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Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of being kidnapped or kidnapping can reflect your feeling “kidnapped” from a specific situation, working, family or love and you don’t know how to manage to extricate yourself; when you wake up you may feel distressed and disoriented.

What does it mean to dream of kidnapping or being kidnapped? The dream may reflect your feeling of having suffered injustice and you do not know how to be able to assert your reasons or ideas, you will have the feeling of feeling trapped. In other cases it may reflect your sentimental situation, in which you evidently feel “close”, so enraptured that you do not feel free to decide your life.

Being Kidnapped Symbolism in Cultures

Being a victim of kidnapping is a nightmare for most people. In fact, many nightmares are about kidnapping the dreaming.

But even the opposite, that the dreaming himself kidnaps someone, is one of the relatively common dream content. Dreaming about a kidnapping usually indicates fears and problems with self-control.

A kidnapping is always about a power gap. The kidnapper takes possession of his victim, which in the situation has no control. On the other hand, the kidnapper also takes on some responsibility for his victim and has the task of caring for his well-being or survival.

One important aspect is unfortunately too often overlooked in the interpretation of abduction dreams: the abductee is indeed the victim, but not the actual target of the perpetrator.

The kidnapper is more a tool, a means to an end. The abductor uses him as a hostage to accomplish something different, such as getting a ransom. Abduction dreams can thus be interpreted on two different levels.

The first level is the direct dream interpretation in the sense of the analysis of the dream action.

The second level explores the question of what the actual target of the kidnapping was. Finding out the latter is not always easy.

Abduction dreams can have many meanings. First of all, one should question whether the dream referred to a real event. If one has recently experienced a kidnapping, the brain tries to process the events in the dream.

However, abduction dreams do not only occur after a hijacking. You can also refer to a traumatic experience in the distant past.

However, in most cases, abduction dreams are not a sign of repressed violence. Most abduction dreams are symptoms of fear of loss. Fear can refer to the loss of control over a situation, be it in everyday life, in relationships or at work. The importance of abduction dreams depends largely on whether the dreaming is kidnapped in the dream or even acts as a kidnapper.

Dreams about Being Kidnapped – Meaning

Many dream experts say that having dreams with kidnappings or, in particular, dreaming of being kidnapped is a reflection of the fear of deprivation or loss of freedom. This fear goes from the simple prohibitions of parents to a boss who imposes something on you just because he is your superior.

Despite this common interpretation, the meanings of dreams are very subjective, it is necessary to know exactly the context of the dream and the circumstances surrounding it to understand its true meaning.

The interpretations of dreams are very different, it does not have the same meaning to dream of a kidnapped family member who dreams of criminals who kidnap a bank manager. The bond you have with a family member has nothing to do with the bank manager, so the interpretation will be quite different. In the first case, it is a clear reflection of the fear of losing someone special. In the second case, it would be worth analyzing your reaction.

Do you dream of kidnapping for not having read the small terms of a contract? It is a very common feeling to feel with your hands tied after signing a mortgage, after seeing the contract of the telephone company.

These are important commitments, very strong issues that create a duty and a responsibility of great importance. It is very likely that after such a commitment you will begin to dream of abductions.

If you suffer from frustration constantly, bite your tongue and avoid all kinds of conflicts, you are a person who is normally repressed; so it is quite normal to have dreams of kidnapping. This is the fruit of your weak character, of how influential you are. Good advice for these feelings to stop tormenting you is fighting for your opinions and making you listen.

Dreams about Being Kidnapped – Symbolism

Dreaming of being kidnapped can be the unconscious interpretation of a personal situation from which we want to escape, what could be a love story that we cannot live freely, so pressing to the point of making us feel trapped.

Or it can also be a metaphor for injustices suffered, unheard reasons and neglected ideas.

Dream about being kidnapped and escaping – If when we dream of a kidnapping we eventually add the escape, this can be interpreted as the solution, and therefore it is a symptom of a rediscovered freedom with respect to the situation that gripped us, or suggestion of an escape route to take as soon as possible for not overcome.

Dreaming of kidnapping can have a thousand facets; among these, we may end up being the perpetrators of a kidnapping of someone. Often this someone turns out to be an individual we would like to make ours. A valid interpretation is therefore the impossibility of making a relationship with a person that we would like to feel close to, but who, for some reason, are unable (or unwilling) to deal with us.

In other contexts, dreaming of abducting someone may instead be a reflection of a situation that, in real life, we would like to live, unsuccessfully, or more generally of something – even material – that we would like to achieve, but which we will never know is ours.

Dreams about being abducted by aliens – Aliens are not just science fiction, but also elements of our unconscious with a specific meaning. When we dream of being abducted by aliens, we can easily interpret everything as the transposition of anxieties and fears towards a new, unpublished situation, which we fear we will not be able to keep under control.

We said that the aliens, in a dream, always have a very specific connotation, representing the new and the unknown. Well, if we add to the dream of being kidnapped by aliens a state of happiness, euphoria, pleasure, we can then interpret everything as a desire to escape, to make new experiences, to abandon the routine to plunge headlong into new and unknown situations.

It reflects your anxiety towards a situation that you do not know how to handle, a situation for you “alien”, in which you do not know and do not understand how to move. In other cases if you’re feeling of kidnapping even causes euphoria, obviously you need new experiences and to explore new situations.

Aliens are creatures that often populate our dreams, and not just those of the most passionate people of science fiction novels. They can generally symbolize the feeling of feeling like strangers in a foreign place or in a country that you don’t know.

This dream can also represent an unknown or unrecognized part of oneself. Dreaming of being an alien can also symbolize a way of thinking or doing something new or different.

Dream about kidnapping a child – To interpret the abduction of a child in a dream is quite simple; often this image is linked to the common anxieties of parents, especially when they are recently, even aggravated by distressing news stories just learned.

In other cases, it can represent the fear of losing relationship and confidence with the same, especially if our child is in a delicate phase of growth such as adolescence, or has a complicated, conflictual relationship with us.

Dreaming of kidnapping someone – it reflects the desire, the desire to want someone who in reality you cannot have, or for certain reasons you cannot attend.

Dreaming of being kidnapped and running away – it means that you have found or in any case you will find a way to free yourself from an uncomfortable situation, which does not make you feel free.

Dreaming of someone kidnapping your child – you know your children are everything for a parent, this dream can reflect the anxieties of a mother or a father towards their child, reflects the anxiety of losing the relationship that exists, maybe because he is growing and his interests are moving towards something else, friends, amusements, a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

In other cases this type of dream simply reflects a fear that something may happen to your child, perhaps due to a suggestion given by the news.


An abduction, like a hostage-taking or a blackmail, is always characterized by fear, loss of control and violence. The perpetrator forces his victim into a situation in which he exercises power. This predicament puts the victim in fear and gives him a strong sense of powerlessness.

The dreamed kidnapping can therefore also be a result of a repressed experience, which was accompanied by comparable feelings. A good example of such a violence is rape.

Rape victims often dream of being kidnapped. In the experienced situation, all aspects that constitute a rape are reflected. Violence is used, the victim loses control and the goal is not the victim himself, but the satisfaction of the offender.

Although the dreaming may have consciously processed the rape and she no longer noticeably affects her everyday life, the subconscious mind has not yet finally concluded with the bad experience. In the form of a kidnapping dream, the subconscious mind draws the attention of the dreaming.