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Dreaming of Meat – Meaning and Symbolism

What does raw meat represent? In the modern vision of dream interpretation, it symbolizes the need to satisfy one’s own instinctive needs. The deep need to survive, giving vent to one’s instincts and needs. Meat is one of the oldest foods, eaten since ancient times to satisfy its survival needs. And this is precisely what raw meat represents, the profound need for satisfaction.

Flesh is the symbol of libido, of contact, of one’s need to give vent to one’s impulses. As always, it is essential to understand what the role of raw meat is in one’s dream and how we relate to it: are we primarily eating it or do we see someone eating it? Are we biting it? Do we refuse it? Do we offer it to others? The details are fundamental for a complete and articulated interpretation.

Dreaming of Meat – Meaning

What does it mean to dream of raw meat? Flesh in dreams has a very precise meaning that calls into question the desires and the bond that one has with the body, both one’s own and that of others.

This is why Freud already linked the meat that appeared in a dream to the intimate sphere and to the relationship with a partner in psychoanalysis, and Jung also linked this type of dream to physical pleasure, without however limiting it to just the intimate sphere, thus also including involvement on an emotional level. .

The interpretation of the dream is closely linked to the type of meat we dream of, that is to say if it appears raw or cooked and, in this case, in order to understand the meaning of the dream it is important to remember once awake how it was cooked (if roast, boiled, in a pan etc.).

To dream of raw meat is to highlight a certain physical weakness, which may concern those who have dreamed it or those who were about to eat raw meat within the dream.

If, therefore, you happened to dream of raw meat recently, you should pay more attention to your diet and dedicate yourself more carefully to the kitchen. If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of a person who eats raw meat, in all probability there is concern for that person.

The interpretation of the dream can then be even more precise based on the type of meat dreamed of.

If raw meat is red, for example, the reference is to physical strength and the dream tells us that we need to recover energy, mainly through nutrition. When instead the raw meat of the dream is about to be cooked, it symbolizes the recovery and the exit from a period that was particularly difficult and required additional efforts to be overcome.

Furthermore, raw meat could be ground and in this case it symbolizes control: the strength that is being recovered is both physical and character.

Dreaming of rotten meat brings nothing good. It is possible that this meat is full of worms or other insects such as flies (in which case we recommend you check the meaning of dreaming of flies), so the meaning would be different.

Dreaming of cooked meat: represents that our loved ones will be a great support to overcome the difficult moments and face the sorrows and bad drinks of life. Cooked meat is also a symbol of joy for having reached our proposed goals.

If you dream that you buy a lot of meat in the butcher shop, you are in luck, because it is a dream that symbolizes abundance, material and spiritual wealth, thanks to the fruits of your work, that the lottery has touched you or that you have inherited a great fortune of a deceased loved one.

Dreaming that we chop the meat does not have a positive meaning, in fact it is a dream that brings bad omens and warns us of impending catastrophes.

It is also important that you read the meaning of dreaming with knives, since with them the meat is cut. If you see that this nightmare torments you too much, we advise you to talk to a psychologist to find a solution as soon as possible.

If you dream of human flesh it means that you have a intimate appetite and are loaded with sensuality. But it can also be interpreted as a lack of love and affection in your life because you are alone, or because you are not satisfied enough with your partner.

Dreaming of Meat – Symbolism

Dreaming of raw meat, within the dream, can have different meanings.

On the one hand it can symbolize intimate instinct and desire, but on the other it can be an omen of something wrong, of discomfort, something anyway negative that leaves no hope for optimism.

It is an image full of metaphorical power, which is used to make people reflect and ask questions that dream about it.

A dreamlike vision that does not leave quiet and that upon awakening puts a strong sense of anguish and discomfort.

Raw meat in dreams and psychology – From the psychological point of view, experts say, we feel the need to let off steam, to follow up on a work of purification that we had begun a long time ago but which had not materialized.

We need to free ourselves from physical inhibitions, to break down castles that also hinder our mind. It is a wake-up call, which informs us of hidden needs which, if not met, risk hitting a dark and difficult period.

