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Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of a crocodile can often be a real nightmare. The important thing is that you know yourself to try to understand if the image represents your person or someone around you.

This animal symbolizes in the collective imagination the sense of danger, of aggression or the need to be on guard against some enemy that revolves around, but depending on the context the dream will give you many hints to interpret the reality that you live with greater awareness.

If you dream of little crocodiles the meanings are different: on the horizon unexpected events are expected which, if taken in time, you can easily manage. It symbolizes that so many small problems are reappearing that make you helpless and insecure or, if you want to see the positive side of the dream, perhaps a very strong spirit of survival is emerging in you that makes you particularly aggressive and willing to react.

If the crocodile bites it is not at all a good omen: someone is betraying you. If it’s you biting maybe you’re repressing a strong rage, ready to explode, towards a neighbor. If in life you feel overloaded with responsibilities and haunted by fears, then you have just dreamed of being chased by this animal.

If the crocodile attacks it means that you made your fears take over and total control over your person or even symbolize the “attack” of a colleague in the workplace. To find out more about this dream and to learn what your dream represents, keep on reading.

Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles Symbolism in Cultures

The crocodile is a reptile of great size and prehistoric appearance. It is, in fact, a very ancient animal that, although with many modifications aimed at adaptation, has survived since the Triassic.

Different species are known and are present, with different names, in all continents except Europe. The crocodile in the strict sense lives in Africa and southern Asia; the gavial in India, the alligator in America and China, the caiman in Brazil and South America.

When he is young he eats fish while as an adult he eats animals and even men. Although it is endowed with a discrete row of teeth, it does not chew the food, so after a big meal it is reduced to a kind of numbness. As a result of this he learned that putrid meat is undoubtedly better digestible and therefore easily feeds on carrions, acting as a very important scavenger for the ecosystem.

Slow, silent and insidious, it lives in rivers or near estuaries, swamps or lagoons. His hunting method is infallible: when he catches sight of the target, he flashes out of the water and with a quick movement, after grabbing his prey, he lowers his upper jaw to sink again. The characteristic of belonging both to the kingdom of the earth and to that of water makes it the symbol of fundamental contradictions.

It is agitated in the mud from which a rich and luxuriant vegetation originates: this is why it is considered a symbol of fertility. But then, because of his particular way of killing, furtive and suddenly, he represents wickedness. Lord of the mysteries of life and death, he is also the lord of occult knowledge, a symbol of light that alternately eclipses and dazzles.

It is above all in Ancient Egypt that this animal is a powerful symbol: Sobek, son of Neith, is the lord of waters and fishes and reigns supreme where earth and water unite; endowed with an uncommon vitality, it represents the energy of water. But he is also an archetype of the Devourer: insatiable, cold and bloodthirsty, he inexorably devours time and space, as well as souls who do not know how to justify their actions.

Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles – Meaning

Dreaming of crocodiles can be scary. Everyone knows the ferocity and the speed with which they attack, but the prehistoric aspect, the mimicry and the unexpected reactions can fascinate. What is the meaning of these dreams? And how do they relate to the reality of the dreamer? This article discusses the symbolism of the crocodile and the meanings of the most common dream images.

Dreaming of crocodiles, as for the snake, the dragon and other cold-blooded animals brings the dreamer into contact with the most archaic part of himself. It brings to light aspects so ancient and undifferentiated that it goes back to the mists of time: they are the primary instincts of the reptilian brain that reacts on the basis of primitive, urgent and fundamental sensory stimuli: eating, drinking, mating, reproducing, defending, attacking.

All the more impulses far from the educated and civilized rational mind belong to the crocodile in dreams that embodies the dark and primordial chaos that precedes the light of consciousness. So dreaming of crocodile’s means bypassing the mind and experiencing the power of this primitive part of itself and the more disavowed instinctually that internal censorship represents with the image of the crocodile.

Image that has great space in the collective unconscious of modern man and that emerges forcefully in dreams and fantasies as a frightening (and fascinating) symbol of all that is distant and alien and of the drives that, though hidden and disowned, vibrate in the deep of each individual.

The crocodile for the ancient Egyptians was a symbol of the underworld: psych pomp and devourer of unworthy souls had a respected, powerful and positive role. His disquieting and obscure appearance amplified the awe he owed to him as a symbol of the earth, lord of matter and water.

In the Amerindian cultures the crocodile was considered an expression of underground and fertilizing energies in which the forces of water and fire were concentrated.

In the West the biblical symbolism dominated it, bringing it closer to the strength and brutality of the dragon, of the Leviathan, transforming it into a monster of chaos and destructive ferocity. The meaning of the crocodile in dreams is essentially negative even if the characteristics of amphibian capable of living on earth and in water make it a symbol of strength and resistance, but the ferocity, aggression and voracity refer to evil, destruction and death.

Dreaming of crocodiles and dreaming of caimans can indicate what is false, hidden and untrustworthy, it can refer to a person to beware of or to a late and superficial sense of guilt (think of the expression “crying crocodile tears”).

On the positive side it can be considered an attempt to balance the most instinctive and renegade instances of the psyche with the contents of consciousness, or to represent the dreamer’s capacity to dominate his impulses.

It will be the context in which the crocodile and the caiman in dreams are presented and the interaction with the dreamer to determine its meaning and to lead in one direction rather than another.

Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles – Symbolism

Dream of a giant crocodile – it is a frightening experience for the dreamer who does not find meaning in what he sees in the dream, it is the most disturbing image of a disowned aspect whose energy is emphasized in order to strike attention and memory.

It can indicate everything that in reality is perceived as cruel, lacking in understanding, alien to the feelings and emotions accepted by the dreamer and his family and social environment.

