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Dreaming of Pizza – Meaning and Symbolism

Pizza and pasta of all kinds are undoubtedly among the most popular dishes in the world. They are prepared quickly and offer countless variations.

Especially the pizza is one of the classics, even if it has to go fast. The frozen supermarket pizza in the oven in a few minutes to get a crispy meal. And if the kitchen is to remain cold, just call the pizza service and a little later you will hold a steaming box with a delicious pizza in your hand.

Pizza tastes so good again, it is made with dough, sauce and topping. With the right Mediterranean spices such as oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary and paprika, a pizza becomes a delicious treat.

But can the desire for a pizza affect our dream world? Or what can be the cause of the dream of a pizza?

Dreaming of Pizza – Meaning

In dream interpretation, the dream image “pizza” can be symbolic of the general desire for recreation and holidays.

The dreaming combines the pleasure of a pizza with the flair of southern countries and the longing for sun, sea and heat. Maybe this holiday will soon be there for him and the pizza room is, so to speak, an expression of his anticipation of the holiday season.

In the dream to eat a pizza, however, also speaks for the enjoyment of the dreaming person. It can also play a role, whether it has prepared the pizza itself and with good ingredients. If this is the case, this also shows the ability to perceive one’s own needs and to provide for their satisfaction.

Pizza, which one eats in the presence or together with friends, is for the interpretation of dreams expression of social skills.

The dreaming loves the company, the cozy and intimate get-together with dear people. In addition, he is always concerned about the well-being of other people and even puts himself behind when the situation requires it.

If you buy a pizza in a supermarket in the dream, you should expect in real life with a quick visit. So it would not hurt to budget a few more people the next time you go shopping.

For the psychological dream interpretation, the topping of the pizza can be helpful in the individual analysis. Was the pizza sparsely occupied, maybe only with tomatoes and cheese? Or was it stocked with many other delicious ingredients, such as olives, ham, salami, rocket and much more? A “lean” pizza can be seen as a sign of modesty on a dream level. The dreaming is a frugal person who takes little for himself.

A very rich and abundant pizza, on the other hand, embodies the opposite from the point of view of dream interpretation. The dreaming person tends to never get enough of everything.

This can also be transferred to the relationship level. The demands that she has on the partner can be fulfilled by him more and more difficult and he becomes the plaything of their exaggerated ideas.

This can cause the partner to turn away frustrated at some point or that the affected person himself loses the desire for him, because the other person has become a person without his own personality.

Depending on how the dream image “pizza” appears in our dreams, it may conceal a hidden sexual symbolism behind it. As pleasurable as one in Italy consumes a pizza with a glass of red wine on a balmy summer night, the passionate side of the dreaming can be so devoted. Pay attention to the toppings of the dreamy pizza.

So many ingredients could act like an aphrodisiac and make the fire of sexual passion even more flaming.

From the point of view of the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image “pizza” embodies the dedication to life. The dreaming can entrust himself to his spiritual guidance and draw from the abundance that always surrounds him.

In the intensity of the world of dreams when we refer to meals, in this case very timely dreaming of a pizza has different interpretations, in which everything depends on the type of pizza and the fact of seeing how the dream unfolds is the symbolism of it.

In fact, pizzas are usually a type of food that most people like, but dreaming of pizzas is not surprising, specifically if we are lovers of this type of Italian food.

Dreaming of Pizza – Symbolism

When it comes to dreams about pizza, we have to be sure and keep in mind that we can achieve what we set out, we have to stand firm in all the decisions we make, let alone abandon if we face the first obstacle.

Dreaming of a big pizza – The size of the pizza greatly influences the meaning, by dreaming of a large pizza, it can indicate that we are open and familiar people, demonstrating in this way that we enjoy the company of others, knowing how to enjoy all those good moments

Dream of a burnt pizza – If when we dream we have the presence of a burnt pizza, our sub-conscious can tell us that soon we will succeed in love, but this does not mean that we should not be cautious in order to obtain a better margin of success.

Dreaming of a raw pizza- When we have a unique level of sleep as is the case of dreaming of a raw pizza, we have the efficiency that can symbolize that certain economic setbacks are approaching, this is an excellent warning for us to move more cautiously at the moment of being able to Save and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dream of kneading pizza – If the dreamer is kneading pizza, it means that in our family nucleus there will be a family agreement without any kind of conflict and without notice of discussion, where the treatment is imminent.

Dream of selling pizza – When we in the dream manage to sell a pizza at the price we want, it is a symbol that we have a firm character and that we are hopelessly influenced.

In case we cannot close the sale, it indicates that it is normally we who are weak in the face of the claims of others with the aim of maintaining our friendships and avoiding conflicts.

Dream of eating pizza – When the dreamer is eating pizza, he wants to tell us that he is recognized and therefore he will deserve success in life, feeling that in a short time all the objectives, at the national level will be achieved and exceeded the expectations established in him, meaning that he is a persistent and consistent person to achieve it.

Dream of cooking pizza – When the dreamer has the experience of finding himself cooking a pizza, he means that the dreamer has a great capacity to develop when deciding on important moments.

It is very necessary to analyze the meanings and each of the interpretations of these types of dreams to reach a better conclusion in order to make decisions.

Dreaming of a pizza box – If when we dream we see a pizza box, it suggests that an important message will be said in the near future.

But at the time of the dream the pizza delivery is made to the dreamer, it influences that he needs to achieve the goals without much effort, but if the dreamer is the pizza delivery man, this suggests the dreamer is the one who should convey the important messages of those who have little or no control.

Dreaming of pizza dough – If we dream of kneading pizza, it is the clear example that it indicates that we must adapt more easily to the upcoming events in order to handle them more efficiently and thus obtain greater success.

Dreaming of a giant pizza – It symbolizes that in addition to being a very open person in the family it indicates that we have a huge influence on others in our family and are very respected.


These types of dreams in particular are not frequent dreams, but they are still less important than others since the fact of trying to subtract a meaning from the message that can throw this type of unusual dream.

In most cases, dreaming about pizza is a symbolism of dreaming abundantly at the doors of our lives, but in other aspects it can symbolize some kind of laziness or need to get some source of motivation to reach our goals.