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Dreams About Cleaning – Interpretation and Meaning

The action of cleaning, in reality it frees us from dirt that could cause us some discomfort or health problems, plus dirt attracts mites and insects.

In dreams the meaning of this act is very similar, whether it is sweeping, washing or polishing, metaphorically it is reflected as a moment of purification, as if we were committed to eliminating the rot from our life, in fact it symbolizes renewal, benefit and priority.

What does it mean to dream of cleaning? It could reflect a period of great change, where you managed to understand what is right to keep and what is right to eliminate.

It could symbolize a time when you finally feel free from unnecessary oppression.

You are focused on forming the right path to take. To find out more about the meaning of dreams about cleaning, keep on reading.

Cleaning Symbolism in Cultures

Garbage or dirt in dreams leaves an unpleasant feeling, images of dirt in dreams as in reality, are something negative, not pleasant that can arouse apprehension.

The meaning of garbage in dreams is in fact linked to something that is considered waste, rejection, which the unconscious elects as a representative of the “not good”.

Naturally the different situations in which waste and dirt will present themselves will be fundamental to clarify the dream indications and to interpret the dreams in which they appear.

Generalizing we can say that garbage in dreams is a metaphor for moral filth, dishonesty, corruption, and that dreaming of walking in the garbage is an explicit image of risky and unclear situations that the dreamer is experiencing.

The meaning of garbage in one’s own home, on the other hand, is connected to everything that one carries on from the past, can be memories, habits, ways of being, aspects of character that are becoming bulky and useless, that no longer have reason to be, which hinder growth and relationships with others, which are inactive and “dead” as waste, a useless ballast that takes up space and is better to get rid of.

Dreaming of throwing garbage bags and cleaning, already shows a subsequent phase in which, in addition to presenting a situation that needs to be modified, the unconscious offers its solution. These are dreams that can anticipate changes and require the dreamer to pay attention to the elaboration of facts and action.

All the phases of cleaning or washing oneself in dreams can refer to the inner and outer reality of the dreamer: a need for growth and change, maturation, renewal, a need to let go of the past or useless and harmful, hostile things, annoying that season the everyday or the most intimate relationships.

But there are gestures related to washing in dreams that are deeply influenced by our culture and collective imagination, and that need to be considered more specifically.

Dreams about Cleaning – Meaning

Certainly some housewives will find themselves having this dream following a day of intense domestic cleaning and therefore in this case the dream is simply a symptom of fatigue and stress.

If the dream is done in another situation, then cleaning could take on the connotation of a desire to change something that is wrong in our life, to delete it just like we do with a stain, to eliminate it as we do with dust or dirty.

Just the dirt also implies something that stains and ruins our reputation, which annoys our serenity. Cleaning in this case could mean the desire to show oneself to others perfect and immaculate.

But from another point of view it could also symbolize the need that our subconscious feels to eliminate some unpleasant aspects from our life due to bad habits, or people who make us feel inadequate and always under observation.

So dreaming of cleaning usually comes from a situation of stress, of fatigue of living, of insecurity. Our subconscious suggests to us to give a nice “blow with the sponge” and to try to change something, to get rid of the superfluous and to focus on what is necessary identifying well what is really important in our life.

Dreams about Cleaning – Symbolism

Dreaming of cleaning the floor – dreaming of washing on the floor or even dreaming of cleaning the stairs, it is likely that you are preparing the ground to lighten the fatigue of a long journey, it is important to be able to concentrate on the set goals.

Dreaming of cleaning windows – your view may have seemed blurred, you felt the need to open your eyes, to see better, perhaps you were victims of blind love, or scams.

Dreaming of cleaning the bathroom – this place in the house is very important, it reflects our most intimate part, the bare one, and this dream could symbolize a particularly “restructuring” moment where you are working on yourself whether physically or spiritually, aspiring to wellness psychophysical.

Dreaming of cleaning your teeth – here too the meaning shifts to the fear of “losing” and therefore you’re unconscious advises you to “prevent” before the situation degenerates.

Dreaming of cleaning the house – it is likely that you feel the need to solve some family problems, perhaps you haven’t been very close lately.

Dreaming of cleaning others’ homes – you are worried about someone or you have taken to heart the events of a family, you would like to help them improve things, but be careful how you move.

Dreaming of cleaning fish or shrimp, or artichokes, or in general food – in dreams food represents our physical state, which is healthy, unhealthy, thin, fat and this reflects a series of things that concern our psychophysical well-being, dreaming to clean food means that you feel the need to eat better than to purify yourself, to feel better.

Dreaming of washing clothes or dreaming of cleaning shoes – generally this act reflects a feeling of dirt on you, as if you had performed actions that you scold yourself, or you went to a place where you would not have had, if you are people who still cannot.

Being independent, this dream can mean that you know you have disobeyed.

Dreaming of cleaning a church – you feel the need to cling to someone who supports you spiritually, you are rediscovering your abandoned faith.

Dreaming of cleaning a tombstone – negative and pessimistic thoughts often lead us to think that we won’t be able to make it, dream of cleaning a tombstone or a tomb, it reflects that side of you that is preparing to fail … in a way that is a bit too creative, in short, do you already imagine yourself under the earth !?


Dreaming of cleaning something or dreaming of cleaning refers to meanings related to the symbolism of water and foam, to a regenerating, revitalizing power, to dirt and impurities that can surface.

It is important to consider the concept of “cleanliness” which is central to the action of cleaning and which must induce questions in the dreamer: what should we clean and rinse, or refresh, regenerate, bring back, and change?

The meaning of cleaning in dreams must therefore be connected to the need to “clean up”, or change, change a situation, or “rinse”, that is, change the conditions, renew, see things from different points of view.

Hopefully this article was helpful and that you were able to find the symbolism of a dream that you had.