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Dreams About Birds – Interpetation and Meaning

Are you a rational person or do you let your imagination prevail? In dreams there are figures that can give you indications about it. Which? They are birds.

Animals that oscillate between the firmness of reality and the “fluttering” fantasy. Do you often dream of birds? The meaning varies naturally according to the context; find how!

In dreams birds allude to the need to rise and depart from those that are the material aspects of existence and then connect to an ideal destination.

Will you be a dreamer in search of the deepest aspect of the soul? In reality, birds also evoke intimacy, it is no coincidence that with this name the masculine organ is also vulgarly defined.

Birds Symbolism in Cultures

In dreams the birds are the symbol of the instances linked to the world of the conscious with respect to the unconscious, the representation of a will and direction carried by the conscience that manages to overwhelm instinctive drives and impulses.

They are very attached to the world of ideas and fantasy, so, to see in their dreams they can give directions both on rationality and mental activity, and on “fluttering” fantasies and dominant fantastic aspects.

Groups of birds that fly confusedly in dreams recall thoughts that agitate without rest, thoughts that can be obsessive or that can pursue fantastic dreams and that have no contact with reality.

Birds are also very close to the realm of the spirit and in dreams they can allude to the need to rise above the material aspects of existence, to a search that raises the soul, to ideal goals, or to out-of-scope goals that the dreamer wants to achieve.

Birds that fly high giving a feeling of joy and that fill the air of their song are, in dreams, a positive signal of inner harmony or ideal tensions, of thoughts that make the dreamer busy but happy.

Night birds that are seen in dreams are generally linked to unconscious aspects that want to emerge, to hidden thoughts that want to find a definition, to mysteries or secrets that appear.

Injured birds dying or unable to fly, refer to similar uncertainties, doubts or inability to “fly high” with desires with ideals, with the tension towards the divine, or much more simply they show a psychic aspect linked to the vulnerability that has been trampled or injured. An unprotected sensitivity. An untended tenderness

The symbolism of the bird or of the birds in dreams must also be considered for the aspects of sexuality evoked by its common use as a vulgar title of the male organ.

Dreams about Birds – Meaning

In what contexts do you dream about birds? They fly in groups? Perhaps they represent your thoughts that are agitated and do not find peace. Are obsessive thoughts those that haunt you or are they simply fantastic thoughts completely disconnected from your reality? If dreams of birds flying high is a clear positive sign.

You feel happy, fulfilled and – in reality – your thoughts and feelings are taking altitude. If you dream of night birds, this means that your unconscious and your hidden thoughts need to emerge.

Dreaming of wounded birds can link to your uncertainties and doubts that assail you. Has anyone “trampled” your area?

If you dream of so many birds – of different species – it makes you think that you are a not very stable person. Your head is elsewhere. Chase fantasies and dream of something that doesn’t exist. Return to earth.

The fact that they are all different means that different aspects of your personality coexist in you and – every time – you feel the need to make them emerge one by one, creating a great confusion.

If they are small, they refer to love affairs; if they are black birds it is an omen of bad news.

If, on the other hand, your dream is even more bizarre and a man has the head of a bird, it is not a good sign at all. It foretells the death of someone or represents the spirit of a person who has passed away to another life.

As you can see, based on the feeling of attraction or annoyance you will experience in dreaming of these animals, you will be able to associate the best interpretation.

Dreams about Birds – Symbolism

Carl Gustav Jung entrusted the bird with the function of symbol of conscious thought and ideal. In today’s culture they are instead seen as rescuers and messengers, in particular symbols of peace, as happens with the dove.

Birds are probably the class that arouses the most curiosity among vertebrates. Their peculiarity, or flight, in particular, is arousing it, so the possibility of being able to live their existence in a dimension very different from the earthly one.

Precisely for this reason the birds have aroused in the man strong and intense emotions, such as to push him to leave significant and relevant traces in the culture and history of art.

Dreams about birds – The appearance of the bird in dreams is able to transmit positive emotions, deriving from the fact that the unconscious goes to express desires for freedom, the desire to reach heights that cannot be reached by others.

Even in this case, however, the context that characterizes the dream can change considerably, which should therefore be remembered exactly, in order to provide a more appropriate interpretation.

Dream of flying birds – If you dream of flying birds, or flying away, most likely our psyche is looking for ways to describe the need to free yourself from responsibility, obsessions, thoughts that upset you.

Dream of birds inside the home – Dreaming of birds flying inside one’s home may instead represent the need to come to terms with disappointment or unsolved problems.

Dreams about caged birds – When caged birds appear in the dream, it means that we find ourselves in a complicated situation, where we feel stuck by something that prevents our energies from unfolding.

Dreams about a flock of birds – Dreaming of a flock of birds is then a sign of considerable confusion, not only psychological, but also sentimental.

Sometimes it is accompanied by envy towards those who instead manage to fly in a metaphorical sense, or manage to follow his instincts and realize their dreams for this way.

Dream about birds on the head – Dreaming birds on the head, or in the hair, is considered the symbol of a remarkable intellectual activity which is however strongly opposed by its own more rational sphere, such as to prevent the dreamer from being able to show his emotional outbursts towards the outside.

In practice, on this occasion the psyche recommends letting go and behaving in a less controlled way.

Dreams about birds of prey – Dreaming of birds of prey can in turn be to symbolize the fear of confronting real life, the unconscious fear that in the near future there may be a tragic event.

In fact, since the middle Ages, the bird of prey is connected to evil, so much so that it is considered a bad omen.

Dreams about colorful birds – A separate discussion must then be made about the dreams in which the birds appear colored, precisely because the colors on their part have a very particular value in dreams.

Blue birds in the oneiric dimension, for example, are considered to be auspicious messengers, since in eastern culture this very color symbolizes the world of fairies.

Dreams about white birds – The white birds in dreams can in turn represent a symbol of good luck and happy and peaceful moments.

In this sense they would therefore be messengers of a happy period that is now approaching.

On the contrary, the appearance of black birds in dreams occurs when one is in a difficult period of one’s life and, consequently, one’s head is invaded by particularly negative thoughts.

Birds that fly in dreams, act as a bridge between the surface of the earth and the sky, unite the two elements of air and earth and place themselves as symbols of this realm of air and wind, of clouds and boundless spaces, of sidereal heights.


The birds represent all aspects related to the world of ideas and thought: logos and reasoning, but also fantasy and distraction, superior states of being, spirituality, and transcendence, soul.

Birds in ancient traditions are messengers like angels, they are portraits of deceased souls or guiding spirits (shamans almost always have a bird-shaped mask and come out of the body in the form of a bird), and they are bearers of omens.

Thus the direction of flight, the shape of the wings, the colors of the plumage, the habits, are liable to interpretations by ornithomancers capable of revealing the unknown, capable of deciphering the hidden patterns of flight and the cries of birds.