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Dreams About Being Shot – Interpretation and Meaning

What is the meaning of dreams? And how can dream vision be interpreted when we dream of being shot? More than a dream, perhaps, it could be called a real nightmare: dreaming of being shot by is certainly not pleasant and, without a doubt, conveys a certain anxiety.

But what meaning does this particular dream vision have? Much depends on the context and the details present during the dream, which must be carefully analyzed, putting aside fear and anxiety.

Getting Shot Symbolism in Cultures

Being able to give an interpretation of one’s dreams can be very important, precisely because the dream dimension is often closely linked to everyday life. Among the many dreams that can be made, there are also those in which a shot occurs.

If dreaming of being hit by a gunshot represents a real nightmare, up to being able to generate a considerable dose of anxiety, it must also be emphasized that it is absolutely not said that this has a negative meaning.

In the most classic interpretation of dreams, a shot takes on a very precise symbolism, going to represent in a very clear way the imminence of a change. In practice it would like to warn the dreamer that a phase is now reaching its conclusion, to leave room for a completely new one.

So dreaming of being hit by a firearm can indicate near-term events that the dreamer perceives as the harbingers of a new phase, such as a marriage, moving house or moving to another place.

Precisely for this reason it is said that a dream of this kind represents something negative, but the acknowledgment that one phase is ending in favor of another, the outcomes of which may also depend on one’s choices…

It should also be emphasized that even the part of the body possibly hit by the shot is very important in the interpretation of the dream, as it can help to better define the contours. In particular: If the shot has hit the upper or lower limbs, the changes will probably relate to the work environment; If as a result of the stroke reported blood comes out, it may be the case that such changes will not be favorable.

Then there is another very interesting interpretation, that of a possible moral injury that was inflicted on us by someone very close and whom we believed to be absolutely trustworthy. A situation of this kind could in such a case have been caused by someone we know very well, whose words could have hurt us deeply, or that has given rise to an action such as to cause us such strong psychic pain that we could be warned even at physical level.

Then there is another circumstance that must be the subject of careful analysis. Where in the dream that has been made other known persons are also present, it is necessary to try to remember them at the moment of awakening, as they could actually be the real recipients of the incoming change, either directly or indirectly.

Being hit by a shot certainly has a strong symbolic value, but it does not necessarily mean death. If, however, after the shot the person concerned dreams of dying, then it may mean that even at an unconscious level the change is not only imminent, but also deemed necessary.

In practice our psyche tries to warn us that the phase we are going through must “expire” so as to leave space for the new one. In the case in which instead it is succeeded to survive, the situation of transition is destined to persist, also because the times for the change are not sufficiently matured yet.

Of course, even in the case of shots, dreams can hold more than one meaning. For example, dreaming of seeing or hearing firing can be the sign of the formation of a conscience about the true nature of one’s sentimental relationship, a situation that can occur between married couples and girlfriends due to pronounced selfishness or an excess of attachment to work.

Dreams about Getting Shot – Meaning

In classical dream interpretation, a shot is a very specific symbol, which represents a change: a phase that is coming to an end, to leave room for a new period. If you’ve ever dreamed of being hit by a shot, a change in your life is likely to come, which can also be important, such as a move, a wedding, a transfer to another city.

For this reason, dreaming of someone shooting us does not necessarily have a negative meaning, since changes can also be positive. Furthermore, depending on the part of the body in which you are struck in the dream, the interpretation may be even more precise; if the shot hit you in the legs or arms, the changes will most likely affect the work environment and if – after being hit – you saw blood seeping out, those changes are probably not favorable.

If other people you know are also present in the dream, try to remember them when they wake up, because the changes coming could also affect them either directly or indirectly. Being hit by a shot has a strong symbolic value, but it does not necessarily mean death.

If, after the shot, you dream of dying, then the change is imminent and almost necessary: the phase you are going through must “die” to make room for the new one. If, on the other hand, you survive, the transition situation is destined to last longer, perhaps because the times for change are not yet sufficiently mature.

Dreams about Getting Shot – Symbolism

Dreams, unfortunately, are not always beautiful above all they are not always positive, indeed it is more likely that in the morning we remember a bad dream and not that we wake up remembering a beautiful dream.

This mainly happens because the dreams that frighten us or that in any case induce us a sense of anxiety, remain for longer in our mind, precisely because of fear we have lived them with greater intensity.

Perhaps one of the most frequent dreams when it comes to the subject of death and danger is to dream of being shot. Even if you are not familiar with weapons, however we see them every day, on television, on the news, in films, TV series, and TV programs and even in cartoons.

Whoever is not familiar with weapons is also more afraid of these, because he knows that they can take away life, he knows that they are dangerous and that they are used only for reasons that always lead to injury or death.

But what does it mean when we dreamed of being shot? The gun is one of the fastest and strongest tools available to hurt us, so when we dream of being shot and hit, one of the main meanings comes from a moral injury.

Perhaps someone we know has hurt us with his words, with his actions, he has done something that has left you disappointed, which has caused you much pain, a pain perhaps so intense as to seem physical

Dream about getting shot and surviving – if you survived, if in the end you are not been really hit, in short it is not said that the shot has caused you pain, maybe you dreamed that they were shooting at you but you didn’t feel any pain. The hypotheses may be different, therefore, how different their interpretations may be.

Dream of being shot – Dreaming of being shot can indicate the beginning of a phase of change within your life. The shot that in this case could be an event, a message, a job offer or a new person in your life, therefore indicates the change.

Because the shot that hits you is like an alarm clock from the life you are doing and a warning to finally realize the change you have been waiting for so long. A change could also be a marriage, a move, a new job, or the arrival of a child.

Dream of getting shot and not being afraid – If you are shot but you are not afraid or do not feel completely helpless, it means that you are just making changes to your lifestyle.

In this case, then the shot is not negative, it causes fear or pain. In other cases, however, the shot can be very painful, for example when you dream that someone shoots you in a leg or an arm or in the chest, in reality it may be that you associate the pain of the shot with a real physical pain.

Perhaps you have a nocturnal cramp, or you have worked hard and your muscles hurt, or you are influenced, it often happens, much more frequently than you think that the physical pain we experience during the night becomes a dream that inspires fear and pain.

Dream of being shot by someone you know – If, instead, you dream of being shot by someone you know and in the dream you die or in any case you feel pain, it means that you feel that there is someone who has hurt you, in case the shot comes at you behind you, it means that instead you feel betrayed.

Dream of being shot and dying – Dreaming of dying after being shot could be an invitation to live life in a more active and dynamic way.

Dream of running away from getting shot – Dreaming of running away from someone who is shooting can highlight a state of anxiety and insecurity, perhaps a real depression. Otherwise, the dream represents obstacles, often people that block or slow down the realization of their projects.


Dreaming of being injured by gunfire can highlight disappointments and sorrows caused by a person in real life.

Obviously, this kind of dream could be prophetic, announcing betrayals by a loved one.

If in the dream you quickly recover from a shot from a firearm, there is a good chance of recovering from a disappointment or leaving a difficult period.