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Dreams About Breaking Up – Meaning and Symbolism

Separation is often a difficult task that requires a lot of courage, determination and decision-making. It can be painful, but also liberating.

Some people stay together for a lifetime, even though they no longer love each other. Quickly confused love with habit and does not realize that you would be much better off without the partner.

Dreaming about a break up can mean countless meanings. Either you have just actually separated from the partner or the partner and experienced these emotions in the dream again or you are planning the break up  or divorce for some time, but do not really know how to pull through this. Such an internal conflict can certainly also be reflected in our dreams.

In most cases, however, the dream of break up is not literal and dependent on many factors, such as the dream context.

What a break up dream can mean, how the dream is interpreted in other cultures and how one can treat dreams of break up or divorce, is explained below.

Dreams about Breaking up – Meaning

There are countless reasons for a relationship ending. You can feel that the partner is not the right one.

Often both have very different ideas about their future life plans and the continuation of the partnership would have one to completely adapt or subordinate the other.

Sometimes people have traits that only become visible in the course of a relationship and that are not acceptable to others in the long run.

One of the most common causes of a relationship ending is probably another man or woman. A break up is usually associated with pain and guilt.

A dream of a relationship ending certainly touches very deep feelings. Perhaps the dream image frightens the dreaming and causes in this a more attentive relationship with the partner, which may have been neglected in recent times something.

For dream interpretation, the dreaming should always consider their own situation and the often unconscious emotions.

The dream symbol “relationship end” is in the interpretation of dreams often an expression of existing fear of loss and problems in the partnership, which are often based on a lack of self-confidence of the dreaming.

One judges the own person and the own behavior in the dream critically against the background of a threatening relationship end. Hidden fears or actual quarrels often play a role in this dream symbol.

In dream interpretation, a dream of a relationship end often has a positive effect. The dreaming examines the limits of what he tolerates in a partnership and tests to what extent he can enforce his own ideas towards the partner.

For the real life, one should learn from the dream symbol “relationship end” the lesson, at which point it is better to make compromises.

However, the dream symbol can also point to the real possibility of break up in the dream interpretation. If one sees the partner in the dream with another person in whom he is obviously in love, the dreaming should check whether there are indications in real life. A relationship end means the rejection of existing feelings, since one of them is always the one left.

Thus, the dream in which these feelings play a role, can be a warning that the partner’s love of the dreaming is no longer so important and threatens a relationship end. One could, for example, respond to this with a direct conversation, or put oneself in the right light in order to show one’s own merits to the other.

Psychologically, the dream symbol “relationship end” in dream interpretation is often an expression of dissatisfaction. The dreaming may adjust in real life to his partner so strong that he constantly suppresses his own needs and desires.

In the dream, he balances these emotions by separating himself from the person he may in reality love above all else. The dreaming should take the dreamed end of the relationship as an opportunity to explain the partner’s own situation, because perhaps he perceives the situation quite differently.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “relationship end” often stands for a breakup of the dreaming of parts of his own personality.

The partner you leave in the dream corresponds to aspects of your own ego to which you have lost the connection lately, for example your own self-confidence, confidence in your own abilities, optimism or energy.

Perhaps also character traits have been suppressed, which are now brought in the dream of the subconscious on the surface.

The dream symbol “relationship end” is in the interpretation of dreams and invitation to integrate this part of one’s own character and one’s own abilities into everyday life. This is an important step towards more maturity in personality development.

In terms of spirituality, the dream symbol “relationship end” is a symbol of the dreamer’s fear of losing the integrity of his personality. Man is a dual being whose opposites cause each other.

If one has to part with one’s self, it always has consequences for the corresponding antipode and for the spiritual being as a whole.

Dreams about Breaking up – Symbolism

The breakup of a partnership is usually a painful process. This is especially the case if both partners do not want the same degree of separation. Then usually many tears are involved.

Sometimes, however, the break up is the prerequisite to finally be happy again – whether as a single or with a new partner.

Therefore, a relationship ending and sometimes also the associated break up conversation can be accompanied by a very liberating feeling.

