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Dreaming of Intruders – Meaning and Symbolism

The home of man is his castle, his retreat, which offers him protection, peace and quiet. The fact that an intruder using the crowbar or hammer in a flat intrusion mastered here, is the pure horror idea.

Not only the fear of being robbed stands in the foreground, but the horror that someone has crossed and destroyed personal boundaries.

So it is often the loss of confidence and feeling of security that hurts more than the material damage in an intrusion theft.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning and symbolism of such happenings in the dream.

Dreaming of Intruders – Meaning

Dreaming of a burglar, you will surely be seized by fear. One will try to hide in an intrusion and automatically assume the role of the secret observer.

Scary is the idea of ​​being discovered. In addition, the dreaming will ask what the intruder will steal. Of course, the dreaming can become an intruder himself and make a break-in into a house or apartment in the dream.

For the dream interpretation of this symbol is important, what happens exactly in the dream: Does the intruder take something, does the thief or the thief get off scot-free or is he asked?

The dream symbol “burglar” has two sides in the dream interpretation. An intruder can get into the dreamer’s dwelling, or the dreamer steals himself into strange houses to acquire something there.

If the latter applies, one has the desire to possess something, something material or even an idea. You may be about to take advantage of someone.

Depending on the circumstances of your life, a dream in which you are even the thieves can also be an indication of self-doubt or the yearning of the dreaming to break out of his life.

If another person commits the intrusion into the four walls of the dreaming, this dream means for him a violation of his personal limits. The dream symbol “burglar” can then be in the interpretation of dreams a sign of lack of confidence in others, but also for the fear of the unknown.

For the interpretation of the dream symbol “burglar” it depends on the details. Those who are actually robbed by the intruder must expect losses or infidelity. If the thief escapes robbery, an unpleasant surprise or a big disappointment awaits the dreamer on top of that.

If you put the intruder in your dream, you will be able to stand up to opponents and be praised. To see an intruder in a dream is in the interpretation of the dream a clue that real people pose as friends in order to exploit the dreaming.

An intruder with a handcuff in the dream often illustrates problems or difficulties in the awake life.

The burglar, as a dream symbol in the interpretation of dreams, represents a part of the psyche that has not yet been revealed because it has been denied or suppressed. In the dream this part pushes itself now in the form of the intruder into the consciousness of the dreaming and should absolutely be taken note of.

Those who dream of an intruder often have difficulty in setting clear boundaries for others. In the dream, the fear of the violation of privacy in the intruder symbolizes.

The robber or the robber is often the expression of instinctive thoughts on the wrong side, an unconscious yearning for sexual adventures, which may be suppressed too much in the waking state. Above all, if the dreaming is a woman, the dream symbol “burglar” has a sexual component: the dreamer has great fears of sexuality in general or of sexual violence.

If an intruder appears in a dream at the window or takes the break through a window, then a person in the guard world has access to the innermost wishes of the dreaming. This can be a very familiar person.

If a devastation breaks out in the house or apartment after the break-in, all boundaries are lifted and chaos threatens to overwhelm the dreamer. He should organize and control his life more in the awake life.

If she herself is the intruder in her dream, should ask herself what she would like to steal in life: an adventure or just some diversion perhaps?

In the interpretation of dreams, an intruder can also stand for the great suspicion of the dreaming. He accuses other people of dishonest intentions and blames them for all inconvenience and problems.

If the dreaming himself is caught in the dream as a burglar, the dream symbol is an indication of repressed guilt feelings and shame.

The dream symbol “burglar” is in the dream Utterance for a violent act of a mental or physical nature. Previously unconscious thoughts penetrate into the spiritual world.

Dreaming of Intruders Symbolism

In the event of a burglary, it is not only the loss of things, which often has an ideal value in addition to the material that is dramatic.

For many people it is far worse that someone has invaded their private premises, their beloved home. The result is often that these people no longer feel safe in their own four walls.

If you have seen a window in the dream, through which the intruder came, this symbolically represents a chance, which results contrary to expectations.

Actually, the path was blocked, but a surprising twist opens up new possibilities for the dreaming. – Maybe you already have an idea what the dream of breaking into a window announces?

Dream of an intruder through window – Similar to the dream of entering through a room window, the dream symbol “basement window” also shows a possibility that suddenly arises in life.

This can be professional or private nature. Whether a new job or a new valuable acquaintance, that depends on the other dream circumstances.

The cellar symbolizes the deeply hidden subconscious, which is achieved here. It changes something basic (positive) in the life attitude of the dreaming.

Dream of intruder in the front door – Because the closed front door as a dream symbol protects the innermost, the soul life, a break through this door shows an intrusion into the dreamer’s privacy. Now the question arises whether the intruder cleared the house or not.

If the intentions are negative, then somebody in the awake life presses himself too much into the life of the dreaming.

But if the break-in is surprisingly positive, a person or a matter will be an enrichment.

Dream of an intruder at night – Who dreams of falling asleep in his sleep, usually wakes up excitedly.

However, this dream image announces no real break-in, for example, in your apartment. Rather, the symbol shows that the usual order in life is mixed up.

The dream interpretation also refers to the condition of the apartment after the break-in: Was this messy and was searched, so is the dreamer after searching for something in his life.

Dream of an intruder in home – If one experiences the break-in into a building, a single-family or multi-family house in the dream experience, then this, according to traditional dream interpretation, always points to the psychic life of the dreamer.

Here, the intruder is an influence from the outside, which gives unauthorized access to the house and thus to the emotional and spiritual world.

Is there someone you dislike and whom you want to avoid? The subconscious mind may be processing just that feeling.

If one’s own home is threatened in a dream and there is a burglary, the dreaming is afraid of his hidden desires that could come to light.

Dreams of killing an intruder- The burglar’s dream symbol, which was killed by somebody after a burglary, clearly shows that the dreaming has a problem with a certain person in the awake life.

Somebody who has taken something from him – be it the new girlfriend of the ex or the colleague who got the promotion – will be harmed in the dream.

The dreaming should become aware of his feelings and learn to deal with them.


Mostly it is the hope of valuable stolen goods, which leads a person to commit an intrusion.

The burglar, with the help of intrusion tools such as a crowbar, a hammer, a pair of pliers or a lock pick, gains unauthorized access to a house or apartment when the occupants are not present.

Dreams about such events can have various interpretations and meanings.

Hopefully this dream interpretation was helpful and that you were able to find the answer to your questions.