What it means to dream of raw meat – Buy it: you are about to experience a pain you never expected. It will be a bolt from the blue, and you will not be able to understand yourself when your negative omen will come true. This negative meaning is typical of female dream experiences.

Cooking raw meat – finally a positive meaning. You are about to change something in your life, in a decisive and permanent way. You are able to make a change in your life, after a difficult period, in which you have always dreamed of change but have never succeeded in your intent.

Not being able to cook it – this dream means that you have difficulty in obtaining material advantages: the circumstances could be propitious for a profit, but some inconveniences will prevent you from obtaining the benefits so much hoped for and coveted until the end.

Cutting raw meat – this dream presages a very important gain, which will allow you to change your lifestyle. You could get, as soon as possible, an important legacy or a legacy, which you will have to manage with discretion, so as not to waste it.

Eating raw meat – this dream, in spite of you, is synonymous with a negative omen, with the loss of something dear, something material you hold dear. It can also predict the loss of a person, not by force caused by death, but by forced removal.

Dream of eating it with taste – you will finally be able to satisfy your deepest and most hidden intimate urges. After a long time, your desires and your passion will be satisfied, to your complete satisfaction. Maybe you have come out of a period of abstinence that has particularly marked you.

Seeing someone who eats raw meat – that person will give you a lot of pain very soon, he will make fun of you, and you will not be able to do anything to counter it. It is a situation that has been going on for a long time, but only on balance will you realize it. Yours in spite of yourself.

Dream of raw human meat in pieces – If you happen to dream of raw sausage meat, it means that very soon you could suffer a rather strong disappointment, caused by a loved one, to whom you care a lot and from whom you would never expect such a dirty game.

If you have ever dreamed of crude human flesh, although it is a rather unpleasant and reprehensible image, do not be scandalized too much, but rejoice, because very soon you could get benefits, even economic, of riches, which could also enrich you from the point of human sight.

Although it may be strange to you, dreaming of meat happens to many people and its meaning varies depending on the context of the dream and how the meat is, since it will be interpreted differently if it is raw than if it is roasted, fresh or rotten.

Unless you are a vegetarian, you will most likely eat meat almost daily. And this nutritious food can be prepared in a thousand different ways. You can make a delicious baked chicken or just cook a grilled breast. As this food is very typical of our diet and there are thousands of recipes, it is normal for you to dream of meat and its derivatives.

Likewise, to clarify the meaning of the dream, one must look at the origin of the meat, from which animal it comes from and the state in which it is found.

The interpretation is not the same if you are bingeing yourself with a roast of Argentine meat than if you have prepared a turkey steak to take care of your line, and the meaning also changes if the meat is red and looks good if it is rotten.

A probable case is to dream that you are eating meat with vegetables, so it would be appropriate to read the interpretation of dreams with food if you want to know it more accurately.

This is something you should keep in mind regardless of the food that accompanies the meat on the plate. If in your dream you prepared a plum rabbit sauce, you should consult what it means to dream about plums, because it is an element that the subconscious also showed you.

The meaning and interpretation of your dream may vary depending on how the plot develops and the way you act.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide in which you will discover all the symbolism and psychoanalysis of the meat in your dreams.


Dreaming of raw meat indicates that soon a family member, a friend or even yourself could get a severe illness, so you must remain alert and not get away from the people around you.

In addition, this dream also symbolizes those difficulties that prevent us from advancing our projects and cause us some frustration.

Another possible interpretation when dreaming of raw meat is associated with the fact that we should take things slowly, act with premeditation and should slow down the pace to better analyze the situations that are presented to us. Keep it especially in mind if during sleep the meat appears with a lot of blood.

Dreaming of cooking meat means that you are fulfilling the objectives that you have set, that you are reaping the result of long years of effort and that you are happy to have succeeded in your decisions and to have achieved success with it.

When you dream that you cook pork or beef, it means that you are an enterprising person who embarks on new plans to make our dreams come true, and be proud of our achievements that will give us joy and well-being.

In all cases, dreams can have different interpretations, and it all comes down to what were the details of your dream, so you can get a precise interpretation.