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Dreams About Diarrhea – Meaning and Symbolism

For Jung, feces represent, by their very nature, a sort of “psychic waste” to be eliminated, that is our need for regeneration or a will to be freed from certain social rules.

Dreaming of poop is therefore a rather complex dream event to analyze. It can take on a positive or negative value, based on our inner experience, thanks to which we will forge the key to reading the dream, and to all the elements and sensations of the dream itself, which will define its value.

Dreaming of feces, therefore, could be the dreamlike manifestation of the liberation of those who dream of everything that they deem harmful to themselves, channeling into the dreamed excrements all suspended questions, personal conflicts, feelings of inferiority, their own feelings of guilt, which torment his psyche, poisoning his life with unnecessary stress.

Nonetheless, if you do not find a place in your dream to do your needs, or dream of not being able to poop, it is very likely that in reality you cannot express yourself or you are not free to think completely about your needs.

Dreams about Diarrhea – Meaning

Yes, we finally talk about what it means to dream about poop! In fact, this theme cannot be skipped, because poop is very present in the dreams of all peoples and cultures; however, some people hardly ever dream of it, while others very often have dreams in which feces and excrements, of humans or animals, appear.

I apologize for the presence of even vulgar terms in the article, but when dealing with these issues we cannot always be ends, we must use all the words with which people express themselves in everyday life; so don’t be scandalized, and take it all with a smile!

It is a bit difficult to grasp the meaning of poop in dreams; our body excretions (poop, pee) are a taboo that disturbs and destabilizes us, and this is also seen at the linguistic level (how many euphemisms and turns of words exist to say that we have to “go to the bathroom”!); feces are our ‘needs’, but we are very ashamed of it, so much so that we usually avoid talking about this topic. Perhaps this is why we dream of it so often?

In dreams it happens to make mountains of poop, or to find oneself in very embarrassing situations, like pooping in public, or even having one’s clothes on … Or getting dirty with poop, trampling it, or touching it; it may also be that during the dream you do not feel much crap, but then on waking up … yeah! 🙁

In real life, when we accidentally step on poop, or a pigeon “hits” us with its droppings, we are used to comfort ourselves with the well-known adage that the poop brings good luck; does this also apply to dreams? Can one say that dreaming about poop is good?

According to the most widespread popular interpretation, of course, because surely you have already heard thousands of times that dreaming shit brings money. But now you can deepen all the meanings of poop in dreams from a psychological point of view.

Dirt, impurities, psychic waste of which it is necessary to free oneself- for example, problems that torment you, worries, annoyances, inhibitions, tensions, painful memories, feelings of guilt, etc. Needs and needs that we need to communicate to others.

Refusal, denial, say ‘no’; sometimes it can be difficult, but this is also an important need to communicate, necessary to maintain our mental integrity and not be swallowed up by the claims of others.

Natural drives, spontaneity, naturalness- what has to do with control, retention and “letting go”; a bit like when we are little we learn to control the stimulus of our physical excretions and to let it go when it is appropriate (in the bathroom), so it also applies to our emotions and impulses (anger, sexuality, etc.); some people find it more difficult to restrain themselves, others are hyper-controlled, they can’t let go.

Trouble, hang yourself, humiliation, contempt, feeling of being rejected, negativity, heavy atmosphere. Fertility, wealth, money- we know that manure is an excellent natural fertilizer.

According to popular interpretation, dreaming about poop means money coming. The attitude of the Church is well known, summarized by the well-known phrase “money is the devil’s dung”.

In fairy tales this relationship is recreated in the form of donkeys that are ‘cacao denari’ on command. Freud was the first to explain the link between money and poop- in fact the poop is the child’s first ‘product’, and traumas occurred in the ‘anal phase’ of development can lead to adult imbalances in the relationship with money (he spends too much , or too little).

Generally you can consider it a positive dream, because doing so much shit means being able to eliminate what is toxic and harmful to your psyche; in fact afterwards you feel relief, as if you had freed yourself from a weight that oppressed you.