Dream about break up in general – A break up  in the dream, however, does not necessarily announce the end of the relationship in the watch world, do not worry. You can part with a lot. From waste, for example, or from old objects.

Nevertheless, it is often urgent in the watch world when a break up already announces itself as a dream image.

If, in real life, there is actually the idea of ​​finally getting rid of the partner or a friend, then this dream image is more likely to occur and more often – even the death of the partner can then be experienced in sleep.

Finally, the dreaming unconsciously and consciously deals with the topic of a detachment from the relationship.

Suppressed or repressed feelings such as anger and anger, disappointment and loneliness, but also liberation and optimism can be discharged in the dream or appear symbolically.

It can then happen that the dreaming is surprised by strong emotions, which he has not suspected (more) with himself, for example when he thought to have long been beyond a separation.

When sadness and worry, or a sense of lack of it comes to life during sleep, it can be unsettling.

Dream of professional break up (end of deal) – A break up can also be experienced in the professional field. Leaving employment, leaving the job – all of this can be accompanied by feelings of break up and appear in a transformed form in a dream.

Always be patient: every split and every farewell takes time to be coped with. The following text should help you to better understand your own emotional life and the symbolism of the dreams of a separation.

Dream of divorce – In some cases, a dreamed break up or divorce may actually refer to the partnership. If that is the case, then the dream image heralds relationship problems or warns of infidelity that can be dangerous to the relationship.

Dream of friendship break up – If one experiences in a dream the break up from other partnerships, the dream research interprets this dream image as a warning and admonition for the loyalty in a relationship.

For many dreaming, divergence or alienation in sleep is a nightmare in which they fear that they lose their partner through their own fault.

The break up in sleep can also be an indication of the feelings of the dreaming. Maybe he wants to free himself from responsibility or feels too tight in the relationship and has ever thought about saying farewell, making a final cut and leaving.

Not always the split in the dream must refer to another person. Sometimes it is also the individual personality parts that are in bad relationship to each other.

If this dream interpretation is the case, then it should definitely be clarified, where there are clear contradictions in the personality of the dreaming.

A relationship will only work in the long run if both parties are prepared to compromise.

This can also mean putting one’s own interests or personality traits behind the other in order to live in harmony with one another.

Our own needs are then repressed into the subconscious, from where they reappear in the form of dreams.

For example, dream images that are seen in the context of a break up can stand for the personality aspects of the dreaming.

One should therefore try to remember as many details of such a dream as possible; our large dream interpretation dictionary provides information about thousands of symbols.

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Dream of recurrent dreams of break up – Incidentally, a recurrent dream of break up – though you do not want to leave your partner in the watch world – shows that your own self-esteem may suffer from the relationship.

The dreaming puts his own wishes back too much for the partner.

Talk to him about it and make it clear that you are afraid of losing your individuality.

Even if you are worried about losing your partner, and therefore constantly withdrawing, you should look for a solution.

Dream of break up (psychological meaning) – The break up in the dream is not interpreted in the psychological interpretation as an actual break up in the watch world.

Rather, this dream image will be clarified that the dreaming does not have much luck with his partnerships.

In some cases it can also be a reminder to the dreaming that he should behave towards his partner more affable, so as not to risk divergence.

The dream research sees this dream image as an invitation to the dreaming that he should learn to express his feelings and express. Only then can he preserve his holism.

The result should be that the dreaming in the watch world his concept of life revised or fundamentally renewed.

Particular attention should be paid to the previous systems of coping, since they are usually outdated and disturb the dreaming in its development or even block.

The break up is interpreted in the spiritual interpretation of dreams as a problem of the dreaming, who cannot understand the loss of the integrity of his personality.


A break up is always a psychological burden, because after all nobody wants to leave.

These uneasy feelings can also appear in the dream world and sometimes experiences from the watch world are worked up. This can be, for example, the end of a partnership or friendship.

But there may also be other reasons why this symbol appears in the sleep of the dreaming.

For an apt and precise interpretation of dreams, the present situation of the dreaming should be consulted especially in this dream image. Only then can the symbol “be left” be extensively interpreted.

Hopefully this article was helpful, and you were able to find the meaning of your dream about break up.