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Dreaming of Finding Gold – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of gold is a good omen because it represents purity, value and loyalty, but also material wealth, health, love, eternity. It is also associated with power, royalty and divinity.

Gold is a precious metal, known and appreciated since ancient times; resistant, brilliant, easy to work with, it has always been used to create valuable artifacts, jewels and coins.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the meaning of dreams about gold and what lies behind them.

Gold Symbolism in Cultures

Gold is the king of metals and, therefore, a symbol of perfection and cusp, similar to the Sun in our Galaxy for its brightness, luminosity and purity. New Acropolis – Gold According to the Hindu doctrine, gold is the “mineral light”. It is a symbol of perpetuity, immortality, and has always been considered by all cultures.

Its bright yellow color makes it different and be above the rest of the other metals, which tend to be white-silver. This coupled with its indestructibility and beauty, motivated that the most valuable jewels of antiquity were made in gold and thus have come to us practically intact.

Being a noble, malleable and malleable metal, always allowed to make with it the most beautiful pieces for religious cults and royalty, which embodied in all traditions symbols of beauty, purity and prosperity. Gold also represents immortality and eternal happiness.

For the medieval alchemists, getting the gold through the different transformations of matter was to achieve the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of Life, and a symbol so wide ranging from the universal panacea that turns men into gods or suns into stars, until the transformation of the raw material of the drugstore into the purest gold.

They assured that this Philosopher’s Stone exists, that it can be achieved, and they tell us about the ways to achieve it through successive firings or separations of the constituent elements of the raw material. Gold for alchemy symbolizes glorification or “fourth state”, after black, white and red.

Symbolically, the work of the alchemists consisted in returning to man his lost powers, or forgotten rather than falling into matter, and awakening his consciousness to feel his true spiritual essence, thus accelerating his evolution and becoming a “golden man”. He had to transform himself and achieve his transmutation by being the operator of his own work and obtaining the gold of his virtues from the lead of his defects.

Dreams about Gold – Meaning

Dreaming of gold is certainly a dream that announces fortune and lasting successes, not only on the material level, but also in relation to one’s own interiority and personal growth, and also on the affective level.

The gold that appears in dreams is usually in the form of coins and jewels – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, crucifixes, chains, and above all rings and wedding rings.

There are also frequent dreams in which there are gold teeth (they represent the ability to bring out the best from difficulties).

Other objects that can sometimes appear are animals (spider, scarab, and golden eagle), gold masks and gold watches; you can even wear gold clothes or shoes.

Gold is associated with perfect and eternal metal, it can represent knowledge, wisdom, but at the same time it represents power and avarice. What does it mean to dream of gold?

In the symbolism of dreams gold takes on a particular meaning that indicates an evolution and changes that will often be accompanied by favorable opportunities (especially in the workplace).

Commonly gold takes a positive value in our dreams, we just have to pay attention to certain changes.

Gold can also indicate our desires and what we would like to see happen. Many times we are the ones who want a change; dreaming of receiving a jewel of gold or silver may indicate a possible turning point in love.

Dreams about Gold – Symbolism

Dream of finding yellow gold – yellow gold is the most common and what comes to mind when it comes to gold. In dreams, as we have seen, it represents wealth, eternity, and is connected to the Sun, to the idea of ​​energy, creativity, spirituality.

Dream of finding white gold – white gold accentuates the idea of ​​spiritual elevation, perfection, goodness, and rare purity.

Dream of finding red gold – it is a symbol of feelings and passion.

Dreaming of finding black gold – the black gold in dreams denotes attraction for the mystery, the unconscious, the occult.

Dream of finding fake gold, dirty gold – If you dream of receiving or finding fake gold, fake, it means that there is an ambiguous situation – you don’t have to trust many people, they could cheat you.

If gold is dirty, this is also a warning to safeguard your inner purity and keep you away from temptations that could be corrupted.

Dream of finding ancient gold – if you realize that it is old, rusty, this can refer to the past, to a historical value.

Dreaming of finding fine gold – it represents your greatest aspirations and the highest feelings.

Dream of finding liquid, melted gold – you are about to make something very important and precious.

Dream of finding gold in dust –  perhaps something very precious risks being reduced to fragments, of being lost, or you have already lost it –  the dream may represent the regret of not having seized certain occasions in due time.

Dreaming of finding gold coins, ingots, gold nuggets – it means that you are a rich person inside, full of talent and good qualities. It can also announce success and health.

Dream of finding raw gold – you have excellent potential in you that you can improve even more if you refine your sensitivity. In dreams we often find gold on the ground, in the sand, at home; or at sea (fishing for gold).

This dream has to do with your inner self – maybe you have I worked in you hidden talents or unexpected resources.

You have become aware of what is beautiful about you. If instead you dream of hiding gold, it means that you don’t feel confident about yourself, you hide your value from others.

Dreaming of receiving gold – Receiving gold as a gift predicts a reward, a profit, something precious and lasting. It can also represent an affection, a love affair that takes shape, especially if the person who gives you the gold is a person dear to you.

Dreaming of giving gold to someone is equivalent to giving love, attention, prestige and luster, to wish him good luck and long life.

Dreaming of finding ancient gold – when we dream of finding old gold it is normal to associate it with gold (or even silver) old coins such as those of pirates. Ancient gold is a treasure, something lost that must be sought.

This symbol can take on a very particular spiritual value, because, many times we can feel lost and we do not recognize ourselves. In this case this “treasure” must be found, there are aspects of ourselves that we have overlooked and that we must seek.

At other times it indicates a change. Being a treasure, it must always be sought after. If we find ourselves in a somewhat complicated (and even sentimental) work situation and need to find a way to overcome it, we must overcome many obstacles and difficulties before we get there.

Dream of finding gold and jewels (precious stones, and diamonds) – jewels can refer to various situations in dreams.

As we have said, gold is associated with turning points that may concern the working world or the sentimental one. Obviously we need to understand what our dream is about.

Dreaming of receiving jewelry may indicate a radical change; for example at work we can expect many positive changes, a possible promotion or increase. As for the sentimental field, dreaming of receiving a significant ring or jewel, may indicate a turning point in our current relationship, or if we do not have one, it may indicate a new relationship, or our desire for a change.

Dreaming of a golden present – dreaming of receiving a very special gift, indicates the help from the people who are close to us. If gold indicates opportunities and changes, then it is important to have people we can trust. If we dream of a particularly special person who gives us something, then we can expect positive turns in our love life.


Because of its color, gold has always been associated with the Sun; often in ancient times the Sun and the gold were represented with the same symbol.

Gold in dreams can therefore be linked to the Sun and the masculine principle it represents: it contains energy, creativity, spirituality, life, health, light, wisdom, unity.

In astrology, gold is the metal associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, which is dominated by the Sun itself.