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Dreams About Dinosaurs – Interpretation and Meaning

In the term “dinosaurs” you usually have quite quickly a picture of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex short) in mind. He is arguably the most famous example of a carnivorous dinosaur and, thanks to the modern film industry, firmly anchored in our heads as a threat to every human being.

But even if the dinosaurs are extinct today, they often occur in dreams. Especially the pursuit by a dinosaur often appears in nightmares. This raises the question as to what this dream image would like to point out.

The general interpretation of the dream interprets the dream symbol “Dinosaur pursues” as the expression of a feeling of the dreaming that his life is very much threatened.

However, he still does not know where this threat comes from in his life. He is only aware that something big will happen to him.

The dreaming should closely observe and analyze his surroundings in the watch world in order to recognize this threat in time.

Dinosaurs Symbolism in Cultures

In addition, a pursuit by a dinosaur in the dream can point to a disharmony in the area of one’s own passions. If the dinosaur who pursues in the dream is very large and mighty, this can be understood as an indication that the dreaming in the awake life would like to avoid certain difficulties. Because these seem overwhelming to him and he does not want to be confronted with it.

Behind it can also hide an unpleasant fact or truth that does not want to be perceived.

But even if the pursuing dinosaur seems rather small or slender as a dream symbol, it does not necessarily have to be minor problems. Because even small things can have a great power or grow into a big threat.

Therefore, it should be found by a self-analysis in the watch world, in which area the dreaming loads feared.

On the psychological side of dream interpretation, a dinosaur in dreams symbolizes a connection between the dreaming and his outdated personality parts. Since he feels persecuted in the dream of a dinosaur, this contact does not meet his innermost desire. Maybe she was forced on him from the outside. He would rather not face these parts of his personality.

However, this behavior will be detrimental to him in the long term. The dreaming should instead learn to deal with the obsolete traits and to accept them.

Psychologically, the dream symbol “Dinosaurs pursuit” can also point to almost overpowering feelings of guilt. These now push again into the consciousness of the dreaming, so that he can finally process them.

Spiritually, the dream symbol “dinosaurs pursues” the dreamer’s fear of the consequences of his own actions in the past. He should, however, learn to accept them. Only then can his spiritual development continue to progress.

Dreams about Dinosaurs – Meaning

Identifying with animals is very easy because humans have spent many years in a relationship of survival and friendship with them. Some of us eat them and others domesticate them.

But when we dream of dinosaurs it is a knowledge learned through books or movies and we must be attentive if we are not recalling something lived but what recently entered the system of thought for having read or seen on TV. In the dream world those things usually mix easily.

Dinosaurs are gigantic, so when you dream about them, you are reflecting in the subconscious that some situation is perceived as very superior by those who have dreamed it. The meaning of dreaming of friendly, herbivorous dinosaurs is undoubtedly happiness and may be related to the closeness of love, or a new work situation that fills life with challenges but makes it much more pleasant and bearable.

However, there are also aggressive dinosaurs and in that case it is one of the most terrifying nightmares that can be suffered, given that it is a problem immeasurably greater than the possibilities of those who dream. The escape in this case represents a form of victory in the face of the situation that arises

The attitude of the protagonist is also important: if in the dream the protagonist has the role of hunter and is successful, congratulations! The meaning of dreaming of dinosaurs in this case is positive. It means that you are facing the challenge with all possible strength and that the person who dreamed feels capable of overcoming it.

Dreams about Dinosaurs – Symbolism

Human beings are very aware of the things of the animal world. Although we are not zoologists or anything like that, it is easy for us to talk and think about the animals we see every day, either in person or in television documentaries.

However, when we talk about dinosaurs, it is a completely different web, because we are referring to beings that lived hundreds of thousands of years ago and that we do not understand how they lived more than in the way that movies and television tell us.

Finally it is reduced to conjecture. That is why in our dreams these giant beings have a pretty big role when we see them. In this post we will discover what it means for us to dream about dinosaurs.

In general, dream authors claim that dreaming of dinosaurs suggests how inferior you feel to certain events that you cannot control. Your own fear of an event is the main cause of having a dream with dinosaurs.

Therefore, if you have dreamed of these giant beasts, it means that there is a problem or event to which you are giving too much power and scope.

Dreaming of dinosaurs can also be a message from your subconscious that you need to renew yourself. In the dream world, old things are a symbol of the dreamer’s need to leave behind the past and move on with the new. With this dream you are perhaps saying that you want to stop thinking and living as you do and start to appreciate new things.

This dream may also mean that you do not control your instincts. The dream itself puts you in the shoes of these powerful beings, meaning that you have strength to overcome, but that you also have enormous impulses that do not allow you to concentrate and that is why you tend to make hasty decisions.

Dreaming of them can also indicate that certain memories of the past come back to your head. Have not you managed to turn the page or overcome those memories that hurt you so much? The best thing would be to share that memory with someone you trust to see if it can help you.

When we dream that we are attacked by dinosaurs, it means that those problems that we have formed in our head are on us. The difference lies in the size of the beasts. If the dinosaur is very big, it means that a great mess is coming on us, and that it is most likely that, in the face of the magnitude that you have given yourself, you will be paralyzed with fear when you see it coming.

If the dinosaur is of our same size or we feel we can control it – it means that we are aware that we can also fight and master the problems that come our way.

He also speaks very well of us, because we have a good self-esteem and a great capacity to adapt to challenges.

If the dinosaur that attacks us is small – it means that we feel superior and we think that there is nothing and nobody that can face us. This dream can be a double-edged sword, because you can be sinning vain, and that usually does not end well.

If we find ourselves surrounded by violent dinosaurs – it means that we are scared because we feel that our problems will soon fall on us and we will not know how to get out of them.

Dreaming that we attack dinosaurs – means that we are facing our problems, looking for the best way to get around them and rise above them.

This bird of millions of years ago is also a reference of our personal life, but while the dinosaur is the representation of difficulties and exaggerations, the pterodactyl is the representation of the direction of our life.

That way, if we dream of a pterodactyl that flies towards the horizon it means that new and better things will come to us later on.

If we dream that we are going on the back of the pterodactyl – it is interpreted as we are going to rise to unsuspected heights and discover new things that will not only bring prosperity to our economy, but we will also discover new things that will serve us in our spiritual life.

To dream that we fall from the prehistoric bird will be translated as that at some point of our trip we will see ourselves falling from all that we get, or it can refer to the fear we have that this will happen. The dreamer will know the meaning.

If you dream that you see a dead dinosaur – this means that somehow or other our problems will be solved by themselves, and that way we can move forward with our projects.

To dream that we killed the dinosaur – is interpreted as the solution to our problems will come by our own hand and we will find much satisfaction in it.


The interpretation of dreams has never been a science, and much less an exact science, so that the expositions that arise from there are always diffuse.

However, there are methods with which interpretative capacities can be increased. If recurring dreams occur (dreams that are constantly repeated), it is highly recommended to have a notebook near the bed to write down everything that is remembered immediately.

All humans dream every night, even if they do not remember it. Unfortunately, about 50% of the contents of dreams are dissipated from memory in the first minutes of being awake, and after a few hours the subject is hardly remembered. So, writing them down can be very helpful for future interpretations.