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Dreams About Dolphins – Interpretation and Meaning

We human beings experience an instinctive, profound and sunny sympathy towards this intelligent inhabitant of the marine vastness.

At the center of a richly pleasing collective imagination, the dolphin lives in a region of our imagination full of light, play, agility, energy and positivity.

Dolphins “protect” our navigation; duet with the swimmer who approaches them; surprise and enchant our children with their games in the Aquariums; more than a few legends, they save the castaways.

Even if we know that in reality, unfortunately, this is not the case, in our psyche nothing seems to worry these mammals. Dolphin’s dreams hardly cause discomfort, and it is very rare for them to appear in a negative sense.

Dolphins Symbolism in Cultures

The Dolphin embodies purity, innocence and natural goodness. It is the symbol par excellence of spiritual evolution since every form of meditation (which teaches us gradually to overcome the barriers of matter) begins with the control of the breath.

This allows us to reach those dimensions that we do not perceive because they are blinded by the hectic life and the thousands of thoughts that crowd our mind every day.

The Dolphin, therefore, represents the symbol of the breath, that is, the link between matter and spirit. It therefore embodies the life cycle of death and rebirth.

By training to change the breath, we gradually transform the quality of our life. Thus we improve our mood and emotional reactions. In fact, these often overwhelm us by preventing us from facing life properly. Dante – Inferno, XXII, 19-21 – remembers the Dolphins in this sense.

In fact, he mentions their warning to the sailors to warn them against an imminent storm. Whoever owns the Dolphin totem is inclined to act as an intermediary between the spiritual and material dimensions.

Furthermore, the main feature of this totem is to induce people to know how to face the obstacles of life. To face them with serenity and harmony without letting oneself be dominated and consumed by the painful thoughts and difficulties that life holds for us. It teaches us to act with love – which in turn enables us to perceive the guidance of our soul – which is the source of all Universal energy.

Dreams about Dolphins – Meaning

So dreaming about dolphins, is it all downhill? Not exactly. In their jumping like weightless in the air, and plunging back into depth, they seem able to go from one state to another “as if it were nothing”; they are “mercurial”, the messengers between the surface and the depths of our ego. And you know, ambassador does not bring pain … it all depends on the message! And from the relationship between the “real” condition of the dreamer and the context of the dream.

Let’s look at some hypothetical cases, reminding ourselves that in the breath of a post it is not possible in any way to be exhaustive or to require anything less than general indications.

Here is the most beautiful dream. In a crystal clear sea, deep blue, kissed by the sun, you are in the boat and suddenly you are surrounded by the sprays of playful dolphins, you dive and start swimming free with them. It is very pleasant. But beware: is the dream parenthesis of a condition that you live and do you know you live to the full, or, when you wake up, the enthusiasm fades to re-face the daily greyness? Do you need more freedom or carefree cheerfulness?

You are on an important ship, full of people. From the top you see the dolphins that surround the ship as if to escort it. You only see the shapes, they don’t jump out of the water. They could be just a side dish, or they could be attacked by something (sharks, whales, pirañas, crustaceans, and the like), it’s the same. Do you feel vaguely threatened by something? Something that doesn’t bother you at the moment, but what could? Are you moving, at work or in love, on “insidious” grounds? If after the attack the dolphins perish, or are overwhelmed, it is likely that one can look within oneself for the approaching danger / threat.

It’s a rare dream, but it can happen. It is the fruit of a more complex elaboration of the psyche, which as we know, tends to follow in dreams a sort of logical simplicity (for free synapses), rather than the constructs of reason.

Dreaming of a dolphin that “saves” someone else from drowning, from the direct attack of another aggressive fish, can refer to ideal gifts of self-denial, sacrifice and generosity; do you own them or do you want them?

If instead you are the attacked / drowned, and the dolphin saves you, it could be – and I could say – that you are a little scared of life and this fear, ready to swallow you, prevents you from cultivating generosity and courage as and how much you would want.

Remembering that the sea is perhaps the most powerful of the symbols of Life, elaborated by our mind, in this case you are faced with something that you would like to achieve, realize or control, but which escapes you. An ideal, a goal, a lifestyle. If the escaped dolphin swims far away, the desired achievement is probably spiritual.

Dreams about Dolphins – Symbolism

Dreaming about dolphins – Dreaming of a dolphin fascinates and intrigues. The dreamer, fascinated by the beauty and agility of this water-dwelling mammal, considers him an uncommon animal, magical, interesting and bearer of positive meanings. The dolphin has a respectable place in the collective imagination: it is an animal that likes, its appearance is considered pleasant.

He likes his smooth and aerodynamic body, the friendly and playful character, the intelligence superior to that of other animals that makes him capable of interacting with man, of performing simple verbal orders, of playing, of showing himself to the man by swimming to the his retinue.

Let’s not forget his being an indefatigable swimmer who is reputed to save the shipwrecked and people who have fallen overboard. All this makes it nice, a “friendly” animal full of positive characteristics that know how to stimulate the imagination.

So that dreaming of a dolphin can be connected both to the opening towards reality and to the desire for lightness and play, while in the symbol of the dolphin in dreams can also emerge qualities of generosity, self-sacrifice, sacrifice, strength and determination, ability to get by counting on their own strength, discovery and integration of these forces.

Dreaming of a group of dolphins- In general, dreaming of many dolphins swimming in the ocean means that you are on the right track. Try to preserve all those positive habits you have. Get away from the people who hurt you.

Dreaming of playing with a dolphin- If during the dream you are playing with a dolphin it means that you are an affectionate and friendly person. You love your friends very much, and you are always ready to meet new people.

Dreaming of dolphins following a boat- If a group of dolphins follow your boat and you see them at a distance, it can be a negative dream. Your subconscious is warning you of something.

You have to find out what it is. Never lower your guard because there may be a problem nearby.

Dreaming of traveling over a dolphin- if you dream of being above a dolphin it means that there will be changes in your life. You will accept this change with confidence and optimism.

Dreaming of a wounded or dead dolphin- If you dream of a wounded or dead dolphin, it means that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.

Dreaming of a trapped dolphin- If during the dream you see a trapped dolphin and try to free it means that you are a person who cares for the welfare of others. Give your best because others are comfortable with themselves. You don’t like conflicts or discussions and prefer peace.

Dreaming of sharks attacking a dolphin – If during the dream you see a dolphin attacking a shark it means that you are going through a situation with the fear that someone may betray you. Your ego is reflected in the dolphin and the shark is your enemy

Dreaming of giant dolphins – Dreaming with giant dolphins means that you feel good about your lifestyle. You value life itself, and you adapt when there are problems. You are an optimistic and positive person, included in the most difficult moments.

Dreaming of a dolphin in your pool – You are a prisoner of yourself, and you try to hide your flaws believing that others may not like it.


Dolphins in dreams: In general, the dolphin is one of the most intelligent and friendly mammals on the planet. The dolphin in dreams could be represented as a savior, in fact it is known that they go to the rescue of those who are drowning, in other cases it could represent an image of freedom and carefree, but not only these mammals are usually very friendly and naive, so could being a representation of yourself, you probably feel often naive and deceived by others and exploited for your kindness.

What does it mean to dream of a dolphin? For the ancient symbolism, most of the time this splendid aquatic animal has a more than positive symbolism, but when are you attacked by this mammal that is certainly not any “fish”? Try to understand if you see or recognize in the dolphin someone you know who is not doing well with you at the moment.