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Dreaming of Snails – Meaning and Symbolism

In the middle Ages, the snail was considered a symbol of virginity and resurrection. The snail has very rarely an intimate meaning in the dream, even if it embodies the female reproductive organ after the vernacular.

The main meaning of the snail in the dream is very similar to the turtle.

Along with this comes the proverbial slowness, which in some cases goes hand in hand with indecision and hypersensitivity. The snail in the dream is an indication of constancy and self-restraint. Moving at a snail’s pace means direct, planned, cautious action.

Anyone who sees them wants to slow down in a particular matter, but may be overwhelmed by the results.

If we crush a snail in the dream, then our patience is over in the awake life, – we want to act, but could do a carelessness. If we get the creature out of his house, we want to part with a hypersensitive fellow man.

Patience is needed when we see a snail creeping into her house. By the way, the shell can rewrite brittle virginity like a shell.

Have you ever dreamed of snails? Were they in shell or not? Sea or land? Behind every dream there are various interpretations based on the way and the context in which they appeared to you.

Dreaming of Snails – Meaning

Dreaming of snails is a rare dream experience, but closely linked to the perception of personality and social contact. It is a special dream, often linked to motherhood and also to the sexual sphere.

The snail is by definition a hermaphrodite animal, so it can be a dream linked to a period of confusion or uncertainty under this sphere of the dreamer’s life.

It is one of those dreams that deserves to be analyzed deeply, because a lot depends on the shape of the snail and on the presence or not of the shell, which symbolizes the house and at the same time the protection from the adversities of everyday life. In the book of dreams, dreaming of shell snails is closely linked to the need for protection, but also to the need to be on one’s own and to experience a period of reflection.

If you dream of snails, it is likely that you are faced with a problem to be solved, which requires meditating and closing in on oneself, but also an unhappy social situation, which asks to be abandoned in the name of a more serene life and protected. If I am without shell it is symptomatic of a sensation of nudity and also of exposure.

The dreamer lives a very particular dream experience, which can lead to an unpleasant awakening because he feels naked, exposed and therefore attacked by enemies in everyday life.

This dream can follow the discovery of a truth, or even the abandonment by a loved one, who used to be a refuge and an important protection for the dreamer.

From the psychological point of view, therefore, it is possible that you are living in a period in which you need to be on your own, within your shell, and reflect on your life and your needs.

You have dreams, but you want to reach the goal on your own, because you are afraid of the judgment of others.

As mentioned above, the dream snail can be a symbol of laziness and difficulty in acting or expressing oneself. Specifically, it can denote that we have difficulties in working and in achieving our goals.

Alternatively, the snail in dreams can reflect our reflective character, our slowness in making decisions.

However, precisely because of this, he may advise moving faster to avoid missing opportunities and having regrets. For its shell, then, it could refer to our tendency to isolate ourselves, to reflect or for shyness.

Dreaming of Snails – Symbolism

Since the snail is a slimy animal, which leaves the drool and can arouse disgust, dreaming of one can also represent a period in which we feel weak and vulnerable.

Otherwise, it can indicate that we love freedom, we are little inclined to fixed relationships and for this, sometimes, we could be judged negatively.

Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that snails have horns and in dreams they may also indicate a period in which we are betraying our partner or that we feel or have been betrayed.

The snail in itself denotes introversion, timidity, the tendency to close itself continually in its shell and marginalize itself compared to the rest of the world. It reflects the way of facing life, with great calm and tranquility or in other cases it can recall the act of fertility and reproduction.

If you dreamed of shell snails you probably have little desire to be with others, you feel the need to be on your own, isolated from everything and everyone. In other cases it may represent exclusion from some kind of situation you are experiencing or you simply feel excluded from someone in particular.

Snails without shell represent the fragility, the insecurity and the continuous search to want to isolate themselves in their own shell – absent. Precisely this absence makes them invulnerable.

If you dream of giant snails it means that you live with anxiety in your sexual sphere, while if you dream about them maybe in reality you are bothered by something or feel the need to have a child, but you can’t achieve this strong desire.

Dream of snails crawling over – it is a dreamlike experience with a double meaning. Creeping snails are symbolic of the desire to reproduce and are often dreamed of when it is difficult to achieve simple motherhood.

The second interpretation of the dream concerns the need to free oneself from a particularly creeping, suffocating and oppressive figure, which has entered the dreamer’s experience in a subtle way.

Dream of giant snails – this dream turns out perfectly normal and indicates that there is a lot of confusion from the sexual point of view.

The snail is a very special animal, which does not reveal its sex clearly, so the dream may indicate that the sexual sphere is experiencing a period of crisis or confusion.

Dream of collecting snails – even giants, it is a positive dream experience, as it indicates that they are reaping the fruits of their sexuality, or that they could get pregnant.

The dream of collecting snails acquires greater value if the partner or person from whom you wish to have children is also present.

Dream of preparing snails – it is a sign of social approval. Snails are particular animals, so enjoying them at a banquet means that the dreamer has reached a good position in his life, feels satisfied and has no problems in the spheres of everyday professional, loving and social life.

Dreaming of snails in the hair – If you have ever dreamed about snails in your hair, in all likelihood you are experiencing a period full of problems, a moment of your confused life, from which you can’t get out, because you can’t find Volta’s key.

If you happen to dream of escaping snails, it means that in recent times you have had several romantic and sexual possibilities, but you have made them all escape from under your nose. Probably, others will happen, and you will have to be more prepared.

Dreaming of a walking snail – could herald a passing difficulty. See in dream snails cooked invites you to enjoy your sentimental serenity.

Dreaming of eating them – can announce interesting news.

Dreaming of sea snails – could herald an imminent change in circumstances.

Seeing a dead snail – in a dream could reflect a loss of energy. Dreaming of snails is quite rare, its meaning in dreams most often recalls the act of reproduction and fertility, in other cases it can instead reflect your way of dealing with life situations, calmly and tranquility, or it can reflect your tendency to marginalize yourself from the world that surrounds you and close you in yourself.

Recall that snails, in addition to being considered to be likeable animals, are often used for delicious dishes, at least for carnivores!

Dreaming of so many snails – often strengthens the symbolism and its interpretative meaning of dreams.

Dreaming of snails with shell – can reflect your mood, you probably want to be a little on your own, the pressures and worries of life make you feel the desire to isolate yourself a little from everything and everyone, in other cases may represent your feeling excluded from some type of situation you are experiencing or from someone.

As we said, the snail symbolizes fertility, therefore, it could also promise a happy event.

Dreaming of snails without shells – can reflect your feeling “naked” in life, you feel fragile and insecure and you would like to take refuge in your “shell”, but you know you can’t do it and this makes you fickle.

Dreaming about snails – can mean that you feel the need to reproduce, you have this strong desire that you obviously can’t achieve in life and this pours into your dreams, or you are simply annoyed by something; not what you are wearing a slug ?!

Dreaming of giant snails – The snail in general is a hermaphrodite animal, dreaming of a giant snail can reflect your fear and your insecurity about your sexuality, your anxieties about this issue overwhelm you and make you vulnerable.


There are those who dream about them with their horns and there are betrayals in sight or those who think well of making them a beautiful feast and this means wanting to emerge within the social status to which they belong and to become number one.

In addition to fertility, snails also represent love and marriage; therefore dreaming while you are collecting them means that fortune assists you and that the time has come to reap the benefits of your relationship.

Depending on the ties with the memories we have we can dream of sea or land; snails that eat leaves means job loss, snails that mate and want to transgress and regret past loves.

In short, if you’ve dreamed of snails, the advice is to get out of your laziness and not miss the opportunities that arise!