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Dreams About Breastfeeding A Baby – Interpretation and Meaning

The dream of breastfeeding a baby usually connects hidden desires to reality or interprets a deep side of one’s personality. In this case, the dream of breastfeeding a child can express different truths, more than anything else intimate and profound; such as the need to help the child in each of us or to bring out the creative part of the self.

On the other hand, milk is the staple food for the hungry baby, so it calms him down and makes him feel loved, just as in the dream of breastfeeding a child, children are returned precisely and they try to discover hidden sensations. It is the unconscious itself that helps us to understand and transform this distant or newborn part into reality.

Sometimes, dreams anticipate something and express desires; in fact, breastfeeding a baby could also refer to the need to nurture a feeling or talent.

So, if you want to learn to paint this could be the time to start, maybe change jobs or give vent to unconsciousness and lightness like all children in the world do.

Breastfeeding A Baby Symbolism in Cultures

Currently more than two hundred components are known contained in breast milk: researchers believe that the recent discovery of fatty acids promotes brain and brain development retina of the child, and may even increase its development cognitive.

Breastfeeding is an unparalleled form of communication between mother and child in which all the senses are involved. The close relationship established with breastfeeding between mother and child, satisfies their need to be together, a “skin to skin” contact to get to know each other better.

Moreover, in the breastfeeding position the child feels reassured: can look mom in the eye, hear her voice e recognize it from the smell of skin and milk.

Art interprets the meaning of the magical bond between mother and son through an infinite series of expressive modulations. In the Christian religion breastfeeding is the symbol of charity that must guide all human behavior. The nursing Madonna, first depicted idealized and heavenly and then over the centuries as if it were a simple woman of the people, is a divine symbol that fulfills its function mediator between man and divinity.

Recurrent image in art, the mother who nurses with love the own son finds a privileged space, in the history of painting and sculpture of all time, thanks to its ability to evoke an atmosphere of great intimacy and serenity.

Dreams about Breastfeeding a Baby – Meaning

Generally, when you dream of certain situations – how to breastfeed – it is because it was discussed the day before or because you are surrounded by people who are experiencing that specific condition.

Dreaming of breastfeeding is a recurrent image especially in those women who face the tender period of motherhood. In general this action portends a positive period and is a sign of good luck.

According to Freud, breastfeeding is an erotic symbol and represents the first sexual satisfaction experienced by the child. If you dream of breastfeeding and feeling a sense of satisfaction in doing so, it indicates the tendency to be generous, to help and to be considerate in growing a newborn project.

Is there anything boiling in your personal or professional life? Then you feel the need to nourish this “something” in order to charge it with the right energy to make it fit.

Food is the most appropriate way to take care of a person as well as a project that is close to your heart. If you are the person who is breastfeeding means that you want to have so much luck in every field – both in the professional and in the sentimental field – and live in harmony not only with yourself, but above all with others.

It is important to analyze the context in which you are breastfeeding and to give it the right interpretation.

For example, if you dream of breastfeeding a baby you have excellent decision-making skills; if the baby in question is your child, it indicates a not very constant union; if in the dream the subject that receives the breastfeeding is an animal, the interpretations become more and more interesting.

If it is piglets, it indicates your lack of scruples; if they are lambs, you are afraid of being deceived; in the case of kittens it means that you are a fighting spirit, while breastfeeding indicates a bad omen.

Dreams about Breastfeeding A Baby – Symbolism

Dreaming of breastfeeding – For a woman, dreaming of breastfeeding is undoubtedly a positive experience, reflecting a great desire for motherhood and demonstrating the desire to take care of another life, future or present.

The moment of breastfeeding presents itself as a very intimate, personal, reserved gesture and hides a deep desire to share. Breastfeeding provides the other person with a part of himself and his body, he gives himself totally.

Dreaming of breastfeeding and being unhappy – But be careful because the dream can also have a diametrically opposite meaning. It can in fact characterize a moment of suffering, of deprivation, of shortcomings. In this case, the subject is the one who actually needs nourishment and someone to take care of her.

Dreaming of breastfeeding and being happy – In this case, therefore, the dream will be accompanied by sensations of extreme gentleness, designed to completely relax the dreamer who will be able to feel satisfied, protected and pampered.

The dream can also represent a moment of change, of growth.

The milk in this case represents the deep desire to assimilate new notions and to learn new things, growing precisely thanks to this nourishment. If in the dream the child who is breastfeeding takes on a leading role it is possible that the dreamer is thinking of giving life to a new project to which he holds much and on which he is working.

Breastfeeding a female child – If in particular a female child is being nursed, the dream can also represent the projection of the dreamer who sees herself in the child’s dream, sweet and vulnerable in a particularly difficult moment of life.

Precisely in the most difficult moments, in fact, the desire to feel protected, pampered, loved and nourished just like when you were a child increases. Then there are cases in which the dreamer stages, or rather in her dreams.

Dreaming of you being breastfed – In this case the dream represents nostalgia for a past moment and for the emotions that have characterized it. It is the typical dream of a period characterized by difficulties in managing children, in which the parent would like to find them the only source of nourishment and sustenance in general.

Man breastfeeding a baby – If instead it is a man to dream of breastfeeding this dream experience must be read as sexual desire.

Everything also seems to be associated with the Oedipus complex and how much a man can feel love and attraction for his mother and therefore for the gestures that she has made towards him.

Breastfeeding in dreams in general – it seems to be a symbol of good luck, for women it can reflect a strong sense of motherhood, for men it can be a sexual symbol. In general it could encompass an unconscious sense, like the Oedipus complex, which suggests how much you still need to be looked after and guided.

Another of the many meanings of breastfeeding may be the willingness to give, to give to others, to be generous.

Breastfeeding a newborn – it is possible that you are thinking of starting something new, something that is just emerging, alternatively dreaming of breastfeeding a baby could reflect your sexual desire.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby – in addition to being able to symbolize the desire to care for a female who in your eyes seemed to be needy, this dream can hide a part of you, if you are a woman it binds you to childhood, if you are a man you could having awakened a very sensitive part of you.


What does it mean to dream of breastfeeding? It could reflect a period of failures, as if you needed to be fed to assimilate things, information, energy, emotions … it could symbolize a period of new projects, or perhaps you are nostalgic, you need to relive some things of your childhood.

Dreaming of breastfeeding a baby for women is a very common dream that symbolizes your sense of motherhood, alternatively it could symbolize a part of yourself that you are developing. Hopefully you were able to find an answer to your dream symbolism.