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Dreams About Carrots – Meaning and Symbolism

Carrots are among many people’s favorite vegetables. Children, because of their sweet taste, usually like carrots, in porridge or in pieces, raw or cooked.

In addition, carrots can be processed into many things, such as salad, juice or even customers.

In addition, carrots are very healthy and are beneficial for the eyes, skin and heart. The most common color of the carrot is probably orange, as they are often called “yellow beets”. However, these vegetables are also available in white, purple and even almost black.

Therefore, in the interpretation of the dream symbol “carrots” also the aspects of the corresponding color should be consulted.

Carrots or carrots as a dream symbol symbolize prosperity and wealth as well as a good state of health within the general dream interpretation. In addition, such a dream content can point to a financial growth, which is achieved by an inheritance.

The dream symbol “carrot” also refers to a particular situation or habit of the dreamer, which strengthens his confidence in himself. He should become aware that he is acting properly in the awake life.

Anyone who dreams of carrots should also be shown that he is a positive-thinking person. Through this self-knowledge the sleeping person will be better able to cope with his life. Raw carrots in the dream usually symbolize new ideas that the dreaming is currently developing.

If the sleeping person cooks the carrots too long in his dream, he is shown that he has been in the awake life for too long and too much of a problem. He may also focus too much on his partnership, which makes the partner too complacent.

If the carrots appear in the form of juice in the dream, this can generally be understood as an indication of emotional and spiritual nourishment. Because after that, the dreamer yearns in the real world. If you press carrot juice yourself in your dream, you will soon implement a specific project.

On the other hand, if you watch others squeezing carrot juice, you will be forced into something in the near future.

In the context of the dream symbol “carrots” is the orange color in the foreground, this may indicate tasks that are imposed on the outside. But with your own clout and authority you will be able to master these well.

Dreams About Carrots – Meaning and Symbolism

Carrots are also traditionally known to do well for those with vision problems. There is probably no truth in this “myth” that goes back a long time, if not the fact that they contain a lot of vitamin A.

However, it is still something that is fixed in people’s minds and for this reason such a dream could symbolize sight and eyes.

The dream of carrots heralds prosperity and health. Even Miller is of this opinion. For Freud, the carrot can sometimes represent the male penis. Carrots are known to be difficult to grow. Not only do they need constant watering, but like garlic, onions, potatoes and other vegetables must root firmly in the soil before they can grow and be harvested.

Moreover, due to the fact that carrots cannot be seen during their growth, it is not possible to know when they are ready to harvest, so whatever you are working on, you will need to give enough time to see the good results. Dreaming of a carrot can therefore also mean that it is necessary to have more patience in life.

According to some interpretations, the carrot means anxious and anxious desire to reach something or someone. A particular dream, in this sense, is to dream of a person who jumps like a rabbit with a carrot in his hand: this indicates the fear, the anxiety of lack of time to be able to do something or meet someone.

According to other interpretations, carrots in dreams represent wealth and prosperity, strength and power; ability to perform tasks.

However, this dream warns against starting a relationship or throwing yourself into complicated tasks that could affect your interests.

This dream can also symbolize that we are trying to increase our vision, referring not so much to vision with the eyes, but in a figurative sense to be able to better grasp the reality of things. Dreaming of eating carrot-shaped candy is a new sexual experience.

Dreaming of a carrot-eating rabbit can pose long-term financial problems in the family, but they will disappear.

Dreams About Carrots – Meaning and Symbolism

Dream the carrot – be healthy and prosperous; for a girl or a woman who eats a carrot, sleep indicates the success of early marriage, in which she will become the mother of many good children.

Dream of getting carrots out of ground – The carrot extraction process from the ground indicates that the efforts will soon produce positive results. Cooking or eating carrots promises profits, rewards, and financial benefits.

For a woman who has dreamed of a carrot, this is a sign of success in life, good health and lack of financial problems. For an unmarried girl, a carrot soon indicates a marriage. His marriage will be successful and long, and the completion of the family will be more than once.

Dreams about carrots in general – Carrots in a dream promise, both men and women, success in all businesses, good luck and big profits. Carrot root is one of those vegetables that often symbolize male sexual dignity (but sometimes there is an exception).

For example, a man who carefully chooses a bright and uniform carrot: in this case, it is necessary to focus on the excessive stubbornness of the person who sees this dream when he chooses the sexual partners.

If you dream of digging carrots, then the person takes the definition of sexual partners very seriously. Buying carrots means worry about sexual problems and problems. A woman who chooses a large carrot means she is prone to sexual self-satisfaction.

Dream of carrots by a man – A man who chooses a big carrot is proud of his masculine qualities and his sexual organ.

If in a dream a man is busy rubbing carrots, it means that he maintains his temperament and character to maintain a positive climate and family well-being.

If a woman dreams about carrots – this is a manifestation of their negative attitude towards male sex and sexual relations with them. Carrots, like any other vegetable, to see in dreams are not always a good sign.

Often, the dreams themselves indicate poor activity, lack of initiative, slowness and laziness. Not for nothing, there are expressions “lies like a cucumber on a garden” or “leads a vegetative image of life”.

Dream of eating carrots – Eating carrots for food means assimilating spiritual resources from the earth, acquiring new knowledge. Carrots prepared for consumption indicate an idea that is already fully mature and ready for implementation.

Dreaming of carrots on your desk presages a dominant position in the company or workplace, for a long period. Dreaming of freshly picked or dirty carrots is the advice to beware of possible disturbances by colleagues who will question the confidence of superiors in the dreamer at work.

Dreaming of washing carrots can mean marriage: perhaps it is that of a friend or perhaps one’s own.

Dreaming of cutting carrots foreshadows pregnancy within a short time. If they are cut transversely, in circles, the dream is an omen that the birth will be female. If they are cut lengthwise, the dream foretells the arrival of a boy.

Dreaming of buying carrots at the market, from the gardener foretells a good amount of money coming in a short time.

Dreaming of selling a carrot indicates that it is time to spend more time on your image. Selling carrots in dreams may predict that problems with the spouse will disappear as soon as possible.

Dreaming of a person with a carrot in bad condition foreshadows problems in keeping his job.

Dreaming of a March carrot foreshadows a long and problematic journey.

When you dream of eating a carrot it could be because you are worried about your health.

For a young woman to dream of eating a carrot is an omen of a beautiful and fortunate marriage, but anticipated, in which she will be the mother of several children.


Carrot is perhaps the greatest health symbol next to the even more classic apple. Carrots are a root, the part of the plant that grows under the ground.

Therefore they could be a symbol of a hidden or secret action or something that is kept hidden.

They can also symbolize the growth, without being aware of it, of something on which one has invested, such as ideas, money, a problem.