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Dreams About Car Accident, Car Crashes – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams can often scare us and make us wake up instantly, because of their vividness and reality. Dreams about car accidents are one of the dreams we don’t like to have.

So what it means to dream of an accident; I will talk mainly about road accidents and in particular car accidents, with the car, which are the most frequent in dreams; the meaning, however, does not change much if we talk about accidents in other contexts, such as plane, train, boat or work accidents.

Is it a premonitory dream? The thing that most worries those who dream of an accident is that this could be a premonitory dream; I reassure you immediately by saying that the premonitory dreams are very rare, so there is no reason to accept this dream badly, even if you would do well to give the car or the scooter a check, for example, if you haven’t done it for a long time.

Often our feelings, fears, worries are projected into dreams; sometimes these concerns are excessive, but sometimes they are also well founded! When it comes to vehicles, one more check is better than one less.

Car Crash, Car Accident Symbolism in Cultures

Even those who have caused accidents with the car in adulthood, whether they have slammed with other people, whether they have slammed against other objects, such as walls or guardrails, could often relive that moment of anxiety and fear, especially those who have lived it recently and has not yet resumed driving could frequently dream of traffic accidents.

We can also be so impressed by events seen on television or read in the newspaper, dramatic incidents that have touched our sensitivity that we relive them in the first person in the dream because we are afraid of them.

Dreaming of an accident can also be a metaphor that is released in our mind and reworked in the dream like a sudden interruption, a path that is diverted, a car accident etc.

These incidents refer to the path of life that is interrupted or mislead by an event, a decision or something that is beyond our responsibility, but forces us to see things from another point of view.

Dreams about Car Crash, Car Accident – Meaning

Dreaming of an accident is quite common behind an important decision, a turning point or a crucial moment for our existence. It may be a classic car accident or a car crash, just as it is not uncommon to dream of an airplane, train or boat accident.

Whatever the form of the dream, most often there is a content that indicates loss of control, a wake-up call that is activated in our subconscious and that confronts us with the difficulties of a situation, or of a choice, which we are about to face.

When we dream of an accident, therefore, we must never underestimate the signals that our brain wants to send us; rather it is important to take a few minutes to reflect trying to understand what this wanted to tell us and how to move accordingly.

The meaning that the activity of dreaming of an accident wants to give us must be sought, in most cases, in our current life situation. We have a choice to make, but are we not convinced of the right direction to take? Do our social relations cause us concern? Are we afraid of not being able to face our responsibilities? Quite often, incidents upset us in our dreams just to make us think, and to resolve with determination, this kind of situation.

Dreaming of a car accident calls us to control our lives. When we ourselves are seated in the driving seat, and therefore the accident is caused by our loss of control of the vehicle, we can interpret the dream as a signal of loss of strength and poor control in the real life of our actions and our decisions. This is often synonymous with low self-esteem and underestimation of our abilities.

In other cases, it can instead indicate an excess of confidence in ourselves, which can lead us to underestimate imminent dangers or to overestimate our ability to face them.

When the accident is instead caused by another person at the steering wheel, who can be our friend, relative or acquaintance, then he can report a lack of trust on our part in him, as well as a fear of totally relying on that person fearing to be disappointed.

More generally, dreaming of a car accident represents a block that can affect the social, family, economic or work spheres. When the protagonist of our dream is a plane crash, we can often come to an interpretation by evaluating how much we ask ourselves, how much we expect from our abilities. It is quite common for very demanding people to dream of a plane crash with themselves.

Another interpretation can be given by our phobia for heights, as well as for the planes themselves, which manifests itself in a dream at night.

Living in a dream a domestic accident is often synonymous with tensions in the family, in social and interpersonal relationships, just as it can represent frictions in a couple relationship, in the intimate sphere or in the relationship with children. Interpretation must therefore be sought in our human relationships, understanding which of these are guilty of deep anguish and more or less latent restlessness.

On the contrary, when we dream of falling and hurting ourselves, the cause must be sought in the relationship we have with ourselves; the dream can manifest itself as a result of disappointments, of goals not reached, of a more or less profound dissatisfaction with our life and the time we live. More generally, dreaming of a fall often has to do with our self-esteem.

Dreams about Car Crash, Car Accident – Symbolism

When it comes to dreams about car crashes or accidents, these dreams can represents some of the following feelings:

Traumatic memory – if you have recently experienced the trauma of a real accident you could continually see the scene in your dreams, perhaps even amplified (see the incident even more serious and more terrible than it actually was).

