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Dreaming of Vampires – Meaning and Symbolism

No need to have seen Twilight, Count Dracula or traveled to Transylvania or any dark episode to dream of vampires. There are stories, movies, books about these impressive beings that fangs suck blood becoming one more of their pack.

But what meaning will these nocturnal beings have? Do they really become bats? It is time to give a good interpretation of what you have dreamed.

To look for the meaning of dreams with lollipops, it is essential that you remember every detail that was presented in the dream and the behavior you had in front of them.

Were there many who were chasing you? Did they fly away? Were there werewolves? Were there witches and zombies? If you are a gothic lover, your subconscious may send you these images, which is very normal. Since while you sleep you think about each of the events of the day and things that disturb or fascinate you.

Dreaming of Vampires – Meaning

If you have felt the terror of vampires, it is likely that this nightmare will wake you up with your heart racing.

The reason for seeking eternal life, sucking blood and sleeping all day may be reason that appears to you during the nights. If you really feel identified with the meanings of vampire dreams, read below what it is all about.

Dreaming of vampires is commonly related to fears and diseases. However, if during the dream you do not have fear, the interpretation becomes something different.

These fictional creatures called vampires feed on blood and have had great acceptance in the film and malicious series industries. As well as importance in novels of the genre making this vampire figure bigger and bigger.

In the dream world it is interpreted as seduction or sensuality, it can also mean death itself or fear of going through serious situations. The attitude presented in the dream will determine the interpretation. These terrifying creatures that appear in dreams can have different meanings, depending on the situations.

Other meanings are that in life we ​​look for certain goals that we want to achieve and pursue and until you do not succeed, do not stop. If someone puts you in an impediment to make dreams come true, you better not do it. Get away from people who send you negative comments as they can affect your soul.

Dream about vampires that bite – When you dream that a vampire bites you, it reveals that you are a fragile target to be manipulated by any interested person.

Perhaps his friendship is false and what he wants is to take advantage of your goodness. He will achieve the goal to hurt you, so be careful with the people around you.

If you are a young girl and have had this kind of dream it means that you are struggling to lose your virginity. A part of you encourages you not to commit that sexual act since the boy does not suit you. You could say that it is a mixture of ideas that are not very clear, but now is the time to seek the interpretation of dreams.

Here comes into play emotions caused by sleep, since the bite is pleasant to you, then that intense relationship will soon arrive. Within you the desire to love burns as soon as possible, in case you have not done so, it is a sign of desire to take the step. Be careful with those frenzy moments.

Dream about human vampires – In general, if you have dreamed of both, it reveals danger, so you should not get carried away by your carnal instincts. It is time to strip hidden possessions and desires. This way you will become a great threat to yourself and the people around you.

Another interpretation of dreams indicates that you are weak, without energy and have no difficulty avoiding discussions, confrontations as you will be hurt. So put all the attention so that you recover your vitality and get out of any situation.

Vampires are a species, whether fictional or not, that has given what to talk for centuries. And much more now that the literature and film industries seem to have given them a privileged place among youth, in books and movies where vampires increasingly become the way we remember them to another more idealized by readers.

Curiously, this trend has sounded that, in addition to finding them even in the soup, they have also had a good time roaming the darkest corners of our dreams. In this post we will go into the interpretations that can be given to the dream of vampire.

Dream about Vampires – Symbolism

Vampires are mostly, and as they were originally portrayed, soulless beings that devour the vital essence of the humans and animals they find nearby. This is precisely why since their creation these beings were feared and caused tremors in the bravest just by listening to one of their stories.

It is precisely for this reason that in our dreams they are generally terrifying creatures, and this has a meaning for us that will explain why they are there.

If dreaming of a vampire for the sleeper is terrifying – it is an unequivocal symbology of illness. It is likely that in your body a virus or bacteria is eager to make life within you and begin to, like those profane creatures in which the dream is inspired, suck your vitality.

It is very common to get sick soon after a vampire has been seen in dreams. It is a way of the subconscious to give us notice that something harmful grows in us.

