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Dreams About Bulls – Meaning and Interpretation

The most common interpretations of dreaming bulls concern issues such as fertility, love relationships and intimate issues. This dream originates both men and women.

Usually you see a bull in a dream when you have a deep desire to have a new relationship or have sex with a person you like.

In fact, according to some interpretations, the bull may be a sign that powerful instinctual impulses such as intimate desire or anger are occurring. Probably very impulsive people often have dreams with bulls.

Even according to a dream book, the bull in a dream is a symbol of deep passion and strong feelings.

Bulls Symbolism in Cultures

The bull is seen as a symbol of invincible strength, of sacrifice, of altruism, and is also associated with agricultural cults, symbolizing a male figure, as the beginning of fertilization.

It was the animal they associated with the Hindu goddess Shiva. In some traditions the bull was depicted as a companion of the fertility goddess.

In Mithraism they sacrificed the bull to the Earth which symbolizes penetration of the male-female, the fire (the rays of the sun as a source of fertility) in the wet.

In ancient Indian culture and in ancient Mesopotamia the bull was considered a lunar deity (Sin, the Mesopotamian god of the moon, had been depicted in the form of a bull).

On the other hand in Assyrian mythology, the bull was a child of the sun.

The Egyptian god Apis of fertility appeared under the guise of a bull with a solar disk between the horns. In Greece, the sun god Helios dedicated the bull.

In some other traditions the bull was a symbol of the god of thunder (as a rule, the supreme god): the Greek god Zeus turned into a bull, seizing his daughter Europa from the Phoenician King Agenor, the Romans sacrificed a bull to Jupiter; while the Slavs sacrificed a bull to Perun.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that all ancient cultures associate the idea of ​​the bull with power.

The idea for a tattoo of a design having as its subject the bull can have many meanings, ancient and modern, being able to transmit the sense of power, authority and trust that the bull possesses, or it can identify thoughts of deep peace and honor for the sacredness of the sign, which is also found in the frontispieces of the churches describing one of the evangelists or even the Archangels in the Catholic tradition.

As a symbol of power and trust we look at the massive physical stature of the bull to find a link in the symbolism: it is a mammal that can reach a considerable weight equal to a sedan and beyond.

We all have in mind the feeling that a bull that charges can transmit … imagine a furious beast blinded by instinct that loads with a mass equal to a vehicle overwhelming everything it meets up to exhaust the instinctive charge.

This is a clear image of solidity, unstoppable assertiveness. To be sure, if you want your tattoo to express a powerful will and strength to be reckoned with, use the symbol of the bull or its image.

Dreams about Bulls – Meaning

What does it mean to dream of an angry bull chasing you? Dreaming of bulls with two large and thick horns or with broken horns? Dreaming of a bull with the horns of gold, wounded or sick, mad and aggressive? But for what reason do you dream of bulls? “Tonight I dreamed of seeing a big bull that wanted to use its long horns against me. What does it mean when I dream of bulls?

Why can I often dream of seeing bulls locked in cages or in a stable or maybe in the pasture? Night I saw a black bull locked up in an arena while he was being killed and had his horns cut in half.

I was very afraid. The night past, the other night I remember about having dreamed of a terrible and terrifying bull that wanted to kill me. I saw a bull in a dream that killed my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my aunt but I could get close to him and give him some caresses “.

What does it mean to dream of being chased by a bull of white or dark color or by more bulls that want to attack us? Why can the bull in a dream be very afraid? Let’s try to understand this dream symbol and what meaning and interpretation it has.

The bull is still an animal and from here we have to start to give a correct interpretation.

As we have often said animals represent ourselves, sides of our character that can make us very afraid because we cannot dominate them, control them.

The bull is often a symbol of virility, strength and fertility. What does this mean?

It means that if we dream of this animal and probably this animal in a dream represents ourselves, then we are in a beautiful period in which we have a very fervent and creative mind, we feel very strong, powerful, full of desire and initiative and therefore we are people very fertile especially in the working field.

Unfortunately, however, this is a generic interpretation that must therefore take into account everything that surrounds the bull in dreams.

For example, a bull that paws because it wants to encore, to hit us with its horns and that therefore looks like an indomitable animal, means that our virility, our strength and imagination are not well controlled and can only harm our person or to those around us in real life.

Dreams about Bulls – Symbolism

Bull in dreams – it is generally an animal that symbolizes strength, virility, power but also anger and aggression.

What does it mean to dream Bull? It could reflect your desire to fight in what you believe, or that you feel in a dazzling form or weak as if you had lost your vitality according to the dream, yet the dream bull could symbolize a threat.

Dreaming of a calm bull – it is likely that dreaming of a docile bull suggests that you are in harmony with your passions and your instincts.

Dreaming of a bull at home –  the house as we know represents our ego, an intimate place, and dreaming of a bull inside it only reflects a feeling of anger or passion that dawns in your unconscious, perhaps there is someone who dominates you or you feel the need to prevail over someone who is a child, partner or parent.

Dreaming of angry, enraged bull, or, dreaming of attacking bull – it happens that if you feel threatened in life, dreaming of an angry bull reflects your fear of being attacked, generally especially for women this dream is synonymous with fear if you have to dealing with a particularly dominant partner.

Dreaming of bullfighting, or, dreaming of fighting with a bull –  it happens that when instinct suggests something to you, rationality prevents you from listening to it, which is why the figure of you fighting against the bull could be a warning, open your eyes.

Dreaming of riding a bull – this is also a clear sign of domination, you are in tune with your instincts and your personality.

Dreaming of a wounded bull – a torn bull suggests you are injured, something has damaged you, not physically but personally, perhaps you have lost faith in someone.

Dreaming of a dead bull – when a dream bull appears lifeless it is likely that your instincts are no longer reliable and this is not good.


The dreams of bulls can arise in people who are going through a difficult time.

Perhaps you have something inside that causes disturbances and anxiety and the subconscious evokes black bulls.

Dreaming of a black bull may reflect the fear of someone who is too stubborn to reason; perhaps you are dealing with an aggressive and dangerously inflexible and uncontrollable person.