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Dreams About Being Stabbed – Interpretation and Meaning

Footsteps in a dark alley, a sudden movement behind the curtain at the window, one arm rising and a sharp knife-edge flashing – what a nightmare. Has the famous movie been inspired by the terrible newspaper reports of stabbing, in which people, often young people, argue about a void and stab someone?

Or are we subconsciously dealing with the idea of ​​a sneaky dagger stab in the back? Why do we dream that we will be stabbed to death? What does this dream symbol want to tell us? Anyone who is stabbed in a dream need not be afraid of death in the real world.

Rather, it is quite possible that the affected person was warned by the dream of grief over love.

Dream about being stabbed have an interesting meaning and symbolism, so keep on reading if you want to know more about it.

Being Stabbed Symbolism in Cultures

The knives, the blades, the sticks, the daggers, the swords. Many sharp and heavy objects can cause pain, bleeding and death in dreams. When we dream of being hurt and losing a lot of blood we must never forget that the blood signals a period of strong physical and mental fatigue, so a period in which we must absolutely try to recover our strength.

We can be chased in a dream by a person we do not know, by a shadow that even wants to hit us to kill we and this event can really be terrible but perhaps simply the meaning is that we must be aware of a difficulty in our lives that we cannot escape. , at least for now.

Killing an unknown person in a dream in the Arab world is in most cases associated with greed and thoughtlessness, especially in the business sphere. If you commit a murder in a dream, you wish your enemies something evil.

As in the European dream interpretation, a murder in general can point to something that one would like to eliminate, be it a particular person or property that plagues the dreaming. Being murdered means, as in Europe, that part of one’s life is completely out of whack.

Dreams about Being Stabbed – Meaning

Being stabbed treacherously by a person we don’t know can indicate that we will actually suffer a defeat or an attack from a person we don’t like. Never forget that in order to give a correct interpretation to a dream, one must remember emotions and sensations experienced, places to visit, objects we have seen and people we have met.

Often a strong dislike for a person with whom we work as a work colleague or a school friend can lead to strong quarrels in the use of knives. Another non-trivial thing about these dreams is to be able to remember the point in the body where we are hit by the knife, stick, dagger, etc.

If we are hit in the head then maybe our ideas can come to a halt, our projects can be blocked, stay put for some reason, perhaps because of someone. If instead we are struck in the eyes then the risk is even greater because we cannot understand, observe, and understand the difficulties of our life.

Being injured on a right leg or on a right arm means that we can have work and professional blocks while the left side of the body is connected to our imagination and creativity so a knife that hits and injures the left hand or leg, means that we are living a period complex in terms of ideas, creativity and imagination. So the inventiveness is missing.

And if someone stabs us from behind? These dreams are widespread and to get a correct interpretation one has to understand why a person attacks and hurts in the back in a dream. Whoever hits another person is certainly a vile person, a traitor, an infamous person. So here is the comparison with the dream world.

In principle, the symbol “stabbed with a knife” in the dream is a warning. Certain things threaten to develop negatively in real life, happiness will not be on the side of the affected person in the near future.

Especially in love affairs, it could cause problems. The dreaming and his partner no longer harmonize in the same way as before, threatening disputes, resentment and a loss of respect for one another.

Often the victim is stabbed in the back of the dream and unexpectedly stabbed with a knife. Against this background, the symbol can also represent a low self-confidence and the fear of power struggles.

The dreaming feels quickly attacked in everyday life and is perhaps afraid at the same time to be betrayed by others and cheated. Who is murdered in the dream by a deliberate knife stab on the neck, in real life may be a bit overwhelmed, not able to actually carry a certain burdened responsibility.

Dreams about Being Stabbed – Symbolism

Dream of being stabbed in the Neck – If the bloody dream image “stabbed neck” appears while sleeping, the dreaming should beware, because perhaps someone tries in his life to challenge his reputation, his professional success and also his power. Are there any competitors in the job who would like to be in your position?

Dream about being stabbed in the breast – If we are stabbed into the upper body in the dream, we probably are currently dealing with ourselves or another human being. It can be both male and female character traits. If it came to a woman’s bite in the bosom, one’s own security may be in danger.

Dreaming of being stabbed in the Heart – If there is a situation in the dream world in which one is stung in the heart, this can be interpreted as an indication that another person wants to dispute the well-being and the balanced state of mind. Here it is necessary to keep calm and not be unbalanced.

Dream about being stabbed in the stomach – Was the dream symbol “stabbed belly” to be seen while sleeping? If so, there is a certain thing behind it that the dreamer has not yet been able to handle, because someone else probably prevents it.

However, in order to conclude with the matter, the sleeping person needs distance and time for himself.

Dream about being stabbed in general – In general terms, a dream of stabbing the victim with a knife is a warning. It is important to remember the exact details of the murder with the knife. Who had the knife in his hand? How did the knife stab feel?

All this can help to clarify the question of what the dream event warns of. If you steal a psychopath, murderer or someone else in your dream, you need not be afraid of death. The dream image is to be understood in the figurative sense.

Traditionally, “being stabbed” is considered in the interpretation of dreams as a warning sign of misfortune or lovesickness. But the symbol also often points to your own insecurity.

In addition, power struggles are often behind such a dream. The dreaming may feel insecure about others, and he may feel ill. This is especially true for the dagger-thrust in the back, stabbed from the back stands for cheating and the fear of intrigue. But even a stab in other parts of the body has a specific meaning.

So being stabbed in the neck is for the affected person to fear your obligations or not to be able to comply with them. Maybe she has the impression of having shouldered too much responsibility or having to defend this decision. In addition, she may feel in their values ​​and preferences are attacked by others.

On the other hand, if the dreamer gets knives or spikes in his leg, the dream image stands for the feeling that someone is attacking his independence. In general, he probably feels prevented from advancing and living according to one’s own ideas. Here it is even the initiative to take and bring about a change.

In psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol stands for insecurity towards other people.

So the sleeping person is probably afraid of failing others. He or she feels attacked by looks or mean remarks and translate this into the fierce dream image of being stabbed. Maybe the person feels betrayed as well.

Especially if she is stabbed from behind, it is possible that she has lost her trust in someone.

There is another interpretation is the sexual component of the dream symbol being stabbed. By penetrating the body, the interpretation of the dream in the symbol “stabbed” also a possible sign of the fear of assault. Spiritually, the dream image symbolizes a sacrifice that the dreaming offers or is itself. The dream can also represent your weaknesses.


To understand the message that can hide behind this kind of dreams we must absolutely start from the meaning of the dagger, the knife and its use in real life. The knife and other types of weapons can be used in a positive or negative way.

If the knife is used to hit and injure a person or an animal then it is called an offense weapon and obviously the dreams in which we are struck and injured by a blade of a big or small knife must be well evaluated because in real life someone may want to hurting ourselves, maybe not physically but morally, someone does not digest our presence.

So the first meaning to be associated with this type of dream is a danger in real life, a difficulty in understanding a problem that can be absolutely negative for us.