These dreams signal to the dreamer both aspects of reality from which a threat can come (think of the expression “It is a real crocodile” that indicates people without scruples and compassion), that aspects of their character that emerge as automatisms and that they must be checked.

Dream a crocodile baby – represents the opposite aspect and indicates the possibility of contact with the unconscious energy represented by the crocodile, the possibility of knowing it and not being overwhelmed by fear.

On an objective level it alludes to the presence of a “small crocodile” in neighboring people (negative aspects, incomprehensible and distant from one’s own way of being and thinking), to the concern of a parent who perceives aggressive attitudes or tendencies that are difficult to manage in their own child.

Dreaming of a crocodile chasing you –it represents the power of instincts and “aspects of shadow” that do not loosen their grip on the dreamer and are perceived as a threat, as something worrisome and dangerous. It can indicate a person that the unconscious feels untrustworthy and has unclear intentions whose influence is invasive, and worrying.

Dreaming of aggressive crocodiles – it leads to an aggression not mediated by reason. Perhaps the dreamer had to repress what he heard, perhaps he is a person who, in reality, exaggerates in mediating and resolving conflicts in a peaceful way, repressing irritation and anger and his unconscious shows him that: energy not expressed and repressed , it becomes increasingly compressed and can turn into a fierce crocodile in dreams.

Dreaming of crocodile biting you – it can be connected to the emergence of the most primitive and uncontrolled instinctive impulses that are perceived as a danger by the primary aspects of the dreamer.

Dream of a crocodile that wants to eat me – shows all the apprehension and fears of the rational parts of oneself in the face of the force of the instinctive drives that boil. There is a fear of being swallowed up, of getting lost or being sucked into the removed and obscure contents of the unconscious.

Dream about a baby eating crocodile – same as above, but the image is specified by indicating the part of the personality that is crushed and hurt by the violent and uncontrolled emergence of instincts, or the most sensitive part linked to Puer Aeternus, to aspects of joy and lightness and to an approach to positive and peaceful life that are threatened.

Dream of a crocodile that kills – puts the dreamer in front of the consequences provoked by the explosion of instincts, destabilized balances, drastic and sudden changes.

This image can also indicate the need for change to take place and that the force that presses within itself can finally express itself and change a stagnant situation.

Dreaming of crocodiles – they are all images that show a good balance between instinctive drives and rational aspects. The dreamer knows how to manage the emotions he feels and succeeds in satisfying his instinctive desires before they become destructive in a way acceptable to the conscience.

Dream of crocodiles at home – shows the need to deal with aspects of the self that have the characteristics of a crocodile: they can be indifferent, cruel or aggressive, they can be instincts whose urgency demands an immediate satisfaction.

Dreaming of a crocodile in the bathroom – indicates aspects that have the characteristics of the crocodile that are perhaps ready to be cleaned and integrated in a more balanced way or to be definitively abandoned.

Dream of crocodile in the bedroom – it is an image linked to the intimate world and, often, to the couple’s relationship in which the aspects of the crocodile which manifest themselves as oppression on the other, or as the need to satisfy their sexual impulses without considering needs and desires of the partner.

Of course the crocodile of this size can be a symbol of the person who shares the bedroom, of his partner and this will have to make the dreamer think perhaps wounded by unpleasant and aggressive attitudes on his part.

Dreaming of a crocodile under the bed – as above, but with more references to sexual intercourse or ambiguous and hidden aspects in the partner.

Dreaming of a crocodile in the garden – on a subjective level it can indicate the awareness of the opposing forces that act within themselves: positive aspects capable of enjoying the wealth and beauty of the world, aspects that are obscure and reactive, vindictive, furtive.

While on an objective level it can warn the dreamer from someone who threatens his serenity, well-being and world view.

Dreaming of crocodiles in the pool – of this image two opposite symbolic poles are to be considered: on the one hand the wild and out-of-control nature of the crocodile, on the other the artificial and controlled structure of the pool.

The dreamer will have to ask himself in which situation and in what way the sudden and unthinkable impulses can destabilize his rational system.

This dream can also indicate an element of serious disturbance or danger in a quiet and controlled context (for example in the habits of the couple’s relationship).

Dream about crocodiles in the street – indicates the fear of the world outside the home, shows a dangerous, ambiguous and cruel reality.

Perhaps the dreamer has fears he is struggling with a challenging or negative reality and his unconscious is showing him the dangers and the need to move carefully.

Dreaming of crocodiles in the water – indicates a possible invasion of one’s own emotional world by people outside one’s own environment and indifferent to one’s feelings.

It can be the symbolic image of the removed contents that are going back to consciousness, of renegade ones who are showing themselves to the dreamer.

Dreaming of eating crocodile – it can be linked to the need to integrate some aspects of the crocodile symbol.

For example: when a person is overly naive and naive this dream can bring to light aspects of natural aggression, self-defense and selfishness that he needs and that could help him to open his eyes and protect himself in environments where competition is very high.

Or, on the contrary, the same image can indicate the tendency of the dreamer to exceed in unpleasant and negative, ruthless and unregulated attitudes.

Dreaming of giving birth to a crocodile – it means becoming aware of an obscure, reserved, unforeseeable aspect of oneself or of a situation that can have dangerous and unpredictable implications. It can highlight a “responsibility”.


Of course, dreams sometimes seem absurd, so absurd as to even be able to dream of a crocodile in the house: we deduce that you don’t feel comfortable even in a context that you should be familiar with. You constantly feel threatened even by people who are close to you.

The subconscious can sometimes play tricks and generate unlikely dreams. In any case, always interpret your dreams and think about how they can be applied to your real life.