Dreaming of vampires chasing you – It is a disease symbology, it is likely that a bacterium or virus is forming inside you.

Those profane creatures will begin to suck vitality. It is common that you start to get sick after having this dream since your subconscious will warn you that something harmful is coming.

Dream of a vampire that bites you – When in your dreams you are bitten by the vampire it is an interpretation that within your environment there is one or more people who see in you, more than a friend or a comrade, a way to satisfy or satisfy their own interests.

When you dream about a vampire that fits your teeth you should start observing around you, because the safest thing is that there is a person who spends time adulterating you and talking to you in the kindest ways, but what he wants is to take advantage of you.

Dream of vampire bite for women – However, for women to dream that a vampire bites them can have a quite different interpretation. The arrival of Stephanie Meyer and the very sensual vampires of her sagas created in women, and why not, in some men, a taste for the beings of darkness.

Here comes into play the emotions produced by the dream, because if the bite instead of frightening you is pleasant, then marks the need for the early arrival of an intense relationship; It tells you that within you boil the desire to reach the physical as soon as possible, and in case you have not tried it yet, it is a sign of the desire to lose that virgin innocence. Be very careful with what you do in that state of bloody frenzy.

Dreaming that vampires are killed – Since everything can happen in dreams, it could also turn around the tortilla and instead of dreaming of a vampire that attacks us, it is we who put ourselves in Buffy the vampire slayer and we are distributing garlic and stakes out there.

If you dream that vampires are killed the meaning is that you want to eliminate something that is known to be toxic or harmful.

It can be a person whose presence alone affects us in a bad way, or a bad habit that leads us to a point of vice and pain. Dreaming that vampires are killed is the way our mind has to tell us that we must cut off with these things that are causing us great pain.

If you dream that vampires fight – If vampires fighting each other means that many things are happening around us that come together to harm us or serve as obstacles.

When a multitude of these beings gather to fight in the dream, it means that in their personal lives there are several people who wish to harm them, but it is not known which of them will be the one who takes the first bite.

It can also mean that there are several obstacles or potentially dangerous situations approaching and that you must be alert.

Dream about being a vampire – By dreaming that you are the vampire, we tell ourselves that we are the type of person who is capable of betraying another. If dreaming of a vampire is a symbol of a person who may want to harm you, being the vampire is a sign that we are this person, who is waiting for our victim to neglect to hit.

It should be noted that as a karma and as a person this is not a very good thing, and it is the way the mind has to ask you to give up.

When these terrifying creatures appear in our dreams they can have different meanings, these can change depending on the situations that occur in the dream. If you only dream of vampires, but they don’t bite you, this indicates that you have 2 totally different faces and could even be confused with bipolarity.

It can be interpreted as 2 totally different personalities, one kind, charming and sweet in front of the other full of evil and hate. Many times you can interpret this dream with physical fatigue and emotional fatigue when you are tired or tired of being hurt in love.

Dream of being bitten by vampire – When a vampire bites you in the dream, this means that you can be an easy target to be manipulated by an interested person, there is no friendly relationship and it is pure interest to get what that person wants from you.

He will idolize you and offer you his company at all times with the aim of taking advantage of your person.


We can find ourselves in the situation that we come to dream that a vampire bites you, this dream means that certain people see in you a special interest or a role model.

Probably someone close to your environment wants to take advantage of your way of being or your goodwill.

When a young girl dreams of vampires this means that she is struggling internally between losing virginity and sex. A part of his interior urges him not to commit any act of a sexual nature when he knows that this boy or this man does not suit him and on the other hand his desire to lose his virginity.

You could say that there is a mixture of ideas that are not yet clear which will be your preference.

To dream that you are a vampire this means that you are a very selfish person and you are taking advantage of other people for your own interest. If you are sucking blood on someone in the dream, this may indicate that you have taken advantage of that person who is sucking blood.

Other related dreams that may interest you is the meaning of dreaming of blood or the interpretation of dreaming with spirits among others, you should keep in mind that dreaming of vampires is not an easy dream to interpret and you should always analyze the context where the dream.