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Dreams About Broken Glass – Interpretation and Meaning

The glass in dreams appears quite often, especially as many people dream of walking on broken glass or being hit by shards of glass. Glass is a material with special characteristics: it is transparent, solid, but very fragile, and when it breaks it goes into a thousand pieces.

Based on these characteristics, we can come to understand what dreaming of glass and broken glass means.

Broken Glass Symbolism in Cultures

In dreams glass has an ambivalent symbolism whose meaning can change from one interpretation to another. Protection but at the same time fragility. Posting but also lucid on the vision of how things are and are. What does it mean to dream glass?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of glass is its fragility. What comes to your mind instead? Are there situations in your current life that can be compared to an object like glass? Sentimental relationships? Affective or working relationships? Is it possible that there is something wrong at this point in your life?

Glass in dreams can also be seen as a barrier or something through which it is possible to see everything because of its transparency. Do you feel spied on? Are you looking for solitude? Are you introverted? Perhaps for you glass in dreams means protection, passivity or even detachment.

The case in which our dreams see the presence of glass is not rare: in particular it is frequent the case of people who dream of walking on broken glass or being hit by shards of glass.

A dream that is also the consequence of the function that the same material continues to cover not only in the productive apparatus and in commerce, but also in the collective imagination.

Glass is a material consisting of alkaline-earth silicates and other bivalent metals, obtained by melting the silica sand with oxides and carbonates.

With a solid consistency but amorphous nature, it is widely used in a long series of applications due to its property of being shaped in the most varied forms and for its transparency.

Dreams about Broken Glass – Meaning

Glass is a material with special characteristics: transparent, solid, but extremely fragile, it tends to disperse in many pieces when it breaks. Precisely these characteristics help us to understand what dreaming glass or broken glass means.

However, the meaning of glass in the dream dimension is not univocal; on the contrary, it can be the object of several interpretations, even if they are different.

On some occasions the psyche feels the need to place a sort of invisible barrier towards the surrounding world, perceived as a threat.

However, it should be emphasized as a dividing wall created in this way, it could prevent any type of communication and eventually lead to practical isolation.

Openness of credit to the outside world: in this case the meaning is diametrically opposed and sees the dreamer open up with trust to others, accepting the risks that could be achieved by a choice of this kind. In the event that the glass breaks and goes into pieces it can turn into an imminent danger, the consequences of which are evident especially in the case of bloody wounds.

Since the glass is a fragile material, in case of breakage it can become very dangerous due to the splinters that can end up everywhere causing deep cuts and wounds.

If the dream is characterized by broken glass, it can be a consequence of a fact that occurred in real life, interpreted by the psyche as a very serious break, able to reflect negatively on the inner balance of the dreamer, causing him to lose confidence in himself or in something he had previously believed.

The appearance of blood also indicates that the dreamer has suffered an open wound.

Dreams about Broken Glass – Symbolism

Desire to protect yourself – you need to put an “invisible barrier” between you and the world, which you feel threatening. But it could be like the “glass bell” that protects you, yes, but isolating you from others.

Openness to the outside world – you show yourself to others for what you are in a very transparent and confident way.

Dream of getting injured on broken glass – when the glass breaks and falls apart it becomes dangerous, and if it hits you can cut yourself, causing you wounds that bleed and hurt.

Dreaming of broken glass in hands – it can indicate guilt, mortifications, and reproaches.

Dreaming of glass splinters in the eye – this can mean that you have seen something that has hurt or shocked you.

Dreaming of shards of glass on your arms, on your legs, on your head, in your body – they represent received wounds, insults, slander, etc. … all things that have caused you pain.

Dreaming glasses in the bed – when the bed appears in dreams, we can hypothesize that there is a reference to the sexual sphere: perhaps you have suffered disappointments, pain, violence, or betrayal.

Dreaming of collecting shards of glass from the ground – you are trying to forget the disappointments, wipe out the suffering to make room for the new.

Dream of chipped, cracked glass – indicates guilt, discomfort, shame.

Dreaming broken glass in the mouth, in the throat, on the tongue – Dream of having pieces of glass in the mouth, in the throat, on the tongue: it could represent a problem with speech and communication; maybe you were violent in the language, you fired hazardous judgments, you offended someone; or you have difficulty communicating, expressing your thoughts.

Or again, someone told you something that hurt you, and you weren’t able to argue: the glass in your mouth represents the sharp words that stuck into you. If you feel your mouth full of shards of glass, this can represent, more generally, anguish and suffering that you are forced to suffer.

Dreaming of eating, chewing glass, or drinking glass – you are trying to process, to absorb something painful; you tend to keep your suffering inside, you don’t want others to see it.

Dreaming of spitting, vomiting glass – you are trying to free yourself from something painful, you want to communicate your suffering.

Dreaming of dirty broken glasses – The dirty, tarnished, dusty glasses represent something that hinders your vision of reality; something is unclear to you, you feel confused; the act of washing and cleaning the windows represents the need to see clearly, to clarify, to remove the dirt that has deposited and to prevent the view.

Dreaming of dirty glasses may derive from the fact that there is something you cannot understand, that you cannot see, that is perhaps beyond your reach; maybe it’s something that concerns you and that hides behind dirty glass.

For example, returning to relationships, it is possible that there is a link between your affection, glass and dirt, such as a deteriorated relationship or a false friendship.

So if the glass is dull or dirty it can also be a sign of discord and quarrels in the family or in private life.

Dreaming of breaking a glass – (for example, throwing a stone at the window) can indicate that you are going through a very stressful time; you have nerves on the skin. Or it may represent an attempt to break certain mental patterns that prevent you from being authentic and spontaneous.

Breaking inadvertently an object of glass – (glass, vase) hitting it or making it fall can instead indicate discomfort or inattention.


Glass is a fragile material and if it breaks it is dangerous; shatters and splinters end up everywhere, and can cause deep cuts and wounds. If in your dream you see broken glass, or glass objects that break and go to pieces, this can represent something that has been shattered in your life: goals not achieved, broken dreams, disappointments; you have lost faith in something you once believed.

If blood also appears in the dream, this indicates that you have suffered a wound that makes you suffer. Many people dream that the glass of the car, cell phone, window, clock, glass, and bottle is broken.

Depending on the context, you can try to understand the context to which the dream refers.

Dreaming broken glass on the floor, in the foot, dreaming of stepping on pieces of glass, of walking on glass shards: broken glass on your way represents a situation of danger; you are going through a particularly difficult and painful moment, and you feel insecure and vulnerable; you have pure to cut you, to hurt you.

Hopefully you were able to interpret the dream of broken glass that you had and that this article was helpful.