defeat in the private sphere.

If you fall powerless while sleeping in wrestling, you should look in the watch world for an inner conflict that seems to have a strong influence. If a drunkard collapses in a dream fainting, one should stay away from bad company in the watch world.

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “fainting” is an indication of a mental overload.

The helplessness associated with an impotence symbolizes in the dream interpretation an unconscious feeling of weakness that accompanies the dreaming in real life and inhibits it.

He does not live up to the demands of everyday life and flees in the dream into unconsciousness.


The dream symbol “fainting” is thus also a sign of the unwillingness to take personal responsibility. Often this reflects the real behavior of the dreaming.

He should pay more attention to whether, in fact, he sometimes pretends to be ill in order to avoid difficulties.

However, he is often unaware of this. The subconscious mind draws the attention of the dreaming in the dream.

In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fainting” illustrates the fear of not being able to cope with life in general or a specific situation.

On the mental level, the dream symbol “to become powerless” in the interpretation of dreams expresses spiritual disorientation.

The dreaming has lost sight of his goal and feels unable to go his own way. He should find confidence in his own ability to judge, because only he can decide what he wants to achieve in which way.