The poop that comes out of your soft body, without effort, can represent the resolution of a problem, the expression of your feelings and thoughts, sometimes even of your creativity; it can also mean abandoning beliefs that you cling to strongly, old attitudes of the past.

When you dream that you run away so much but can’t find the bathroom, it means that you find it hard to express yourself, you seem to be inappropriate; but after having held you so long, you can finally let go; you can express your needs and accept your natural urges, including sexual ones, which may have inhibited you before.

Dreams About Diarrhea – Symbolism

Doing so much poop, big, huge poop, I did abundantly- well, very well, because it means that after so much accumulation, finally all that was to come out came out, you finally freed yourself and “expressed”!

Dreaming hard poop, constipation, not being able to poop, or doing it with difficulty, defecating blood, etc., indicates that it is difficult for you to let yourself go, free yourself from negative experiences, and dissolve problems and tensions.

In psychoanalysis Freud spoke of “anal character” in those who demonstrate severity, rigidity, order, closure, will to dominate, conservative attitude, mistrust, pride, tendency to repress and accumulate, avarice.

Dreaming soft, liquid poop, discharge of diarrhea- this represents emotional difficulties, hypersensitivity to something that you have not well digested, that has hurt you and that you are in a hurry to get rid of.

Dreaming of pooping in front of everyone, in public– defecating outdoors, on the street, in the square, on the floor, indicates that you need to express yourself socially; perhaps you are a little repressed, you keep things inside, you are ashamed, but the dream tells you that you don’t have to worry too much about what people think of you, be a bit too transgressive.

Dreaming of pooping in front of a particular person (colleague, friend, boyfriend, husband, etc.)- It may be that you need to talk to this person and express your feelings, thoughts, and needs.

Dreaming of seeing a person poop- this person could represent a part of you, or, if you know her, she may have recently had a moment when she confided in you.

Dream of defecating undigested food, or objects– evidently there are things you have refused without having had time to understand them and assimilate them enough.

Dream white, light, colored, green, gray, black, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple, gold, etc.- read more about reading the meaning of colors in dreams.

Diarrhea Of a child or a newborn- it is a dream with a positive value. A baby’s droppings are very important to their parents. The dream realizes an important inner journey of growth in those who dream. It is the sign that you are getting rid of your dark side.

However, it is always a harbinger of something precious coming.

Diarrhea On your own way- it is the omen of an unexpected fortune that will probably materialize in the form of money or possessions. Certainly an important acquisition.

Diarrhea With blood- it is a dream that reflects one’s emotional reality. It could be the oneiric representation of a suffering that is being experienced, be it physical or psychological.

Diarrhea With worms- it is a controversial dream and in fact capable of generating disgust in the dreamer, with a positive meaning- it represents liberation from a nuisance.

To defecate in public- this dream is an omen of a sure financial success for which you will be envied by many people. The greater the embarrassment experienced for the situation, to say the least atypical, the greater the success.

Dream of eating diarrhea – without feeling disgust it is an omen of great material and spiritual riches that the dreamer will be able to draw from every aspect or event of his life. It symbolizes a transformation taking place in those who dream, a change that will put to use and regenerate all the experiences and knowledge they have lived.

Dream of diarrhea from the mouth- it is typical of those who are going through a relationship difficulty, representing, in this particular connotation, the difficulty of communicating despite the need to say something about those who dream.

Dreaming of defecating from the mouth therefore represents the need to free oneself from something that surely annoys or disturbs the dreamer.


It is a bit difficult to grasp the meaning of poop in dreams; our body excretions (poop, pee) are a taboo that disturbs and destabilizes us, and this is also seen at the linguistic level (how many euphemisms and turns of words exist to say that we have to “go to the bathroom”!); feces are our ‘needs’, but we are very ashamed of it, so much so that we usually avoid talking about this topic.

Perhaps this is why we dream of it so often.