Warning sign – sometimes our mind captures risk signals and shows us in dreams the potential dangers we can encounter.

Anxiety, stress – if you are anxious and worried, and because of your closed nature you are not confident with anyone, there is a great chance of dreaming of an accident, perhaps particularly serious, with so many deaths and so much blood.

Superficiality, hasty decision – perhaps you recently made superficial, impulsive and hasty choices; the incident in dreams may indicate the need to slow down and take the time to reflect,

Two worlds that collide – your attitude and your way of life perhaps clashes with that of someone else; or two areas of your life (for example, work and family) are in conflict.

Guilt – the accident in dreams can arise from the need to punish yourself.

It is also important to assess your attitude towards the accident: if you caused it, do you feel guilty? Do you feel that you could have avoided it, or do you think it’s others’ fault? If you are a witness of the accident, how do you react? Are you trying to help, or do you get stuck in fear? This can reveal how you react in critical moments of life.

Dream of a serious accident, with so many deaths and blood – it is certainly a sign of great stress; you are experiencing very heavy situations. If you dream of dying in the accident.

Dreaming of an accident and saving oneself – if in spite of the serious accident you are able to save yourself and not be injured, this indicates that, of course, you are going through a difficult period, but people like you have many resources; you will be able to get out of it.

Dreaming of a loved one accident – if you dream that an accident happens to your child, a friend, boyfriend, father, mother, husband, your sister, your dog, etc., this denotes anxiety and concern in their comparisons: for example, it is certainly not surprising that an anxious mother dreams that her child has an accident on a scooter, or in a car. Sharing and expressing your concerns with someone, rather than keeping them within you, can certainly make you feel better. If you dream that a loved one dies in an accident.

The road in dreams is a metaphor for our journey through life, and driving represents progress towards personal fulfillment. In particular, dreaming of a car accident may depend on obstacles and difficulties in your progress, insecurity, anxiety and concern not to make it; the dream can also warn you of too much haste to burn the stages; better ponder your choices more, slow down.

In most cases, car accidents occur in dreams, but the meanings I explain also apply to other means of transport that may be involved in a car accident, such as a scooter, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a truck, a bus, etc.

Dreaming of falling with the car, of falling into a bush, into a hole – in some area of your life you are losing control, something goes wrong.

Dreaming of dabbing, hitting someone – you have to slow down the pace of life and pay more attention to people close to you.

Dreaming of being buffered– some negative experience of the past still affects you in the present.

Dreaming of crashing into a car against a wall – the wall represents the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Dreaming of skidding with the car, of going astray – are you sure you’re on the right track? Did you make your choices right?

Dreaming of capsizing, overturning with the car, overturning – careful to excesses, superficial behaviors, unnecessary risks; don’t make risky moves.

To dream of a machine that falls into the water, into the sea, to sink with the car into a river, into a ditch, into a lake: the water represents the emotions, so falling into the water with the machine can represent the beginning of a journey to the internal of your emotions, especially if you continue to drive underwater. Or, alternatively, the fall in water can represent an abrupt impact and shock, always on an emotional level.

Dreaming of two cars colliding, frontal crash – it may indicate that your opinions and life goals collide with those of people close to you, causing even violent friction.

Dreaming of a car that explodes, burns, catches fire –this represents risk, because fire emphasizes the idea of danger. Fire is also connected to strong passions (anger and love), to destruction, but also to purification.

Dreaming of a plane crash – maybe your projects struggle to take off, or they collide with those of other people.

Dreaming of a train accident – when a train is involved in the accident, it often indicates that you are pursuing wrong goals, you are on a false track.

Dreaming of an accident at sea, on the boat – maybe you’re going through emotional problems; water is connected to emotions and feelings.

Dreaming of an accident at work – the dream is probably caused by anxiety and tensions at work (fear of not keeping pace, pressure, haste, risky activities, etc.); try to reduce the sources of stress, and in any case try to talk about it with someone (friends, colleagues), don’t keep everything inside.


Dreaming of an accident with the car, where we are driving the vehicle, indicates that we are committing or we are afraid to make mistakes that can lead us astray. We have to make a decision, but we don’t know if this is the right one, the fear of suffering, of losing control of our lives as well as in the dream we lose control of the car.

Sometimes, dreaming of a car accident in which we crash into someone, hurting and feeling responsible and guilty, can be the representation of an action that we have made regardless of the effect that could have affected the people around us, so our guilt they reveal themselves in the dream and turn into a car accident.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find the meaning of the dream that you had.