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Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling – Meaning and Symbolism

It is part of every house and offers the inhabitants protection from bad weather like rain and wind or the hot summer sun. Everybody probably sees many rooftops every day when he leaves his home and walks the street.

So it is no wonder that a roof often appears in a dream. Often the dream symbol “roof” is combined there with a building like a house, so that the dreaming sees a house roof or a roof gable, roof tiles or beams.

But maybe also “sparrows have whistled something off the rooftops” – something that everyone knows long ago and what you do not need to keep secret anymore.

But why do you dream of a roof and what does your subconscious mind want to tell you with this dream symbol?

Dreaming of Leaking Ceiling – Meaning

Especially as an integral part of houses, it is the job of a roof to protect the inhabitants from nature, so keep dry and warm in the rain and snow and to ensure in winter in bright sunshine for some coolness.

This protective idea plays an important role in the dream interpretation, so that in many variants of the dream image “roof” aspects of protection flow.

So your dream, if you are in a house in it, could mean that you have the proverbial “roof over your head” and are thus protected from the weather.

Often you can interpret this dream further, so that then not only the protection against the weather conditions, but also from other dangers and adversities of everyday life is meant.

Anyone confronted with a water damage in their house or apartment needs good nerves, patience, a plumber and above all a good insurance, which will pay for the damage and the repair work.

If you now think that water damage is rare, insurers’ figures prove the opposite. A burst pipe or a defective washing machine often cause the flooding of the living rooms or a dampening of the walls.

The wet can cause enormous damage, also on the building fabric.

A simple unexpected phone call can make us forget that we were about to take a bath. So we may sit completely relaxed in the living room and talk on the phone, while the faucet is still turned up and the bathroom develops into a small pond.

Water damage does not always have to be caused by a technical defect, but can also be the result of your own carelessness.

What does the dream interpretation look like to the dream symbol “water damage” and how does one interpret the dream image on the different dream levels?

A water damage is in the general dream interpretation for something that is out of control.

Water is a force of nature, but in this case it can only make its way, because what it holds back has a weak spot.

Dreaming of Leaking ceiling – Symbolism

Dream of water from the ceiling – Dreaming of water in the home according to popular tradition is not a good omen: it would announce misfortunes and misfortunes for the inhabitants.

In reality the meaning of this dream, from a psychological point of view, is a bit different, depending on the circumstances.

To understand the dream, obviously, we must keep in mind the meanings of the house and the water in dreams.

Then you have to understand why there is water in the house and where it comes from.

Dream of flood through ceiling – Was there a flood? Has the sea overwhelmed you? In these dreams we see the water that violently enters the house, perhaps from the window, soon advances and invades everything.

Since the house represents the dreamer’s ego, and water represents emotions and feelings, it is likely that these dreams mean that your soul is upset, shaken, overwhelmed by strong emotions.

Dream of rain pouring into your home through ceiling – If instead it rains and rainwater enters the house, it is possible that this represents sadness, insecurity and uneasiness in the dreamer, who does not find shelter from the bad weather of life even in his own home, that is in his Self.

There is nothing to worry about even if you see water in a room in the house – dreaming of water on the floor, even if it is small, is a loss. The same is true when you dream of water coming out of the walls, or filtering through the roof, which drips from the ceiling.

Dreaming of water leaks and infiltrations represents the emergence of painful memories, or long-suppressed emotions, which have not found an outlet outside; therefore they flow inside the house, that is to say of ourselves.

Water that drips or drips at home, wanting to make an analogy, is similar to the tears of a silent cry of the heart. Where does so much unhappiness arise from? Try to figure out which ‘valve’ that does not hold well within your inner being, and caused this spill.

Alternatively, a water leak may also indicate physical impairment: in this case the house should be understood as a “body”, and water leakage as a “loss of energy”.

The room in the house where you see water, or the point from which it comes out can give you some clues about the cause or source of your discomfort / malaise. In fact, every part of the house has its own precise meaning.

I conclude by recalling that dreaming water is very common for a pregnant woman; since the house in dreams represents, in addition to its own ego, even one’s body, for a pregnant woman to dream of water at home could be the representation of her body that “fills with water”, or the amniotic fluid that will host the child . So there is nothing to worry about, indeed!

Applied to the real world, a dream of water damage is closely related to helplessness and loss of control. The leaked water symbolizes suppressed fears that the dreaming man tries to hide or compulsively control.

However, these are so strong that they make their way to the surface and thus prompt the dreaming person to act.

She should deal with these fears, because only then can anxiety thoughts be worked on and dissolved.

Another interpretation of the dream image “water damage” but can also point out that you have actually just experienced a similar situation or just could prevent them.

For a more detailed interpretation, one should also look at the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “water”, because here are often further connections between dream situation and awake life.

Also on a psychological level, water damage has something to do with control. In real life, one may tend to be very controlled in his emotions.

This can often be helpful in everyday life, because showing emotions can ultimately make them vulnerable and vulnerable.

However, the dream symbol “water damage” shows that the barrel is already overflowing and could threaten a feeling outbreak if one does not learn to deal with his emotions better, instead of suppressing them.

The water damage in the dream can also indicate to the dreaming that something in his life threatens to fail or break.

Think about whether in your relationship life everything is as it should be or whether only the beautiful outer appearance is maintained, while the inner core is already crumbling.


From the perspective of the spiritual plane, the dream image “water damage” symbolizes the elemental power of the emotions and advises the dreaming to pay more attention to his inner guidance.

Perhaps your leaking ceilings in dreams are just a warning sign to take your responsibilities more seriously and to give 100% of you for everything you are doing. Only this way you can achieve greatness and become the best version of yourself you can be.